Sunday, September 30, 2007


Another lazy morning, I awoke at 8:30 drowsy after a late night watching Avatar videos and drawing faces. Stumbling down stairs to an empty common room and extremely quite dormitory I made some breakfast and started to watch Chicken run (we have about 69 channels but its not often you find something worthwhile) when Jan came down to go to the gym, after chicken run was over I looked around for something to do (debating whether to make an appearance at the free hip hop class on campus) when Sam joined me before his trip to the gym.

Getting restless I decided to tag along to take a look as I had been meaning to for a while, man have I missed out, not only is it free for students (upon the appearance of you student card something we both had to go back and get) but it has a pool, indoor basketball court, running track, tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash courts, full service gym as well as other machines scattered throughout the complex and a few studios for the various classes….oh and did I mention the climbing wall???

Taking a browse and 5 minutes on a bike machine to check my fitness (good) I inquired about the different classes and made my way back to the dorm to stew over what I might like to join...Thai chi sounds good

Once back at the dorm and a little more TV watching had been accomplished Sam joined me for lunch laughing at the difference in our cooking experience and diet habits (he’s from England) he brought out blue cheese, salami and warmed pita bread where as I whipped up some vegetarian linguini with marinara sauce. After lunch we decided to go to the beach, so waiting for Jan to get back from getting a parking permit and on Mari (I think that’s how you spell it) to get ready we bundled in Jan’s van for Huntington beach.

(Check out the photos of the trip, there hysterical – go to my photo album)

As we raced towards the beach, my butt sagging in between the crack in the back seat, the breeze whipping my hair about like kite tails and the music blaring an old hit I smiled, feeling for the first time in a long time like a kid with absolutely no worries, just whether or not the water would be cold!

Once there we jumbled out squinting at the sun and rapidly taking photos like the tourists we were, we all chipped in for parking and threw of our things heading down to the water with a free umbrella in tow (thanks to Sam’s charm).

After ½ an hour of frolicking like idiots in the water chasing each other with seaweed and daring Jan to do belly flops (my cheeks hurt I was smiling so much) we headed back to the Warf for dinner, stopping along the way to buy Sam some new thongs as his old ones kept breaking

Dinner was at a stylish sushi/American pub/restaurant were we enjoyed bowls of edamame, countless sushi rolls and for just myself a sashimi platter that came with salad and miso soup…we were all so full after we literally had to roll out of our chairs and down the street window shopping as we went. On one occasion we happened on a shoe store with an eccentric lady that suggested we could hold keys or even marijuana in the little pockets on the side of the sneakers she had on display…we kindly excused ourselves…
We also came across a deliciously smelling toffee apple store where Makumi and Mari contemplated sharing one (I honestly don’t know were they put it all) Once we’d pilled back in the car and said goodbye to the beach (literally) we made our way back to campus, were exhausted we separated preparing ourselves for uni tomorrow…

I look forward to starting rowing tomorrow,
Reminding myself as well that I better return Sanda’s
Internet cable before she gets back

Saturday, September 29, 2007


What a lazy day, I woke up at around 8:00, confused by the clock flashing 12 then realising I must have disconnected it last night when I was pulling out Sanda's internet cable (which I have stolen while she is my connection is a million times faster - I'll have to pick one up on Monday) stumbling down stairs to the common room for brecci I felt like I had left me arms back in bed as I struggled to lift and open the fridge (from lugging my shopping bags home). After a breakfast of toast and yoghurt (including my newly bought Jam…which tastes weird…as most things do here) I was joined by one of the guys from last night who offered to accompany me to pancakes in the VA common while he waited for his cereal to go soggy

So in my uggies and new pj’s we strolled lazily through the grounds feeling the sunshine through the holes in my jumper and the cool breeze lightly toss my hair exclaiming (not in a gay way) how great it would be to go to the beach today.

Once there we mozied over to a few familiar faces whilst munching on pancakes and Tropicana Oj (with pulp!) then grabbing fruit for the walk back we left them watching Ella enchanted and winding down after the party last night (our dorm was full of hang over victims from getting trashed till 5 in Jessie’s room and drying of from the foam party that apparently went up to their chests)

After the girls set of for Newport and the guys went back to bed I had the common to my self to catch up on some much needed drawing and chill in front of the tv, watching whatever I liked : )

I ended up settling on the mask and once over (and the sun had reached its peak and started descending) I decided (after a call to mum) to head out for a walk/run around campus. Predictably I got lost and ended up somewhere near the freeway the sun beating down on one side of my face the whole way so that I finally decided to start walking backwards to ensure an even burn (don’t worry I didn’t get burnt)

Finally after deciding to bush wack through the country towards buildings I recognised, getting a slight rash in the process (bushes are not kind here) I emerged in Middle Earth slightly red, very sweaty and busting to go the toilet, resolved I wouldn’t make it home I made a pit stop at University Centre then casually strolled back to the dorms, checking out Alderman’s along the way (that Woolworth’s type place I mentioned earlier) and bumping into a couple of the guys on their way to get breakfast/lunch/dinner…they’re still not back : )

Once I was safely back in the dorm and had made a mental note to bring a map next time I started my diner (stir fried prawns and veggies with a salty packet mixture and pasta sauce …dessert was an entire bag of dried mango, grapes, strawberries, a fruit strip and starburst lollies that had been on the table for a couple of days…waste not want not) then getting drowsy digesting on the couch and incessantly flicking channels I decided to head back to my room.

Now I’m listening to missy Higgins and I’ve just stuffed 4 different types of gum in my mouth to see what the combination tastes like (sweet strawberry, sour strawberry, tropical and watermelon)………not bad

Early bed tonight, hug yourself and pretend it was me : )
Your loyal American correspondent

Friday, September 28, 2007

Put some Snags on the barbi will ya

Awaking this morning to a light breeze stroking my face and the distant giggle of sorority girls preparing for the last day of rush I lazily rolled over to check whether Sanda was awake yet, smiling to myself as I realised I had no were to be.

It was overcast for the first time and as the numbers clicked over on Sanda’s alarm clock I watched it hit 8 and go of loudly, awaking Sanda with a start. Pulling on my uggs I made my way down stairs for my first dorm brecci, toast with veggi and honey (not together...although that sounds interesting) The bread tastes a little stale but I think that’s the brand.

Chatting lazily to Sanda as she ate her cereal we agreed that after she finished her first class she would come back to drive my to Target to finally get some linen and other tid bits (my plastic bag covered shower thongs were a disaster!) before driving down to see her folks for the weekend.

While waiting I caught up on some emails and added some photos to the onsite album (to download 8 took me 40 minutes…) catching me in the middle of changing (trust me to pick that exact time to take my top of…awkward) we had a laugh and I finished as she went to pick up her car (right about this time I thought I’d be clever and call home…it was three in the morning…sorry Vettie)

Getting lost we stopped at Starbucks to ask for directions then spent the next hour getting lost in the massive target picking up various bargains (man does Sanda have a good eye, we got a pillow case, sheet and mattress cover for 10 bucks! Yoohoo)
After dropping me back I said good bye and headed into uni to finally finish enrolling in courses as well as pick up some lunch, groceries (I went a little crazy) and finally speaking to Lil and the fam…been a while (sorry)

Then, struggling to the bus (there was an embarrassing amount of sweat involved in this pursuit) I took my groceries home to unpack, making a friends with a girl who offered to help me take them to my dorm, asking along the way whether I was having a party…I sheepishly answered it was all for me and with raised eyebrows we spent the next few minutes in silence

Once unpacked I started my washing and did some typing then getting ancy headed out to AV commons to join in the Luau, involving fun, fried chicken and open mic…I was even the first to jump up in a competition of hula skills dragging the entire 1090 dorm with me, and cheered on by my own dorm. Once over, and winner deciding time I accepted defeat knowing the boys had put on a bit of a show , however once asked to introduce my self and were I came from, I had all support behind me once again, GO AUSTRALIA!! (There was no winner)

As it grew dark and the bitting wind became too much (and lets face it the talent dwindled) I headed back to make myself dinner and watch some tv, after while I was joined by a couple of the boys (one English and one American) trying to convince me to come to the foam party, instead we chatted for a while, touching on accents, tv shows and other international differences while they waited for the girls to get ready and come down, then after a spot of chess (I just watched the bloodshed) and a promise I would join them at the beach tomorrow (“good girl”) they headed out the girls asking why I wasn’t going “Too cold and too wet, you’re all skinny, take a towl your gonna freeze to death coming back” : )

Now I’m looking at my nicely made bed (yay for linen) and looking forward to a rollicking breakfast of pancakes tomorrow and a day at the beach (lets hope it doesn’t rain)

P.S. send me some ozzi slang, theres a big post board here and I can't think of many

Thursday, September 27, 2007

My photo album

Hi everyone before I write about today I thought I'd give you a link to my photo album

Its not finished yet but theres a few pictures on there (I think) - they take a while to load

Greys Anatomy Rocks!!

just had to write this before I went to bed, The greys thing was soo fun! I met this couple from San Fransisco (Alex and Talia) we chated during breaks whilst enjoying hot chocolate and jelly lollies yum

My first day (well not technically)

Waking early to a bad sleep (I’m on the mattress with my throw blanket and scarf as a pillow) I was relieved to discover I’d managed to wake up exactly on 7, just enough time to stretch, get dressed and run over to campus for my 8:00 acting class at the barn, unfortunately upon reaching the art school (jam bagel in hand) I was devastated to find out it was back on the side of campus I’d come from…so with 6 mins to go I hurtled towards the shuttles and followed various pitied directions to the barn...which is basically a “you’ll see it...its a big red barn”

Shacking my shoes of I strolled in semi confident laughing at my mistake, discovering that as it was the first day Beni (my teacher) was lenient. The class was spent standing up and introducing ourselves individually then being put in two separate groups to find out three things we had in common, in my second group it was wearing grey, people getting our last names wrong (that was mine) and that we could all do the robot...that wasn’t mine, and something we decided to perform for the class

But everyone seems great, a little dramatic but really friendly, my first greeting was “oooh love the socks” (something I hear often) after this I made my way back onto campus and heading straight to EAP to see Mario and the gang and spend a bit of time on the computer getting a few enrolment issues out of the way. As the sun grew higher I decided to head out to find Crawford hall to inquire about our physicals after first making an appointment at student health (were I found it hard not to snigger at the lady serving considering I kept catching the receptionists eye thinking exactly the same thing)

On my way through the park I also came across an undiscovered food hall, were I grabbed a toasted turkey, onion and lettuce sandwich, with what I think was salad dressing (there is no sauce but ketchup here…I had to make do ok) with papers in hand I then strolled for an early arrival at Advanced art were I doodled on the board while I waited,

This seems to be a great class, Mara our teacher loves drawing (you can tell), we can pick any medium we want AND we don’t have finals just four assessments, yay! There’s a little theory involved, but we can interpret it any way we want, at the end I approached her about joining up (assuring her I could indeed draw a table…something she mentioned earlier) and I was in.

Due to our early finish I had time to grab a beef and vegi soup before Video, also another good one were our teacher speaks so slowly (but so cooly) you hang on every word, I think some of his pauses must have lasted at least 30 seconds, everyone holding their breath, as it was a introduction he took us threw our subject (also open, we can pick anything to film for our project as long as it involves green screen…Mary Poppins here I come) and showed us the equipment and computer labs (Ant, Lib and the rest of you COFA peeps you should see the video cameras they have here, its all industry stuff…I had to stop myself from dribbling) I was also introduced to everyone by my stomach which kept rumbling really loudly while we were in the sound room) but the guys were cool and I really got along with this Bret (re:face book)

After this I headed over to University city for dinner and yoghurt (this time I had traditional vanilla, double vanilla, strawberry and cake batter) then did some light shopping as I’m waiting till the weekend to buy a lock box I can store my food in, in the fridge. I also got a free towel from the tanning salon as I explained to the guy on reception I was desperate (I’ve taken to drying myself with wads of toilet paper…don’t’ ask) he was so nice explaining that the rag ones would be thrown out any way (it’s a great towel) and still warm from the drier I draped it around my shoulders as I walked back to the bus stop in the chilly air,

Now I'm of to watch Greys Anatamy on the basketball courts (big screen) plus free food and drink : )

Talk to you tomorrow

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


ok a couple of things to get out of the way

1. My new mailing address is 527 Arroyo Drive Irvine California 92617
2. I will be creating a photo album and attaching it to this page so that
you can easily browse through them (although pretty on this page they
take way too long to load)
3. If its easier, click on the "comment" sign under my entries to reply to me
you'll will need to create a google account but its pretty quick and you just
need to follow the steps

oh and my room mates name is Sanda

awaking this morning feelin a little drowsy due to Ziggi's midnight visitors I slowly got dressed and made sure I had packed everything from the house, chatting to Anika who offered to help me get to Arroyo Vista early so I could check in at the International office. After a bitter sweet fairwell and a promise to stay in touch I lugged my bag up the hill to the dorm, unfortunately I went the wrong way and was lucky enough to find a construction worker that offered to drive me to the front door in his buggey. Then (with another guys help) it was three floors up to the room whith a pleasant surprise awaiting me.

As shown in the pictures the room is really nice and really clean (even Yvette clean) and theres plenty of space for me to spread out my things, not wasting time however I left my bags and a note for my roomie and (with brecci in hand) run back to campus to get in line for registration....and what a line, realising that I was also without photocopies I walked with Kevin (a business student from Shanghai) to get them from kinkos, a fast process that took me back within 20mins...unfortunately with no change to the line and a lady informing me that I shouldn't bother if I still didn't have courses...naturally I left to catch the end of the EAP brecci outside the student centre were over loose grapes I chated to people from all over the world (and america) that were having similar experiences...except maybe Kano who ended up talking to me about his dogs tumour

after getting a Zot card form dinning (a campus credit card) and deciding against getting a meal plan, I decided to check out STA travel in regards to traveling on a budget, getting a ball park figure for different locations I decided to squeeze in a lunch of mixed chinese (rice and three meat dishes) as well as yoghurt from the golden spoon (this time I tried vanilla and strawberry) before making my way to choir auditions were after waiting for an hour or so and making a few friends I was informed I could reach a high F I had a great musical ear and my voice was pretty quiet (mp) - oh and the conducter wants me to bring my trumpet to do some fanfares for the end of year production.

feeling tired I grabbed a bottle of water and managed to do some more cross campus trecking to pay for my Anima extension class and Health insurance before I had to meet the rowing club at 4:30, who got me really enthuised about practice next week! Dinner was a burrito (never again) followed by a packet of sultaneas and another bottle of water whilst grabbing my much needed textbooks from the bookstore and making my way to meet the debating team...I'm still not sure about joining that one

I was met with darkness once outside and making my way of campus letting the concert in the park become a dull thud in the background I suddenly incredibly lost I was, making my way cautiously around campus (and following a bus that instead of going to the dorms went to the bus depo) I finally managed to get to Arroyo Vista following the sounds of wild Fraternity boys and giggling sorority girls till I got the international village were my roommate helped me adjust my bed so its really high (quite and ordeal..we almost broke the bed)

now I;m finally settled (just need coathangers and linen)
and its of to class tomorrow

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

on the home stretch

phew! I finally got everything sorted..I think
p.s. if this day seems like it goes back and foreword, thats because it did...

waking up early thanks to claudias departure from the house I decided to do some much needed drawing before Annika got up to take me to uni, it wasn't too long before we were of and dropping me at the uni centre I made my way to starbucks for brecci, however realising that I'd forgot me veggi I ended up at the Zot for cereal mixed with strawberry yoghurt..very tastey

unfortunately whilst snaking I realised it was time for me to meet with Peter Cheng (an accademic councillor) so taging behind a guy from UNSW I attempted to make convo whilst delicately chewing my gooey cereal mixture. once there I was given to another Peter...peter..peter..Krap..yes I even heard him have to say it over the phone whilst he reffered me to the art depertment.."Yes its Peter Krap" although he made it sound more like krape, and he said it quickly, he had the look of a man that had been ridiculed his whole life, but he was really nice and really helped me sort out my schedule and get the ball rolling

After saying hi to the other peter (who I think only likes talking to me to listen to my accent) I went over to the art department to have a long chat with the receptionist who is thinking about going on exchange to Brisi whilst waiting for them to advise me on some more courses.

After I had four under the belt I reached the bridge to middle earth, the sun bearing down, I recieved a phone call...

"Lesley, its Rani, you've got the room"

I felt like screaming (don't worry I didn't..I did do a little dance though : ) so I grabbed some sushi for lunch (mmm, egg) and headed to Aroyo Vista to get my paperwork, once there I was sent to the housing office (without the paperwork) so it was a 20min wait for Rani to bring it over (this wasn't my fault fyi) I was now running late for another orientation

so leaving my 370 deposit and my roommate preferences behind I ran of to HIB 110 to check out the Film and Media studies department and what they had to say...arriving out of breath they just finished, but I mooched some fruit and had a chat to the professors to get their takes on animation on campus

then it was of to meet MArio at the EAP to tell me some more info on settling in to which I jetted back AV to get my keys, making mental notes to get everyone at the office flowers for taking such good care of me : )

I was now pretty exhausted having missed my deadline to get an ID I decided to have dinner (beef and broccoli and frozen yoghurt for dessert..which looks like soft serve ice cream as it comes in this huge swirly mountain) and meet the anima club at 6:30, it turned out to be GOLD, its actually an extension course, were the two men who teach it tailor it to your needs, by the end I should have 12 pages of a comic good enough to pitch to the industry and they can help me with my major work

I was elated floating back to the drama barn to meet Anika to take me home (she had auditions..ooh I forgot to mention I almost auditioned for choir, I;m going back tomorrow)

and that was it, well done for reading all that, I'm of to bed - night

Where is that??

Well another insane day to add to my collection, it started like any other, 85c bagel from star bucks, watching Ever After and figuring out new ways to disguise the smoke smell in the room when I suddenly remembered that I forgot to warn Mark (my friendly and conveniently placed cab driver – number 4) to take me to uni this morning, thanks to my amazing luck he was gone, so a call to the cab company and a $5 key deposit back later I was on my way, my bag three times heavier thanks to my little shopping spree.

It was inevitable that we got lost, but the guy was really sweet, and on my nervous glance at the meter he promptly turned it of and said “don’t worry luv, that’s just for me, I’m happy to help out a starving student” (no I don’t look starving) so for $15 and a slab of pound cake I thanked him for helping and trundled towards the student centre who of course told me to go somewhere else

Who told me to go somewhere else…who told me to go somewhere else, I finally ended up in Arroyo Vista an international house (via a lift from someone at the international office) who had sent me a message 4 days earlier about a spot…well lets just say it didn’t work out and thanks to the help of Oana “we have a lost little girl here who has no one to guide her, tell me there’s something you can do!” and Ramond “No, this girl has been trapsing the campus long enough, the buck stops here, she needs help now!” I went to EAP (via golf buggy) and left my bags so that I could look around and attend the orientation (total waste of time…I did however almost win a t-shirt...but I gave it to the guy behind me who yelled out the answer even though the lady picked me)

There was heaps around campus stalls boasting food, promises and happy faces, but I couldn’t stay and chat as my no housing situation got more and more grave, after another jam bagel and a swig of flavoured water it was edging into the late afternoon and I started to freak, no one seemed to have a place then hope...a guy had a room going for 950 a month however after lugging all my bags there (about a 10 min excursion) it was a miss communication and it wasn’t available for 2 weeks….aggghhhh

Leaving my bags there I went to the library…5:30 nothing…6 nothing…finally I called Anika back “I’m desperate, I know you don’t have a bed…but can I sleep on your floor?”…”we have a couch”….”Perfect!!”

So teriyaki beef, edamame and salad for dinner was followed by a smoothie for desert I made my way back to Harry’s to get my stuff and offered to pay for a lift to Anika’s, luckily his dad grew up in Brisi so he was more than happy to help out an ozzi in need “my dad would kill me” now I’m at Anikas getting comfy on her couch and I haven’t stoped talking since I got here (I think I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms)

Lets see were I end up tomorrow
Oh and Heroes is on tonight!!!!!

Lets go shopping (day six)

Today I woke up to the lovely sounds of horns and tempers, but it was a beautiful day and my star bucks bagel was extremely tasty thanks to the honey I bought yesterday, so whilst eating, watching cartoons (about a super cucumber called super Larry) and flipping through a tourist magazine, I decided to go shopping.

I asked the guy at the gas station who told me it was a bit of a walk but I assured him I had all day and of I went with directions on a grubby piece of paper and a guy from the servo that pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted a lift (probably innocent…but no thank you) after a long walk a few applications of sunscreen (no way was I getting burnt again) I arrived at South Coast Plaza (“you’ll know your there when you see the Bloomingdale’s”)

Once inside I found a map (a toilet) and of I went to have a browse and some food, lunch was at Nello Cucina I really nice Italian place in one of the smaller plazas (yes there is more than one…probably why they call it the biggest shopping centre in California…its were we went to the rainforest cafĂ©)
I asked them to combine two meals as I wanted the eggplant, olive and tomato sauce with their homemade spinach and egg fettuccini rather than penne (they didn’t even charge me extra : ) then full and dogy bag in hand I was off to look at the shops I had book marked whilst waiting for my meal (pretending to be incredibly occupied to keep the party next to me from staring)

I ended up looking at everything, including the shows being performed by local dance studios (Al and Lil, you would have loved to see the kids on point…they were pretty good!) I also bought heaps of clothes mainly from this funky shop “H&M” were one of my tops had been discounted to about 3 bucks!

When my legs began to wobble I knew it was time to head back, so with shopping bags in tow I caught the bus back to the hotel, went to the internet stand at K-mart and grabbed BBQ chicken and corn form the rib place next door. Enjoying my meal to the last part of Osmosis Jones

Its of to uni tomorrow, talk to you then

AND IT RAINED (day five)

Waking up to expect the pool flooded it was a bleak morning for my goodbye to the motel. But after my Starbucks bagel and a thorough check of the room (I almost forgot my toiletries) I was of to Union station to catch the Amtrak to OC.

Well what seemed like an easy journey from the beginning turned out to be an insane adventure! First the train was delayed three times due to an accident with a semi on the track (so I got talking to a few people waiting with me) then on the train I happened to be sitting next to a guy from Disney who gave me a few inspirational words about going after your dreams and making the most of my experience here, as we pulled into Santa Ana I made me way of the train, unfortunately due to my extremely heavy bag I was slow coming down the stairs hearing the bells go of I freaked and tried to jump the last steps, to which I tripped and skidded towards the door as I saw them closing before me I gathered my last ounce of dignity and half crawled half jumped of the train.

It was here that I came face to face with a deserted station and no one that spoke English, this I discovered on my first encounter with the information lady

Me: hi do you know which bus I catch to Irvine Uni
Her: No
Me: oh…do you know who would?
Her: No
Me: umm…is there any one who could help me?
Her: No
…..just as I thought I’d stepped into the land of the incredibly mean she looked at me and said…
skdjhfskdjfh,dkjgh,sdgkjhg (that was my attempt at spelling what she said in Spanish)
and I realised that “no” was pretty much the only word she knew

so I moved on to discover that the bus that I was supposed to catch doesn’t even come on Saturdays… three bus transfers later and a lady that told me her life story and the history, cultural variation and food of the area I got fed up and caught the first taxi I saw to uni

well…luckily the cab driver was nice because when we got there, the whole thing was closed (my plan of talking to the people at the international office, leaving my bags there to check out local hotels and sorting out my application went right out the window) and the guy looking at my nervous look at the meter offered to charge a flat rate and drive me around to find a cheap hotel

so now I’m here typing away in the same hotel he is staying at (he moved out cos his wife drinks too much...don’t worry he seems nice, his daughter is here studying, not in the hotel) and I’ve just spent the afternoon, scoffing Chinese food, shopping at Alderman’s (like Woolworth’s only bigger) and watching tv,

we’ll see what happens tomorrow…

P.S. this room smells so badly of cigarettes I almost broke down laughing when I saw the fat “NO SMOKING” sign in the room right over the 5 ashtrays on the table : )

Day four

comming soon

Day three

Comming soon

Day two

comming soon

The beginning (bear with me it was a long day for me too)

So for those of you at the airport, you left me walking down the (surprisingly short) hallway to customs, to which I was greeted with a friendly hello (something in hindsight I wish I appreciated more) and it was a breeze getting through (to which I made my first of many calls to mum…”yes mum everything went well”) it wasn’t too long a wait for the plane and there were enough seats to have a nice little lie down, watching the planes take of and listening to appropriately mellow music, the stuff that gets you in the mood to write sentimental messages of goodbye ; )

Once on the plane I met my flight companion, a rather outspoken German women who kept pushing my elbows of the arm rest and pretending not to notice, luckily it was a reasonably short flight and after a meal of braised beef and what I assume was mash potato we arrived in Auckland with a bumpy landing and a fat women who kept pushing me back into my chair with her bum. (no way was I getting out quickly Alex..I think we’re jinxed)

At the airport I soaked in as much of New Zealand as I could, however from the airport this meant fleeting moments of accent, a taste of beef jerky (you were right mum, I hated it) and…placenta cream???

Waiting to get on the next flight was tough, watching my Ipod slowly die, but then the welcome of woolly blankets, suspicious smelling air-conditioning and weird passengers was mine again, however this time I was in for a treat, choosing to shuffle through Qantas’s magazine instead of listen to the safety information (again) I was soooo excited to see that I had the choice to watch Meet The Robinson’s (it was almost a repeat of our England flight...when I watched Tarzan 9 times) teehee, there was also plenty of others I even started to watch Saturday Night Fever…yeah, I didn’t finish it…

When I arrived I wish I had taken advantage of spending the last 12 hours sitting down, cos that was basically how long I spent STANDING up in the line to get through customs…but when I was finally through I quickly grabbed my bag (or rather dragged my bag) and headed out into the partially cloudy LA weather and into a Shuttle that took me outside the Hollywood City Inn (on the shuttle I met a nice guy who had come to watch his friend play in a gig at the theatre...but he had really come to try and meet some contacts…welcome to LA)

The hotel was ok…not really like the pictures (don’t know why I was surprised) and the lady at reception was short…not literally, but the room was clean, the tv was big and the bathroom had its own light…somewhere : )

After putting my bags down I headed out to look around and after a long…long…walk down Hollywood blv (which also included an awkward convo with some guys in a shady phone store, a few bums, and a servo that gave me off water) I arrived at a really nice shopping complex to which I ate a huge meal of sahbu shabu (which is like an assortment of meat and veggies you cook in boiling water…with complementary edamame) and watched the Jungle book

After the movie I popped into the Virgin store to buy a phone and then caught a taxi back to the hotel…however I still got lost…I walked up the wrong street, but I made it in the end to which I met my neighbour (who unfortunately leaves his door open every night while he lies in bed in his skivvies)

before the begining

Yay you made it

Its just getting organised but at least its here,

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  1. go to your top menu bar
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To go a step further you can set it as your home page to do this

  1. go to tools
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  3. in the home page panel press "current" or copy and paste the web address in the space and press set or enter

If this doesn't work ask some one who's good with computers : )

The entries are on their way - I just need to get a USB

thanks for comming...I hope you enjoy the read