Thursday, November 29, 2007

(after laughing hysterically) he just got it!

Today I had one of the most awesome days!! it began in a rush as I fell asleep after turning my alarm of at 6 and woke again at 20 to 8. Jumping out of bed and catching the corner (got a bruise) I fell into my clothes and raced downstairs for some cereal - I just grabbed the box and took some embarrassingly large handfuls out, then grabbing fruit and study material run over to the barn to spend 5 minutes cramming for the test.

The test wasn't too bad (another "did you understand it" one) so after recalling what I remembered we handed in our papers and began our warm ups. Things were kept at a nice easy pace spending almost the whole class looking at others monologues and critiquing them. I walked back to the gym with Trisha and hung around outside for a while talking about glasses and eye tests, then after a round at the weights and machine area I went for a run around campus, enjoying the sunny yet lightly chilly day.

I gobbled down a huge wedge of olive bread on my return, then jumped in for a shower. Leaving the house with my hair smelling all fruity I arrived at the bus stop realising with a sudden pang that I'd forgotten my wallet. Unfortunately I didn't make it back in time, and as the guy drove the bus past me shaking his head to my pleas I decided to walk to the center, ending up with massive blisters on my feet and having to walk half of the way with holding my thongs. I arrived at Traders for bread then after some yogurt and running of a few copies of my drawings in FedEx I grabbed an OJ cooler to go from Cha (I got an upsize again! I love that place) and headed to art.

Our presentation went great, everyone seemed to like the idea and we smiled (giving each other subtle high fives) when we were deemed to have the most thought out project so far (there were only a few more left, so pretty good). Getting through all the presentations and the bread, wine and choci that someone had brought I ran my next project ideas by Marcus who confused me by liking both.

Video involved watching Time Code, a weird film with four screens showing peoples lives in real time. Then just before class was over I snuck out to give the live nudes my drawings...they were so psyched, I felt like a celebrity : )

Saying good bye to class mates and promising Ulysis I'd get together with him to talk about Melbourne I left for the university centre for a dinner of beef stew at Cha and a hot drink, catching up on some work for a couple of hours. As I watched the time click steady towards 8, I finally decided to head to little theare and after grabbing some mangoes from Traders it wasn't long before I was back on campus and finding my seat.

coincidently I was sitting next to one of the girls from live nudes, so had a great time getting to know her and her friend throughout the night. The whole night was awsome, the play was really fun and whimsical, as well as hysterical. It was especially cool to see so many familiar faces in it, including Benny (drama teacher). After it was over and having thanked as much of the cast as I could (as well as saying hi to the guy that plays McLovin on Super BAD!!!!!) I left with Sarah and her friend for a ride home, discussing their serority life and celebrity encounters the whole way.

Now I'm back and tired but have still found a way to stay up past mid night...I really need more sleep...
Night everyone...or goodmorning!

P.S> watch this is the most hysterical thing joke, you'll thank me!

shop till ya drop

Today was really great I began at the reasonable time of 9, and pulling on a jumper (its starting to get really cold) I wondered downstairs for toast and fruit. After breaki I tried hard to concentrate on doing some work, however only manages to write a list of all the work I need to get done…I’ll tackle it later ☺

I did manage to do some editing work though, and once satisfied I did a quick jog and headed into uni for lunch. I decided on my usual eggplant and chicken sandwich with some yoghurt for desert, then after a good chat with Will’s fiancé at Alakazam I tucked my free 400 page magazine under my arm and settled comfortably in my favourite place at Cha for my usually Taro tea and some drawing time.

Loosing track of time I checked my watch with a start to discover I only had a few minutes before class, so running back over Watson bridge I tore through the book store for the jumper I wanted (I tried on heaps getting worried that my head was too big to fit through the top) deciding I’d come back later for a more thorough browse I payed for my jumper and ran to class.

In class I tried to concentrate but the urge to draw became too much so whilst doodling away on my notes I listened to the discussion on Memento then left thanking Sarah again for my birthday card.

I spent the next hour or so browsing the bookstore, and once I’d found a few ways to spend the voucher I left with a large bag full of new goodies (red computer case, glow in the dark keyboard cover and a case of rubbers I can put in my pacers…it was great I felt like Harry Potter when he first found out he was a millionaire and wanted to buy a gold plated cauldron, or when I was a kid and had two dollars to spend at the canteen).

Back at the house after a bus ride catching up with Jan and Lauren I had some dinner, eating on the couch discussing evolution and education with Meredith and some others. After almost finishing my drawings for live nudes I went down to the AV office for the student association meeting. After a boring hour discussing resident issues, and the newsletter, it was back to the house for more drawing (finally finished) then at 11 I placed my thank you notes on everyone’s doors and went downstairs to watch Ricky Gervais with Sam and Elodie.

Now its back upstairs for a little more work and bed…oh man, I forgot I had a test tomorrow, wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


“Its my party I can cry if I want to cry if I want to….”

Not that I want to, there really needs to be a happier song made up about having a birthday. Any way, today was great! It began early with mixed cereal and a taste of EVERY SINGLE type of fruit I had in my pantry (no holding back today) then feeling full and content it was of to the gym for a few stretches then into class for drama. Drama was really great, we played this awesome game called Samurai were you have to react to the leaders use of their imaginary blade, jump, ducking and springing from side to side. I was pretty crap at it by I did win once by default “and its Lesley..cos its her birthday” so I had a go with the sword making swooshing noises as I brought it down on my victims (nothing like a bit of violence on your birthday). I also had a great laughing fit when Kathy slid and hit the wall (she didn’t hurt herself) as we were running around as part of Karen’s monologue. To end they all sang me a rounding chorus of Happy Birthday complete with a touch of Opera and other theatrical inflections, then after a run and another delve into the pantry for snack it was shower and a bus trip into the centre. Resisting my temptation to go to golden spoon (saving myself for tonight) I stopped about 5 times for hugs and happy birthdays then it was into Cha for green tea chicken salad with sticky sweet syrup drizzled all over it and of course a hot taro.

Checking the time and realising I was gonna run late to meet Elizabeth, I collected my things and commenting on one of the guys cool hats powered into uni to get lost trying to find the “art labs”. I found Elizabeth after a good chat with the family and we set to work scanning my drawings for out presentation on power point.

Running late for class we snuck in at 10 past one and ended up just enjoying the others speeches as they had decided to hold computer presentations till next lesson. After class I bumped into the lead girl on live nudes and asked her about which guy played each tnmt, then it was into class to find out Ulysis had pushed the deadline on our videos to include another weekend (is that a good birthday present of what!)

Class involved helping Bret out with his shoot then getting out early as most had already left when we wrapped up. Back into Cha for dinner I sat for a while catching up on work and drawing till I needed to be back on campus for the Simpson’s movie.
As I was walking in I bumped into my Cambera bound friend for some more birthday wishes and a promise to catch up later this week. Waiting in the line was spent with some new friends (they were standing next to me) Stephanie and Marline. The movie was pretty good, especially as I went in with low expectations, the great thing was that it knew it was a cartoon, and could therefore get away with a lot.

I caught the bus back with the girls and parted when we arrived at the arc. I had just enough time to right back to some of the awesome birthday messages I've recieved, delighting as well in the presents I found on my desk and the messages taped to my door!! at 10:30 most of the dorm met downstairs for yogurt land, it was great I had the largest size they had, cookies and cream, vanilla, Taro, mango, strawberry, with all sorts of fruit on I sat there enjoying my meal, blushing to the sounds of the loudest happy birthday song I've ever heard, I couldn't have been happier!! To those of you reading that saw me today thank you so much for making it one of the best birthdays I've ever had!

When we got home I spent about an hour talking to Meredith, Elodie and Anna, then at 1am it was time for bed

This was my present from Anna and Reiko (socks and little anteater)!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Gecko is definately from England


I know, I shouldn't be up past midnight but I figured you only turn 21 once so I better ring it in big I mean screaming it out and doing a little jig (much to Sanda's surprise). Today was pretty good, I tried my market bought multi grain bread which was really tasty, then it was yogurt and fruit and a paroose on the net to check emails and blogs for early birthday wishes. It was at this moment that I realised the real reason I keep joining clubs for awaiting me in my inbox were a fair few automated birthday well wishes. Getting dressed and ready with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a skip in the ol'step I walked to uni to see Chris and after an hour of venting I toddled of to University Centre for my usual serve of yogurt, a toasty eggplant/ chicken sandwich and a good sit in Cha sipping slowly at my taro tea and having a chat with one of the girls from live nudes, (she really liked my drawing, and wants to put them in the program for this week...better get cracking).

She left me alone to draw for another half hour or so then getting a little hot I said goodbye and finished drawing at EAP, catching up on thanksgiving activities with Floriana and the gang. One of the guys is even coming to my birthday party!

We watched Memento in Visual Media, which was fairly confusing, making sure before I left to tell Sarah that the gecko in the GEIKO commercial is NOT australian but I'm fairly sure from Manchester...they have much to learn...walking out to a cold dark night I headed back to UC for a chai tea, print my photos (I had to show the guy how to print them properly) then it was back home for dinner (a quick spell in the gym) and finish my bathroom pictures...If I never draw the back of someone's head again it will be too soon.

In fact to prove my deliriousness I keep plugging my headphones into the wrong hole, Sanda's had to tell me twice that its wrong, the first time I thought she just had really good hearing! The second time I knew it was time for me to go to bed

Well talk to you tonight : )

Bathroom pics

Character Faces

Draft for ninja turtles group

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Do you want my number?

Today I walked...I walked and walked and walked! I started with breakfast, nice and hearty in order to give my self energy for the day, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the markets so I ate as much as I would need to walk to switzerland just in case. The feast included a huge zinabon, OJ, yogurt, fruit and a few stray items in my cupboard. Once dressed and loaded with essentials for the day, you know wallet, camera, first aid kit.

I was on my way, I walked across highways, down alleys, over bridges got lost (found a hotel to ask directions) finally I made it, (I would have jumped for joy if I could feel my feet). The market was awesome! it was HUGE, it had at least 40 isles food,cars, nick nacks, you name it they had it. After munching on a soft pretzel and chugging down a bottle of water I finally got the stall I'd been looking for, Will and the guys in Alakazam had told me about this awesome illustrator Arlyn Pillay (check him out he's really great). I was really happy to find him there and had a nice chat about drawing and other fun stuff, leaving with a badge and directions to the bus stop I arrived to meet a girl waiting for the same bus.

On the ride I got to know her a little better as well as a couple that asked me were Willoughby Girls was. After being on the bus for almost an hour I started to get a little worried, finally we arrived at a junction, it was here I was informed we had arrived in Santa Anna...I HAD GONE THE WRONG WAY! After waiting for the replacement bus driver it was back on the bus for another hour and a half to get to fashion island, meeting a creepy 40 year old Mexican on the way that wanted to give me his phone number.

At Fashion island I was bummed out to discover I had missed the movie I wanted to see so after a quick browse of the shops and a long wait at the bus stop I caught the 79 back to University city, almost mistaken for a dead person as I fell asleep along the way "Miss...excuse me miss, are you ok?" (I think she thought I'd died from hypothermia cos I had asked earlier to get on the bus out of the cold). At the centre it was a serving of yoghurt, a browse in Alakazam and a hot drink at Cha before it was back home for dinner, prawn and vegi stir fry : ) not to mention jelly for dessert.

now I'll probably do some drawings and watch stand up comedy till bed time, catcha tomorrow...I more day till my birthday!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Woops, almost forgot a title...that'll do

Well faithful blogers, I've come to the close of another day, writing this blog trying not to look at the keyboard to practice my touch typing, I think I'm going to look for most though...there, just did.
So its Saturday, or market, sit on your ass, do absolutely nothing day as I've lovingly come to call it. As thats the majority of what I do, I woke up at the nice late time of 9:03 (for those playing at home) and tottled (not a word you hear everyday) downstairs for a light breaki of cereal and fruit (and a spoonfull of yogurt...its literally that hard to get out of the container its sooo frozen). Then getting dressed and doing some stretches, I don't think I've gone to the gym in like 3 days I feel so lazy!

I walked briskly to the markets were I spent the next hour wondering around buying zinabons (last one phew!) OJ and other goodies, then after a large serving of FREE yogurt from golden spoon (thanks to my loyalty card) I spent another hour in Cha enjoying a beef stew with corn and salad as well as a hot taro tea. I tried reading all my reading, but was severely sidetracked throughout due to its insanely boring content and really difficult vocabulary...I even asked the girls beside me what "epistemological" meant...they had no idea. Giving up with four pages to go, I left after one last look at the decorations people had coloured in, they looked great on the wall and it was so cool to think people had actually taken time to colour in my designs!

Popping in to see Will and spending an extended amount of time in the book store I collected all my groceries in a bag and headed home, bumping into a guy from the dorm along the way to find out all about his thanksgiving. Once at home It was of to my room to spend a frustrating amount of time on imovie (it kept shutting down so I lost heaps of work) then the rest of the afternoon drawing and eating. Oh I also made a cool poster for my birthday, hopefully people can come : )

To all you readers, you still haven't sent me photos of yourselves...either your too lazy or there's no one
reading, in that case never mind...
until tomorrow ; p

I've been staring at a toilet for 4 hours!

Today turned out to be fairly uneventful. I began with toast (three pieces as I needed to finish the loaf...I think they were stale) some seriously frozen yogurt and fruit. Finishing the morning in my room in my pj's doing work and listening to music I got pekish around miday and after some thanksgiving leftovers headed to the uni centre for yogurt, a chat with the guy from Alakazam and a long sit in Cha drinking an extra large taro milk tea ("and because its lesley we...upsize it"...I love them in there).

After gulping down sweet butter toast (a phat chunk of bread loaded with this honey butter and toasted under a grill) I drew them christmas decorations for their customers to colour in, finished my drama reading, collected my print job from Fed Ex and wondered home. At home I spent the afternoon on the computer doing more work as well as some drawing for Art (bellow) that little baby took me a few hours, straight to a dinner of more leftovers, jelly and other things I found lying around the fridge.

More work later and a private screening of Raise your Voice (man its quite around here) I danced around to daft hands (I hope you watched it) then it was blog time, shower time and bed time...

Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff for you tomorrow : )

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is that still a requirement?

aggghhh...that my friends is the sound of being blissfully full, as well as snuggling into a really warm bed (Sanda lent me one of her blankets so now I'm all toasty and ready to write) I began the day with breaki at around 8, saying goodbye to Sanda and wishing her a happy Thanksgiving as she made her way to her dads (she'll go to her mums tomorrow). I had a light breaki in order to prepare myself for dinner, so after toast and a decent serving of golden spoon, I went for a jog into the uni centre for a hot chai tea at Deadrichs cafe. Then once back, showered and chocolates under arm I waited at the bus stop for Sarah to pick me up. We drove to Tustin in her pick up truck, discussing the days plans, which house we'd be visiting as well as who I'd meet when I got there.

Once we arrived at her grandmothers I was immediately welcomed into the family as I met those that were there, was lightly educated on the tree through photos from last thanksgiving and got ready to play softball. We walked to the park with Molly and once there practiced throwing (Sarah gave me some hints) and batting (Sarah's dad showed me how to bat like the pros) then it was play ball, I spent most of the time on second and managed to get someone out "I hope you were all watching that, cos thats gonna be the only time I do that"

After playing for about an hour or so Sarah and I rode home in the model car with her grandpa (the car was made in 1924) and while she continued on home to help her mum I spent the afternoon with her half uncles, brothers and friends jamming, juggling and discussing uni and music. At around 4 we held hands for a prayer and started dinner I loaded my plate with turkey, celery/ cranberry jelly, sweet potatoes, candied sweet potato (had brown sugar, butter and pecans) gravy, olives and more. I went back for thirds, as well as sneaking more turkey while helping to clean the kitchen (someone had to clean the plate). As the amount of women grew I was squeezed out of washing duty and went to help John (Sarah's brother) with his film, my job was to pull the glass of the table with the fishing line tied to it.

I spent the rest of the night mingling, talking about cameras with Dan, Animation with her dad and grandpa, music with Molly, film with John, music with Wyatt, uni with his girlfriend Susanna and various other convos going on in the house I also spent a little time educating them on Australian customs "you don't sound Ozzi, are you sure your from Australia"..."I think so" I found an ally in a family friend from england, as we tried to explain the difference between jelly, jell-o and jam . After dessert and a song or two on the piano we wound up the conversations and slowly trickled out. Hugging everyone goodbye and promising to come back before I leave ("It was a good idea to bring her") Sarah drove me home discussing her book for most of the way (sounds really interesting) then saying goodbye and juggling my many containers of left overs I walked into the house for a midnight snack...couldn't resist, then a blog entry and now bed.
Happy thanksgiving!

PS, One of the guys said he was behind an Englishman at customs when he came to Australia and after checking his passport and papers the officer asked him whether he had a criminal record, the man replied "Is that still a requirement?"

Daft Hands

Aggghhh, what a great start to my mini holiday, it began blissfully late, well 8:20, which is pretty late for me. Rising for a breakfast of toast and mango, I prepared my things and made my way to the cage to drop of the camera, then deciding to hang around I settled down in one of the editing bays to work on my movie.

I was there for about an hour or so, watching my laptop (that I'm now using as a hard drive cos my other one doesn't work...stupid people at easy back up systems...easy my #$*@($&@#) Ok I'm good, when it had almost completely drained I decided it was time to call it a day so closing up, I said goodbye to the girl in charge and left for University Centre.

Yoghurt was naturally first on the list, as well as a poke in Trader Joes. Then while I waited for a subtle lunch time to roll around I hung around in Fed-Ex chatting to the workers (I now most of them now) and printing out the photos I took of the live nude teams, I figured they'd be easier to draw if they were flat next to me. Once I'd printing all the photos I'd need I walked next door to Cha to get comfy in my favourite spot and whilst drawing away the hours enjoyed a tender beef stew with sides of corn and salad as well as strawberry cooler with pearls. Feeling full, I said goodbye to Amy and left to check out the movie theatre to see whether Southland Tales was playing (it is, but in a cinema too far away).

I decided to go home after a spot of shopping, and spent the entire afternoon drawing...agghhh bliss, after about 5 hours or so I started to get a little sore, so stretching and getting changed headed to the gym for a bit of a work out, then it was of to Alberstons to buy a present for Sarah (for tomorrow) as well as some more general groceries. walking home my arms piled high with Jelly, Hagen Daz frozen yogurt, and other yummy treats I prepared dinner when I arrived and before heading back to the room promised to knock on Jans door at 11 for our screening of Hercules!

The hours flew by with more drawing and dancing (check wont be able to help yourself) then showered and teeth brushed I snuggled into the couch at 11 to watch Hercules. After the movie and a fair bit of singing I wished Jan and Reiko a happy Thanksgiving and headed back to my room to enter my blog entry and watch the daft hands clip one more time : )

Tomorrow should be interesting, Sarah's picking me up at 11:30, she said we're gonna play softball before the meal...sounds fun! until then : )
(please watch this video, its hysterical!!...and addictive)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"You can't stop the avalanche!"

Today began early, preparing for drama at 6, I gulped down some cereal and decided to hit the gym early as I had already studied for the test and wanted some time after class to do other things. Class was all right, the test on Eleemosynary turned out to be much easier than I thought it would, and we spent the rest of our time doing warm ups (I was finally able to do a backbend! – to which I announced at the time, causing a few to topple over in laughter) and improv exercises.

After doing some weights and stretching I went home for a massive slab of olive bread with butter and vegemite, then after hitting the showers, got dressed, packed away my laptop and headed to golden spoon. After enjoying vanilla malt and strawberry yoghurt I spent some time in Alakazam chatting to Will and his fiancé about the future of the movie industry and how much we love our laptops then trying a Chai tea at Cha (bit too spicy) I did some drawing for art and upon finishing my drink stopped by Zot and go for some snacks then settled in class to discuss my group project with Elizabeth.

We finally settled on an idea, and after dividing the work evenly spent the rest of the class in the spirit of thanksgiving talking about food. I got to leave early, and decided to grab another chai from Cyber A café as well as pick up a digital camera from the cage for later. Again my chai was too spicy so throwing it away I spent the rest of my break chatting to Kathy and her friend discussing who founded Australia and why our accent is so hard to mimic.

In video we watched a movie about a man that spent 13 summers with Grizzly Bears and was finally eaten on his last trip, along with his girlfriend…it was pretty sad and seriously graphic, the guy was a little weird though ok he was insane, but you still have to feel sorry for him (The movie is Grizzly man, if you want to check it out – supposedly on of the special features is the recording of him being eaten alive…Hanan was pretty stoked about it).

During class I stepped out for a little bit to take photos of the live nudes troop I got some really great ones, but when the camera died, I gave up and after dropping the camera back arrived in time for the end of the movie. As I helped arrange chairs with Ulysses after class, we discussed the fate of those conservationists that tend to appear invincible but in their plight to prove animals are harmless, die and end up ruining all the work they did.

After class I grabbed a chicken salad and yoghurt from Greens to go then took my place at he front of the line waiting to watch Hairspray. Soon after I was joined by Elodie and Nami, the movie was sooo great, making us dance all the way to the bus stop. On the way home I regaled them with stories from our trip to France, then made my way to the room for homework and bed, I’m now on Holidays yay!

Let the festivities (and giant feasts) begin!

(Check out my photo album for new photos - poke around the old albums for new additions as well)

Monday, November 19, 2007

A real thanksgiving : p

Today began first at seven, then again at 8, rising with a heavy head for the remainder of my zinabun and a few prunes. Looking at the time and realising I had to drop of the camera before 10, I quickly collected my things and after checking my emails caught the bus to the cage, making sure to reserve the camera again, this time WITH the fire wire cable.

After spending an hour with Chris discussing the last two weeks and other tid bits that have been on my mind (definitely some pent up exam stress circling round) I left for the university centre for my usual, yoghurt, Traders, Alakazam (where I bought a really stylish pin and chatted to Will about the weirdos he’s met at comic conventions and comic swaps – people actually tried to open his toys, even though they weren’t buying them!) then after a chicken/eggplant sandwich…crusty toasted baguette and warm tender eggplant with juicy chicken…a stop over at Fed Ex to pick up my printing job I spent another ½ hour at Cha sipping on Taro tea and drawing.

Saying goodbye to Amy and replenishing my supply of dried Mango I went to EAP to continue my drawing as well as catch up with my friends there, then grabbing the camera (again!) I headed into Visual Media to watch Blood simple. The movie was all right…a little violent…but I left with high spirits as Sarah invited me to Thanksgiving with her family “I told my mum you were an international student and she said to inviter you along”. So I’ll be having a REAL thanksgiving this holiday! With Turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, candied yams and much more : )

Walking out into darkness I made my way to the buses then just missing one, decided to walk home stoping by the AV office to find out who won the logo competition…”oh good Lesley I’m glad you stoped by…you won!” yes folks sometimes you really do have to be “in it to win it” I’m so excited I get $150 to spend at the book store so I can get that jumper I’ve been thinking about buying ☺

Walking home happy as Larry I almost didn’t notice the pledges dressed as girls out on the lawn about to partake in something rush related. It was black bean soup for dinner as I retold the events of the weekend and my bizarre experience in American Girl. Then washing my bowl and saying goodbye I headed to my room to do some more drawing before it was back down stairs for Heroes at 9! Great Episode…only two to go ☹

Now its time for some more work before bed,
Until tomorrow

Oh to everyone that reads my blog, I’d love to say thank you by doing something for you, please send a photo of you that you like, You’ll find out why soon ☺

(I'll put the photos up of my drawings tomorrow)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

You could fit the whole doll in here (refers to the locker)

The alarm woke us up at 7, and after calling groggily to Al to stay in bed for just 2 more minutes we slowly got up, got dressed and headed out into the cold foggy morning, deciding on breakfast at Century City for something different. After a short walk and a tour around the super super market, we decided on a specialty bread café were we shared a bread basket (5 different types of bread – walnut, fruit and nut, rye, cheese and olive) with different spreads, a fruit salad and for Al a freshly squeezed OJ.

After showing her the rest of the mall (unfortunately everything was still closed) we waited for ½ and hour for a bus to take us up Santa Monica Blvd to Hollywood. Once on and feeling confident we sped down the street, watching the city wake up and taking random happy snaps of our experience. We got of at Fairfax (assuring the bus driver we knew where we were going) and I lead the way down to 3rd street for a hot drink at the Farmers Market (Al had already had hers from the super market).

We toured the stalls finding a Pinkberry, and after grabbing yoghurt headed to the main pavilion to see them set up for the tree lighting ceremony later that night (huge deal as there would be heaps of performers - even the Chaeta Girls) meanwhile I grabbed a Chai tea from Farmers café.
The drink was delicious, feeling it warm me whole body as we continued around the stalls, taking more photos along the way, we soon came across American Girl and unable to withstand curiosity went in.

Thinking at first it was just a well-accessorised doll line, we realised quickly it was much more creepy. They had everything, a hairdresser (with seats and hairdressers cutting washing and doing up the dolls hair for the girls) a museum with all the periods the dolls were set in (each period had a doll, like “Molly” for example who came with books, dvds and accessories specifically from her time period) a theatre, a hospital (legit, if they can’t fix them on site they “send them to their major Hospital in Wisconsin”) and much much more!

Walking out a little shell-shocked we caught the bus up to Hollywood and got of at the beginning of the walk of Fame. Strolling up the star walk we came to the Chinese Man theatre were we engaged happily with all those dressed up, said thanks but no thanks to the guys selling their hip hop albums and toured the shopping centre for what to do next. We decided on seeing a movie, so grabbing another Chai from this cool “beverage joint” we looked through the shops and settled in the Main Chinese theatre at 1:30 to watch Fred Clause.

It was a great movie, even if the lady behind us fell asleep and started snoring really loudly (I poked her a few times to try and wake her up…extremely funny) and the theatre was beautiful (even put Cremorne theatre to shame). Once over, it was bathroom break then back into the mall for lunch, passing Willy Wonka who upon being asked were his Candy was (some obnoxious idiot) replied perfectly “in the candy store” (We didn’t stop laughing for about 20 minutes)

Lunch/dinner was at Shabu Shabu, the same place I went to when I first arrived 2 months ago. After waiting outside enjoying the free concert on ground floor, we got comfortable and ordered a platter each consisting of an edamame bowl, rice, meat platter (beef, chicken and prawns) and a vegi platter (assorted veggies, noodles and tofu). Rolling out feeling full but satisfied we parted on the steps of the subway and I made me way home drawing on the train to Union station and taking a nap on Amtrak.

Sanda came to pick me up from the station after I couldn’t find another form of transport…no buses, and a couple I found going back to UCI wouldn’t offer me a lift…we stopped by Golden Spoon on the way and I shouted her a serve, then finding Traders closed (we wanted to do some shopping) we headed back to see the end of the thanksgiving feast and karaoke, then came upstairs for bed.

Photos will be added from today shortly

Just one of those days...

Today the world woke up and said, “you know what, Lesley’s had it easy, I’m going to make everything go wrong for her today” and they did. It started early, as I missed out on a Zinabbon last weekend I thought I’d grab one before the rush, well I was waaaaay before the rush, waiting and hour for her to show up (in the meantime I had an OJ and chai tea) bummed out the Cha wasn’t open I walked home running late to meet Andy and freaking out that my card didn’t work (I didn’t have any money for the train).

When I arrived I woke up Sam (after 10 minutes of banging on his door) to ask for the money he owed me so I could buy my ticket, then grabbing Andy from his room, we raced to the station with only 15 minutes till it arrived. Getting lost once we finally made it with 2 mins to spare, however as I got onto the platform it pulled in. Pelting up 50 stairs I screamed out to the conductor to hold the train, looking at me as I sprinted down the other side of the bridge I arrived panting to watch her look at me, get on the train and close the doors! I couldn’t believe it, I was standing right there, unable to get on!

Seriously upset I made my way back over the bridge to the ticket office were I was informed I’d have to wait two hours for the next train as it was a weekend, having no choice I sighed and handed over my money, then spent the next hour trying to get in contact with Alex to let her know I’d be late. I managed to leave a note with the hotel, then drew as I waited for the train to show.

It was late (offcourse) so I finally arrived at Union station at 11. Asking for advice I was told to catch the purple line and go through a few bus transfers to get to the Marriott. Four buses later and a $10 cab ride that had a guy convincing me America was the ONLY place to live (not the right day buddy), I arrived at the Marriott were I was told Alex hadn’t arrived and I wouldn’t be able to check in without a credit card.

I waited, and after talking to dad and finding out Alex wouldn’t be there till 4, handed in my bag and went for a walk around Century City, to have salad a pretzel and pink berry frozen yoghurt for lunch then spending the rest of the afternoon in the lobby watching Titanic and a Walk to Remember.

As it began to grow dark outside and the lounge filled with people I checked the time and was shocked to discover it was almost 8pm, worried about Alex but unable to reach her, I walked across the road for some dinner and was relieved to find she had checked in when I arrived back. Falling into each others arms we each vented about our horrible days, and after a rundown on her New York activities on the porch outside we spent some time in the lounge as Al ate her hamburger then sank into the beds in the room, catching up further and deciding on the next days plans.

I enjoyed me shoeless shower, then fell asleep giggling and watching Spanglish, sinking deep within the mattress and goose down pillows, setting my alarm for 7.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tonight in the ring its Team "you gotta grow up sometime ninja turtles" and in the left corner "hey kids the truth is Sesame Street"

This morning needed a couple of starts to get going as the first sound of my alarm shocked me into a false alertness to which I ended by falling back to sleep for a further 20 minutes. Waking again at 8 I went downstairs for toast and finding I was out of fruit grabbed extra prunes and headed back to the room to get my things.

Sanda left first, rushing out the door as she had slept in, to which I followed shortly after struggling with my computer on my back and camera in hand. The Bus was waiting for me (stopping 5 times along the way for stragglers) and after a short bumpy trip I was at uni just in time to drop of my camera at the cage and meet So young at Starbucks for our weekly “conversation”. It didn’t last long as I had to run to class, so promising to meet earlier next week I rushed to my discussion apologizing for my lateness and taking my seat within my group to kick ass on the pop quiz Daynah had prepared.

Ok I lie we didn’t exactly kick ass but our fail was the best of the lot, scoring a brilliant 12 out of 17 (come on we had questions like “what is the first film on record a the museum of Congress”…keh??). Wishing everyone a great weekend and promising to bring snacks for our study session, I left for lunch at the university centre, walking part way with Kathy discussing thanksgiving and pearl harbour (don’t ask – she thinks Pearl Harbour was more tragic than the Hiroshima bombs…I think they brain wash them).

Lunch was eggplant and chicken Sandwich (they remember me now : ) then after a visit to “Whale of a tale” (chated with the owner there) and the comic stall (got a free ticket to the market to see this guys friend – Pillay – I suggest you look him up) it was yogurt for dessert and a completion of my culinary tour at Cha for a Taro Cooler and pearls.
Meeting with Nauy at 2 we got comfy in the courtyard and were later joined by the girl going to Canberra, she was tossing up between France and Australia but is a first time traveler and still trying to “find herself” I basically told her France was an advanced travelers destination and Australia was for beginners, the best place to find yourself as there’s a blank canvas to start with and people willing to lend you paint!!

At three we parted ways, to which I ended up in the editing bay at the Video centre, thoroughly frustrated with the way technology seems to die around me! Giving up trying to log and capture my film I hired a camera with a fire wire so I could do it at home and tried to calm my nerves back at Cha with a HOT Taro tea (its freezing now) – after all that she FORGOT to put in the wire I need to connect the camera to the computer…I am officially the most unlucky person in the world (ignore my previous blog entry).

After spending time in Cha sipping my hot creamy vanilla tasting tea I stayed on my computer till it died (lack of battery power) and collecting everything caught the bus back to the dorm were I spent the rest of the night catching up on homework. At 10 I made my way to Live nudes, clad in robber wear (ok I just have a mask on, best I could do). The show was great, the walk home afterwards…not so great, but I made it, and managed to get Andy to agree to giving me a ride tomorrow. I may not be able to do some entries for a couple of days while I’m in LA, but I will put them in when I get back…or I may find an internet café…who knows
Night…ack, its 1am…ok morning ☺

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hello there friends and relatives, new and old readers, girls and boys, I trust those of you back home are happy its Friday and those of you with me here are happy tomorrow is Friday ☺

Today began early thanks to an 8am roll call for Drama and knowing I had to make it all the way across campus I got up at 6 in anticipation. Unfortunately I was a little too organised and having finished breaki (my new cereal tastes a lot like what I assume cardboard tastes like, kinda looks like it too) realised I still had an hour so decided to go for a run. It was a nice morning for a jog, and allowed my to explore more campus, I can’t believe I’ve only been over to the engineering side of campus once, its so nice!

Arriving early to class, a bottle of water in tow, I lazily chatted with some of the others then grouping everyone Benny led us around Claire Trevor pointing out studios and offices of importance. Giving us the option to go after the tour, those who hung around (“his favourites”) played a game were he would pick an object and you had to present it as having a different function to what it really had.

Trisha and I went last, we were given a bin and had to slowly reveal to the audience that we were sisters, well half sisters…I sealed the deal with…“wait a minute does your dad have a moustache…and is really tall?...I KNEW that wasn’t her brother!!”
Laughing we all said goodbye and went our separate ways, arriving back at he dorm shortly after (stopped by the gym to do some weights).

Cutting my self a massive wedge of olive bread I toasted it and lathered it in butter and crushed garlic, whilst munching away on turkey dipped in homos and huge garlic olives on the side (my breath seriously reeked). After lunch and a shower I collected my things (including my camera and tripod) and headed into uni for an extra large serving of yoghurt. Then setting myself up in Cha I ordered a hot Taro milk tea with pearls and sipping carefully (I burnt my tongue) filmed a few people in the store and around the courtyard.

Then filming one place after the other as I walked to class, I stopped by Daynah’s office to be told I wouldn’t be penalised for not handing in my storyboard yesterday, and made it to class with 5 minutes to spare. I spent the whole of art talking to Elizabeth about our projects, favourite gifts as a child and allergies, then finally deciding on a vague idea, promised to email each other over the weekend and have sketches by Tuesday.

Video was really fun; spending all our time in the computer labs (after debating passionately about my exam mark) working on final cut pro and drawing pictures from Deviant art. To end I talked for a while with David and Ulysis about the future of cinema and the progress of animation then grabbed dinner from the student centre to enjoy over Hero Bear.

As it creeped toward 7 I grabbed snacks a chai late from Starbucks and headed to the Nixon theatre to see Ya’Ell in Eleemosynary, it was a great play about the lives of three women (grandmother, mother and child) Ya’Ell played the grandmother, I can’t believe she was able to remember that many lines!

Congratulating the cast and saying goodbye to my new friend I turned to brave the cold to the bus were I waited listening to my ipod. I finally arrived home and headed straight to my room to waist time before bed, getting excited when David came in to give me money (I didn’t even know he owed me).
Until tomorrow

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm 16 years old, I'm not a child..teehee

Yoo-hoo! Its Wednesday, half way through the week, a day of small educational obligation (one class) and more importantly a day to sleep in, well I would have if I’d actually remembered to turn of my alarm the night before, I woke at 6 groaning loudly then went back to sleep for an hour or so more.

Stumbling downstairs later that morning I had my breaki and before walking to the University centre finished some work, going through what I needed to get through today. Once at the shops I set about my errands, picking up some printing from FedEx, grabbing yoghurt, getting out money and almost suffering a stroke when I heard how much it would cost to send a tiny little envelope back home…$50!!! I actually chocked on my saliva (which was really embarrassing as I kept coughing for about 10 minutes). I spent the next hour recovering in Cha over wonton soup and Iced Taro tea with pearls.

Then, on the advice of a customer at Fed Ex, found the post office hidden behind the army recruitment office and mailed it there…90c! Crazy fed Ex people! I also sent my artwork to Michelle, feeling better and ticking everything off my list, I headed into uni, slowing through the stalls and picking up some snacks.

Waiting until class started I spent my time at EAP drawing and chatting with a girl nervous about going to Australia next year for first semester…she’s going to Canberra…poor girl, (I’m meeting her again on Friday, so if you have any suggestions about what she could do there let me know). Then picking up a camera and tripod from the cage I bought tickets for Life with Iris next week and made my self comfortable in the lecture hall, kicking myself silently for forgetting my storyboard to attach to my scene analysis and freaking out that I hadn’t laid it out correctly…man!

Class finished early (bonus was we saw a few clips from once more with feeling – buffy), and after polishing of a drawing I’d been working on through class I gathered my things and made my way unsteadily to the bus stop, weighted down by my new accessories. I met Nami on the bus who helped me take everything to my room, in exchange I showed her all my comics and gave her train man to borrow.

Trying to be quite as Sanda was taking a nap, I got changed and headed to the gym, however upon arriving decided I’d prefer the night air and took a tour around campus, right up into university hills, staring happily at the twinkling city lights stretching of into the distance hearing the soft echo of children playing in the parks and smelling cut grass and swimming pools.

Making it back after an hour or so, I made dinner (fish and vegies) then went to my room to do some drawing, coming back down at 8 to watch the Little Mermaid with everyone (again not my idea…so crazy). Saying goodnight, I was met in the room with Eddie Murphy stand up and some work to do, so better get cracking
Till tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Could people be quieter I want to hear the grass grow (golf commentator)

Good morning good evening and goodnight, how are you all? I have almost come to the end of a reasonably productive day. It began early for drama, my fuel consisting of crumbled up wheetbix, honey and fruit. We began with a relaxing warm up that saw me team up with Benny, talking everyone through the movements I lay on the ground as he accessed different pressure points in my body pressing on them one at a time (collar bone, head, palms, elbows feet etc…) then as he had to continue leading the exercise I read my book waiting for the others to finish.

We spent the rest of class going through our poems, and although my voice is still a little hoarse (and manly) I feel I did better this time around, as I’ve been plasticising accessing my anger. After class I decided to go for a jog to the bridge and back. Kicking myself as I went for not putting on sun cream as I felt the sun heat my skin like a roasted turkey…I almost looked like one too, jogging there and walking back I stopped by University centre for yoghurt and groceries (cereal and some envelopes to send a letter and my artwork to Michelle Stewart). Grabbing an Orange cooler from Cha I headed to the buses to take me back to the dorm were I had a sandwich before jumping in the shower.

I washed and straightened my hair, then caught the bus back into uni, having just enough time to tour through the International fair before I needed to be at art. In class we finished of the artwork presentations (it was so boring I caught one guy lighting his jumper on fire with a cigarette lighter) then jumped into the new theme (sight work) I chose Elizabeth as a team member and we agreed to have sketches ready to present to each other next class before saying goodbye. With the news that Video had been cancelled I merely made my way to the cage to pick up a camera for filming, unfortunately I ran into David (our sub teacher) who said he was taking over from Ulysis.

We headed into the studio were Crystal, Bret and I took our make up tests, we were only allowed to get one wrong, and as the test was the same, naturally I did exactly the same as before, except I changed a right answer for a wrong one and vice versa. However going through the correct answers I pointed out where Ulysis had made a mistake, so I could have got full marks…I’ll be talking to him about it on Thursday!

We then did some re-filming for my film and left early, completely dark outside even though it was just after 5. I bumped into a guy I had met early in the quarter and after discussing weird jobs (like sewer cleaner) I caught the bus back to the dorm for an early dinner of prawns and broccoli, with stacks of Hoisin sauce on it…mmmmm

Making sure the others warn me if we end up doing something for Jessie’s b-day tonight I’m now in my room doing homework and laughing my self stupid listening to Robin Williams stand up…I suggest you check it out on You tube, especially part 8.
Night ☺

Monday, November 12, 2007

everyone needs a lazy day

Today was a little slow in relative to the weekend, It began late as I had stayed up till 1 this morning watching movies (Bridge to Terebithia – saddest movie eva, and Tarzan, fell asleep and woke up at 3, relieved I hadn’t knocked the computer of the bed). Getting up slowly for breakfast I made toast, tyring my new butter and went back to the room to plan my day.

I spent the morning in the room catching up on work, then after a slice of olive bread and homos headed into the uni centre to do my readings. It was a surprisingly hot day, I found as I began to sweat in my jeans and jacket. Relieved to get to the air conditioned stores, I headed straight to Traders for bread, then after yoghurt and a chat with the owner about my family weekend, I picked up Hero Bear from Will at Alakazam (it finally arrived!!) and photocopied my passport to send to the voting office back home (I can’t believe I still have to vote).

I spent the next hour or so in Cha enjoying a Taro cooler and grilled chicken with salad and corn. When I had finished the Drama chapter and lovingly turned all the pages in my new book, I said goodbye to Amy and the others, grabbed two cans of soup from TJ’s and made my way back to the dorm.

I arrived a little tired and was relieved to spend the rest of the afternoon drawing in my room letting the cool breeze from the late afternoon wash over me whilst watching yet more movies online. At around three I started to feel tired and drifted of to sleep for a couple of hours, then grabbing a snack I headed downstairs at 9 to watch Heroes.

I’m now in the study room doing some stretches, and watching Chipmunks adventure (again!). I also practiced juggling, I was surprised I still know how to do it…kinda.
School again tomorrow, and a big fair for international week, until then

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Day two

Sorry for keeping this short folks, but I want to watch a movie before I go to bed. The day began early as I walked through the quite dorm after getting dressed, looking for Sanda (only her and the pillow were missing) and made my way into the foggy morning. It was cold, so wrapping my arms around my chest, trying to suppress the dry cough I’ve developed over the last day, I walked to the bus stop to check out times. Unfortunately I had just missed one, and not wanting to wait an hour, I made me way up the street, eyes peeled for a taxi.

Arriving at the uni centre, my attention caught by the large fair set up in the campus car park, I zipped into Trader Joes to ask for a cab company number. Continuing along the street I tried three companies until I was finally able to get through, then waiting for the guy as he tried to find me “I think he’s lost cos I’m the only person here, so if he can’t see me, he’s not near me” I arrived just after 7:30, wishing the guy luck in getting to Australia on holiday.

Dad was waiting in the restaurant, and we chatted as we waited for Alex to get ready and come downstairs. I tried the omelette today (onion, mushroom and capsicum) as well as the usual toast, fruit and yoghurt. Looking outside at the darkening sky we decided against walking to Irvine Spectrum, so we called a cab to take us there, playing chase games and mucking around while we waited (I bet dad will seek his revenge tonight).

We arrived later that morning and as it was still early, headed to the coffee bean were I enjoyed a Chai tea. We began browsing the stores, and after looking through a few quirky nick nack boutiques, dropped dad of at the sports bar (the football had started) and spent the next 2 and half hours shopping. I ended up with 2 pairs of jeans, were as Al bought a jacket, top and sun glasses.

When we arrived back Dad had already ordered lunch as we were a little late, so we headed to the food court next door for something light, Al ordered a combination rice, salad, beef teriyaki, and mini tuna rolls were as I had a bowl of rice and assorted sashimi and sweet egg. Mine was ok except the rice was a little dry, however Al could only stomach the tuna rolls. Feeling slightly dissatisfied we headed to Wetzel’s were I got an original pretzel, then grabbing Dad Al got a Jamba Juice whilst we decided whether or not to see a movie.

Feeling tired we decided to browse the shops a little more then head home, embarrassing Al along the way as I danced in “forever 21” to the techno music blasting through the speakers. I also got dad to try some yoghurt pretzels from candy land, shame they weren’t as good as the ones from uni.

When we arrived back at the hotel we headed straight to the room to relax, then at 6 headed downstairs for dinner in the hotel. It was really nice; I had fish and greens, the waiter making the evening even more enjoyable as he looked after us the entire time.
Finishing our discussion in the room over beer, dark chocolate and football I finally said goodbye to them at 8 and caught a cab back to the uni centre were after giving into the temptation of yoghurt (even though I’d already had one today) I grabbed some essentials from Traders and arrived home just as everyone got back from Santa Barbara. Catching up in the kitchen and telling everyone about my surprise visitors (they were all really jealous) I told them I’d take a rain check on Karaoke (I can’t talk at the moment my voice is so bad) and headed to the room for bed. Tomorrow its back to normal.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Mr baxter will see you now"

Hello readers, I’d just like to say that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world right now! I woke up early this morning staring lazily at Sanda as we both wished we could ignore the alarm screaming at us to get ready. Knowing we had to get to the Mariotte on time however, we quickly slipped on warm clothes and grabbing the last of my dates headed out the door for the trek to Sandas car and the surprisingly short drive to the hotel, instructions in hand.

Once there I said goodbye, closing the car door and walked into the bustling lobby, I was early so didn’t expect to see him there yet. I waited for a few minutes, contemplating whether to double check his name on the internet, but seeing you needed a credit card chose to wait further until I was tapped on the shoulder by a lady asking who I was waiting for.

“Are you waiting for Mr Baxter?” she asked politely, I faltered not remembering his name and asked whether he was waiting for me “he saw you waiting and asks you to join him in the restaurant”. I followed shyly wondering who I would see then as I made my way around the poles, the smell of breakfast getting stronger I was shocked to discover DAD sitting at the table near the buffet, running and jumping into his arms I babbled my excitement and surprise (still half expecting us to be joined by the mysterious Mr. Baxter, someone I later found out was completely made up). Catching up we finally decided to check out the buffet, it was really nicely presented with fresh fruit an assortment of toast and some hot food.

Whilst reading the ingredients on hand for the omelette, I felt cold hands cover my eyes and a breathing I recognised instantly…IT WAS ALEX! I swirled around into her arms and hugged her tightly jumping up and down with surprise! What a breakfast, we lazily ate whilst catching up on events and planning the day. Feeling full we went back to their room for them to get ready for walking then, becoming the tour guide, walked them back to the university to show them around.

First up were the markets, where we grabbed some OJ and olive bread, chatting to familiar faces and tasting fruit of the season. Then taking them through the rest of the centre (including Will in the comic store, Traders and Urban Guerrillas) we headed into campus for a walk around ring road and a tour of the Art centre. Back over Watson Bridge I convinced them to have Golden spoon (they couldn’t finish it as it was a little too cold) then it was off down campus drive past Albertson’s and into AV to show them my dorm.

Almost locked out due to a funny key, we finally got in and I showed them the facilities, slightly embarrassed by the state I had left my room in (and glad Sanda hadn’t come back with her boyfriend yet). After giving them a few goodies and stowing away my jacket and market food we re-applied the sunscreen and headed back out towards the arc, chatting to Lil along the way.

Once we’d exhausted my usual haunts, we decide to catch the bus to Newport, were after being patronised for thinking it was far, we were pointed in the direction of the beach and made it there after about an hour (yeah sure its “just there” – stupid bus driver) we did bump into a really nice couple that offered to give us a lift, but as we were almost there we decided on going it alone, admiring the mansions lining the streets as we went.
Disappointed slightly by the lack of activity down by the water we didn’t stay long (enough time for me to zip to the bathroom) and following the instructions of the car park lady made our way back to the freeway and back into fashion island for an early dinner, passing some great restaurants and galleries along the way.

Dinner was at American Grill, I had a chicken noodle salad with wontons although it ended up being small strips of chicken and cabbage, with a tuft of fried white garnish noodles and deep fried wonton strips through out...not bad, I did enjoy a bit of Dads meatloaf and Als steak though. Then feeling slightly unsatisfied I grabbed some Wetzel pretzel sticks for the shuttle ride back to the hotel for showers and a rest.

Ready again we headed by cab to the movies, settling on Dan in real life. Killing time we tried to get coffee before hand but after walking through an overcrowded Irish pub (hearing the tale of Sweeny Tod) and being ignored at Coco’s bakery, we gave up and took our seats in the theatre, chewing happily on fruit lollies.

The movie was great, although a little sadder than they expected, something we discussed in detail on the way home, saying goodbye as they dropped my back at the dorm I watched the cab fade in the distance, wondering if it had all been a dream.
I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow, another early morning so I better be of to bed. Until tomorrow xo

Friday, November 9, 2007

Everything Goes with Cadbury Favourites

I’ll have to keep this one short as I’ve now officially lost me voice, and even though I’m not exactly talking to you, its my bodies way of saying, you need more sleep missy! So here goes, it started as most others, waking early to Sanda’s alarm after a really bad dream about only having one day to live (extremely vivid, I woke up thinking I’d miraculously survived!) watching Sanda turn it of three times before getting up I caved on the fourth attempt and clomped downstairs for breakfast.

Feeling guilty about borrowing Ashleys butter (ok I know technically it isn’t borrowing as I’m not planning to give it back, but it sounds better) I gobbled down my toast and made a mental note of telling her what I’d done and that she was welcome to use my butter once I’d replaced it. Then getting dressed for the cold I did some quick stretches and head into the chilly morning air to catch the bus for my rendezvous with So Young my other convo partner.

Once the fire alarm had been sorted out, we met in Starbucks and had a great chat about her life and why she was here as well as hearing horror stories about one of her trips to Australia in which she stayed with a host mother that hated her…not to mention the entire world, she spent most nights crying and ended up staying with a friend.

Straight from that a few yoghurt pretzels and a bottle of berry water gave me the strength to face my Visual Media discussion, which after a test and a short scene analysis we were given back our storyboards…I did ok, a distinction in our terms…but I lost some marks through a miss communication…then wishing Daynah a good weekend I accompanied Sarah to the uni centre (she showed me a short cut) were we parted and I grabbed Sushi and yoghurt.

Having some time before I needed to meet Naun, I sat in Cha for a while drawing and sipping hot Tarro green milk tea with pearls (tasted like vanilla it was sooo good) then after a chat with mum (via phone) and the girl who had recommended the drink (she went on break and sat next to me, thought I’d keep her company) I ran to meet my convo partner (running late as I had spotted the nicest jacket in Urban Guerillas and had to put it on lay away!).

Chatting with Naun was great, as she let me rant about animation and various other topics that people usually find extremely boring, “you know you can tell me to shut up when you want, I tend to rant until someone stops me” “no I think you very interesting” ☺ feeling great, but my voice cracking badly, (I sounded like a 13 year old boy on helium) I caught the bus back home with Sanda and spent the rest of the afternoon in my room drawing and trying to design the homecoming logo. (the prize is $300)

At 6pm I made my way downstairs for some dinner (beef and veg stir fry) and catching up with the group going to Santa Barbara for the weekend said my goodbyes and headed out the door to be first in line for the comic book sale at Alakazam! I got sooo many comics its not funny. After spending about $60 and picking up my voting forms from FedEx (I can’t believe I still have to vote for the federal election) I grabbed my jacket (she was just closing up but as I was paying cash said she’d look the other way and sought it out tomorrow) running to the theatre to see “Anything goes”
The play was much better than I expected, with beautifully designed sets, outstanding performances, great singing and with the guy next to me cracking up at every joke, really funny! I even recognised more faces than just the one of my class member Garrett. Congratulating Garrett after the show, and catching up with familiar faces in the audience I made my way back, bumping into the English girls half way as they headed to In-and-Out for burgers, telling them of the little Chuawa that stole the show (although I saw him after, the poor little thing was shaking like crazy).

Banging on the door once home as I’d forgotten my key, josh finally let me in and I headed straight to the room, I guess I’ll have to look through my comic spoils tomorrow, until then xo

We wanted to make 1000 paper cranes...we gave up after 20

Sorry if this entry comes out a little scattered, I’m attempting to multi task (talking to Anthony (msn), watching Aladdin, drawing and surfing the web). Here goes, this is going to take me forever…its already taken me 10 minutes to write three lines.

I began earlier than usual as Sanda had to get up at 6 to study, rolling over to try and get back to sleep, I found I couldn’t swallow thanks to a dry throat (slept with my mouth open again) so went to have breakfast. Crumbling up wheetbix and the last of my special K, I then got dressed in warmer clothes and as there was plenty of time before drama, went to the gym for 20 minutes to walk on the treadmill.

Drama was great, finally taking my advice with the exams, we were asked four questions, our interpretation of the chapter, how we consider ourselves as performers, our biggest frustrations and whether or not we consider acting art. Then dragging out a mat (he read in my blog that I hate lying on the hard wood floor – especially with allergies) we spent the next hour or so lying on the floor focusing on relaxing our muscles, remembering our past and taking turns with our monologues. I found it much easier this time as some memories had stirred up sad feelings and they naturally came through in the poem, something I found really hard to conjure previously.

After getting up pretending we were birds, a little embarrassing, we played a quick improv game and ended the lesson. Finishing my gym time with a spot of running and weights, I headed home for lunch and a shower, leaving myself plenty of time to wash my hair, and blow drying it.

Arriving at the bus stop just as the bus was pulling up (today’s gonna be a good day), I got of early to pay housing at administration (the cashier was actually there today) then walked into University centre for yoghurt, hot bread (with a discussion about whether or not to keep butter in the fridge – and Argentinean lady told us we didn’t have to as up until recently they didn’t have fridges in her home country) and a hot drink with pearls from Cha.

I also spent about half an hour in Alakazam talking to Will and his friend about comics today, understanding the art of comic making (geniuses like Scott McCloud being referenced) and how Dickens novels are full of shit! It was so funny, I told them how it had taken me a year to finish great expectations, to which Wills friend replied, “it’s no wonder, the guy was paid by the word back then” Agghhh no wonder he was constantly repeating himself…the kettle was black, and on the black kettle was a gold handle shining in the sun streaming through the window right onto the black kettle sitting on the bench with the gold handle sparkling in the sun…well you get the picture.

After trailing lazily through the rainbow fair (celebrating cultural diversity) whilst sipping away at me honey green milk tea, I made it to art. The lesson was really fun, for some reason I was on a roll and kept making everyone laugh, not to mention the artwork people had done was really great, one girl put fairly lights in a massive wood board spelling out “SLICK” and another made 100 paper cranes with one sheet of paper so that they were all attached!

Video was also fairly laid back as Ulysis left for a meeting and us watching this weird rotoscoped animated movie about dreams and the meaning of life…it made me feel so sick (really jerky hand held quality camera movement) I ended up drawing for most of the lesson.

Later, after a chat with Mike about animation today, “your very passionate you know” – yep – and the latest uncanny valley release (Beowulf) we parted ways and I caught the bus back to the dorm. Dinner was prawn and veggie stir fry and a strawberry icy pole for dessert, then celebrating Meredith’s return to the dorm (she had brought two MASSIVE trays of assorted veggies) I broke out the dip and we listened to Andy tune her guitar, saying goodbye to Sam and Eugene as they went to get Mexican.

Then it was more drawing for the next three hours, whilst listening to Aladdin four times (directors commentary, animators commentary (twice) and normally). Now I should probably go to bed as I feel my throat getting a little dry again.

Bye for now
Advice for the day
BEEEEEE yourself (The genie)

one of my picis from tonight

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Super Dooper!!

Today was spent in a fairly leisurely way, waking to see the clock strike just past 8 I plonked downstairs in my pjs and uggs for toast and fruit, then watching the end of Dharma and Greg (such a blast from the past) headed back to the room to do some study. Following the list I made myself yesterday whilst waiting in line for Super Bad, I pushed through most things (granted some were, check reading for next week – I just love crossing the boxes) and after making lunch just at around midday (same as yesterday) I got dressed and just made the bus in time to head to campus.

I got of near housing to pay for this month, but finding the cashier of to lunch, I resolved to do it another day. At University centre, I grabbed yoghurt then headed to Cha for a “super doper” cooler to go with my readings (orange cooler with pearls, cooling jelly and sour mango pieces – the girl made it extra large by accident, and feeling bad I drank the whole thing…I’ve never been so full…or cold…in my entire life).

Feeling like I’d achieved something I grabbed some yoghurt pretzels from Zot and spent the rest of the afternoon in EAP drawing and surfing the net. Lecture time was at 3, and it was all about sound, something I could appreciate (next week we’re screening once more with feeling!! (buffy) agghhh so excited) then after discussing various alternate sound examples the professor could use (more modern ones) I waved goodbye to Daynah and waited for the bus with a girl I met in the second week when I watched rendition.

Once back at the dorm we parted ways and I got changed and headed to the gym with Sam, bringing along my animation survival book to study. Getting caught up reading I ended up going pretty long on the treadmill and arrived back with just enough time to cook up my turkey that had been sitting in the fridge for a few days as well as a chicken and vegetable spicy burrito mix.

Running late, I poured my meal into a bowl and grabbing a fork headed of to the AV office with Evelyn for our fortnightly student rep meeting. We were judging the AV logo contest (I won with 8 votes – there were 17 entries to choose from) but it still needs to go to the officers as they get the final say. Then after a few more topics had been covered and I’d made sure Meredith new to come see me after her patrol (for medicine). We headed back to watch the rest of Aladdin with everyone…I forgot how much I love that film!

Now I’ll probably do a few more things from my list and hit the sack

P.S. I just found out I didn’t get into Animation Mentor...oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be this time…I wont stop trying though: P
- In the meantime I wish everyone luck with their endeavours!

here are some of my latest sketches (the little boy is inspired by the boy form Hero bear)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A whole new world

What a day! Get comfy friends and prepare to live vicariously through me. It began as always with an alarm, and a tired Sanda turning it of to go back to sleep. I slipped out of bed with a clunk and swayed over to the mirror (seeing my self always gives me a bit of a shock, wakes me up) nah I wanted to see if the pimple on my face had gotten any bigger…unfortunately it had, groaning sadly knowing I’d soon have to name it I continued to get dressed behind the privacy of Sanda’s desk then headed downstairs for cereal and fruit.

Sighing to find the fire alarm downstairs STILL on! I ate quickly then headed to the barn for drama. Before class started Benny took me aside to discuss the things I had put in my journal, assuring him last week was simply a bad one and I’d just needed to vent I apologised for making him feel bad (I don’t even remember what I said) and we continued on with the lesson.

The class was great, we played freeze tag were two people in the middle perform a scene and when someone yells FREEZE they replace one of the pair to start a new action (one of my ideas was cloud spotting). Then we had to take turns placing something in an imaginary room as well as go through our poems. I elected to perform mine first for the class and was made to do it a few times in order to get angrier with each try. I couldn’t do it as I felt getting angry would take me too close to overacting, not to mention the fact that I don’t really have much practice with yelling at people.

Later I enjoyed Drew Carrey on the Price is right as well as watching the assembly of the worlds largest wedding cake at the gym, then throwing down a lunch of garlic bread, sweet bell pepper homos, crab meat and spinach, I showered, dressed and struggled out the door with my art assignment (P.S. why is it that everything always seems to go missing when your in a hurry?)

There was balsamic asparagus at Traders Today, so grabbing a stick and finishing my yoghurt I quickly headed to class nodding to friends along the way. This time (after asking politely) I was able to present my work first (thank god as like I predicted it started to fall apart as it was placed in the wall). After me was one of the other girls, the theme for us this time is “materials” and before we could comment on the red Chinese simple splashed across her large piece of butchers paper she looked us square in the eye and said “yes it is my blood…would you like to know were it came from” to which Mara answered “only if its important to you” obviously it was as she then announced with clear confidence…”its menstrual blood”

Well needless to say we stayed discussing her one for quite a while, the boys of the class slowly edging back with each minute, except Mike who having two sisters found it completely normal. After class (laughing at the last guys presentation including cardboard moustaches) I crossed the lawn to video were we began setting up for take 2 of Hanan’s shoot. Feeling a little tired and worn out I was not in the mood to discover I had come equal last in my test score, and would have to re-take it, especially with Mike smiling at me and saying “well everyone else passed, what’s wrong with you then?” I swear that guy can be such a jerk sometimes.

Class ended early and I headed straight to Cha for drink and more tasters from TJ’s (as well as picking up a bag of Mangoes). Once outside I was stopped by some guys trying to get points for a beer competition (completely insane frat boys, when I told them I didn’t have enough cash on me they replied “well you know what ATM stands for – accessing terminal for Money ~high five~ we love acronyms”) great guys ; ) wasting time I decided to try on some jeans at Guerrilla outfitters (two for one sale) but as nothing fit me (all too small) I headed back to uni to line up for the FREE showing of Super Bad (ooh I forgot to say that as a snack today I tried my first yoghurt pretzel…BEST THING EVA!! They are just the right combination of sweet and salty) Lining up wasn’t too bad as I wrote my self a to do list and convinced Caren to come with me.

The movie was pretty funny, although slightly slow at the beginning. Saying goodbye to Caren and her roommate I made my way to the buses and waited with Reiko, Jan and a guy from 1084 for what seemed like hours. Giving up we decided to walk back, the time speeding by as we spent the whole trip reciting Disney songs and planning a Disney movie marathon tomorrow night (Aladdin and Hercules – I love this house!!)

Now me and my pimple (bob) are of to bed
Until tomorrow

Monday, November 5, 2007

Why do you have a book with naked people in it?

Greetings friends and family, and random people that have strolled onto this site by chance. I awoke today feeling much better, even if my sleep was pretty bad, and after a hardy breakfast of toast and fruit I got dressed and made my way into uni for my appointment with Chris (who turned out to be a girl). After a nice chat and a few good stress relieving breathing techniques under my arm (they really are stress relieving as I laugh so much doing them it’s a good release). Agreeing to come back in a couple of weeks I made my way to the uni centre for lunch at Cha and took time out to design the logo for AV (the contest winner gets $50, not to mention the notoriety).

Coming up with something I was happy with I said goodbye to Amy (who let me try all the different types of jelly they offer) and stopped by golden spoon for an extra large serving of yoghurt as I could use my FREE card (malt vanilla, strawberry and traditional vanilla). After grabbing bread and mangos from Traders (“what are you going to do without traders when you go back home?”) I made a stop by Alakazam then buying some medicine from the chemist, had a chat to mum on my way back over the bridge to uni.

I spent the next few hours in the EAP office, drawing from pictures on Deviant Art and preparing my self for the upcoming lecture. During the lecture we watched “The Umbrella’s of Cherbourg”, one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen. The film is French and consists of ONLY singing, don’t get me wrong I love a good musical, but after ½ an hour it starts to get tedious especially when things like “I have mail for you mam, have a nice day” is belted out by the postman every morning!

Straight after the lecture I quickly made my way to meet the uncultivated rabbits for their open mic night (poetry readings), apologising for coming late I waved to Jessie and found a seat next to Sam, who seemed to be having second thoughts about showing up, having said that Poetry’s not really for everyone : )

It ended after 10 minutes or so (I was 40 minutes late) and after congratulating performers and saying goodbye to Jessie I grabbed dinner from the student food hall and ate on the way to the library were I thought I’d grab some books for anatomy reference. Outside I bumped into Nami, heading back to the dorm, offering her support with the scene analysis assignment coming up I gave her some tips to gt started then headed in out of the cold.

It was inside that I bumped into a guy from art class, wishing him luck on his assignment, a quick check of the time told me I’d have to come back later and I ran to meet with Insight Magazine about doing some cartoon work for them. They loved my sketches, and plan to send me some guidelines for political cartoons next week!

Hitting the library again on the way back to the busses I grabbed a great book on “Anatomy for the artist” and talking to one of the guys from the dorm I flipped through the pages waiting for the bus to take me to the gym.

After the gym it was time for HEROES Yaay!! So good, I did the biggest girly scream at the reveal in the end (don’t worry I wont spoil it for you fans…but it was awesome!) then after a dorm meeting, and the approval of my jumper designs for out house, it was of to bed.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Here I come Zinabun!

Wazuuuuuuuuuup?? Wow, don’t know were that came from. Its me, your loyal US, fluey, really hot (as in temperature), kinda tired correspondent. Now before you say, “tired…didn’t you go to bed early last night?” I will answer you with a yes, I did, I went to BED at 9 but didn’t fall asleep till 4!! It was horrible, I lay in bed hot and annoyed trying every trick in the book, but nothing worked, running out of saliva to swallow at around midnight I lay there looking at the ceiling thinking longingly of my zinabun waiting for me for breakfast watching the minutes tick by.

Finally morning arrived, and feeling incredibly lousy I slowly made my way downstairs for breakfast…agghhh, first good thing of the day, enjoying the quite (everyone had gone to bed at 5am) I ate my steaming cinnamon covered spiral of doughy bread sipping my fresh OJ and chewing on dried fruit (honey dates are so good fyi) whilst watching Jurassic park three.

After breakfast it was back up to the room to finish my readings from the book then take the ones I had printed yesterday to cha to highlight over a hot tea. I chose honey green milk tea with pearls after spending the first 10 minutes lying inside waiting for them to finish opening up. The tea was really soothing and came with the cutest spoon I’ve ever seen (look bellow). Spending an hour or so reading (and finding out we had to turn out clocks back an hour) I made my way through the uni centre for some yoghurt, warm taster bread and a squiz in the chemist to see if they had flu medicine.

Walking over the bridge to find the bookstore closed, I headed to Albertson’s for some cardboard and an energy drink (cardboard was on sale, only 50cents, Bargain!). Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Albertson’s has this cool system were you can check out your own items, scan them and everything its so fun!

Back in the dorm I had a light lunch, as I felt a little queasy and buckled down to my art assignment, after 3 hours of cutting, arranging, gluing and sticking my masterpiece was complete! Just in time to head to 1084 to help my International house group start cooking the feast. The theme was French cuisine; so on the menu was four types of quiche (Lorraine, broccoli and ham, spinach and goats cheese and zucchini and tuna) then for dessert, Crepes (with your choice of topping). I made the quiche Lorraine and some crepes (I was so proud they came out round).

Heading back with Sam I grabbed some Jelly said hi to the new girl and headed to my room, now it’s of to bed for another early night.

Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow : )

My hygiene masterpiece : )

Saturday, November 3, 2007

gooooo ravenclaw!

Well it finally happened, not enough sleep has definately caught up with me and that scratchy throat I had this morning has spiralled into swallen glands and a head ache : (

So its a short day as I spent the last part of it sleeping, I began by visiting the markets, everyone one was out despite the chilly morning air as I went about collecting bits of food for the week. Grabbing another Cinabun, I sampled the ladies spelt bread, lamenting about the fact I was only staying for a quarter "people always fall in love with North Cal"!

I also grabbed some fresh OJ and a punet of dates, then saying hi to my friends at Cha, made myself comfortable in my favourite corner to do some readinga whilst enjoying a orange cooler with pearls and sour mango, then later a wonton soup. Giving up after 50 pages or so I moved on to Fed Ex to grab the rest of my readings (there was a mix up so they had to do them when I got there...more reading ~sigh~).

After stoping by golden spoon for a large serving of yoghurt I made sure to drop my borrowed book back at Alakazam, then grabbing warm turkish bread and some other groceries from Traders (as well as a nice environmentally friendly traders bag) I headed to Albertsons to buy some things for my Art sculpture - the theme is hygiene (and its an expensive one too)

The rest of the walk was a struggle as I had over estimated how much I could carry, but arrived home none the less, I even passed a game of quidditch along the way (no joke, they had the rungs up an everything)

"Ok guys remember, we're smarter than everyone else...hands in.....goooooOOOOOO RAVENCLAW!"

Back in the dorm I sampled all my groceries (can't help myself) then went upstairs to study. As the afternoon wore on, my thoughts of heading to the gym evaporated, the essay I was working on taking away my last bit of strength and finally, unable to swallow, I hit the sack (not before I nice catch up with the fam).

waking up again at 7 I headed downstairs for some hot water and honey, then watching a little bit of men and black I said goodbye to the guys heading out for dinner and came back to the room, looks like its an early bed

fingers crossed I feel better in the morning

over and out.

My new traders Bag!

I'm wait, I'm falling!

Hello my fellow weekenders! Its Friday (well was, I’m writing this in hindsight so my grammar and tense may be slightly askew…bare with me)

The day started at 7am, my throat throbbing as my lack of sleep begins to take hold (I can hear my parents voices in my head…go to bed early moron...ok they wouldn’t be that harsh, but its serves the purpose for my point) because yes I am a moron, my lack of sleep comes down to stupidity, spending waaay to long surfing the net, listening to music and scribbling away into all hours of the night, and early morning. In my defence my drawing has gotten a little better, but as I said my voice now suffers.

First on my list was go to the gym, get in an early work out to wake me up and set me up for a day in doors. I even met Afro hair lady, who cheered me up as I watched her hair dance around to the music as she strode heavily on the treadmill, fuel was a bowl of special K and an icey pole, to which I defended was really just an insanely cold glass of juice. Then after a shower and hair blow-dry (I’m getting better) I collected everything I would need for the day (and a world war if one came about) and struggling to get through the door with my back pack got on the bus to drop of the video camera before 10.

Killing time before my discussion class at 11, I relaxed in Cyber A Café, looking at lecture notes on the web and sending out invitations on face book for the live nude people performance that night (theme: candy). Discussion class began with a test, one I don’t think I did to well in, even though I had thoroughly read the 60 PAGE reading the week before, Yes Danyah it’s totally my fault that I can’t remember a particular picture in amongst all the pages that describes a particular special effect, ~sigh~ life is unfair.

After watching a clip from Harold and Maude (really strange movie with a 14 year old and 60 year old lover…creepy) we were excused and I left for lunch at the French bakery (chicken eggplant sandwich, mmmm) although as it was insanely busy they did my order wrong and put tomato all the way through it, but I told them I was more than happy to wait for another one (I wasn’t in a hurry) and after enjoyed the fruits of my patience ☺

They were tasting pesto pasta at traders today which went nicely with the yoghurt I had just had at Golden spoon, stocking up on dried mango and chatting with one of the ladies there that’s always interested to see how I’m going (for same reason a persons day becomes a lot more interesting when they’re Australian I guess) I said goodbye and proceeded to waste time at Alakazam, showing the guys my drawings and discussing the best graphics in print as well as the series Flight (they have copper in that one Anthony!)

Cha was next up for a strawberry cooler with pearls (so tasty) they put that jam stuff in it again, then sipping it slowly and soaking the sun that was now filtering through the clouds I waited at Starbucks for my conversation partner to arrive, feeling stupid as I had to keep telling people I was saving the chair for someone (they kept giving me greasies as they peered over at me waiting for my “so called” friend to arrive). Browsing the crowd for about 10 minutes I noticed a girl that had been sitting by the entrance for a while, occasionally looking up from her book, gathering my confidence I made the plunge and asked if she was waiting for someone. “Yes…Lesley” aha, that’s me!

We spent the next 40 minutes talking, Nai is from Thailand, she likes animals, lives with her sister here in a host family house in Newport, and is studying English! We ended by way of questionnaire for her speaking class (“if you could speak to an animal which one would it be? – I said monkey, to see what they thought of the relation between us and Dolphin to ask them the secret to having so much fun) then I spent the next hour or so drawing and sleeping at the EAP office (they have comfy couches).

Dinner was chicken salad as I ate, walked and talked to Mike on the phone hassling me to get to the studio early. Things went ok on the shoot, I got all my footage down, although I may have to re-shoot as there seemed to be a bad flare in the top corner of the screen which will be difficult to key out later, then disregarding the fact that Mike didn’t seem to care I helped him through his shoot by acting heaps of scenes (involving falling over 10 times and throwing myself from a metre in the air onto a mattress about 15 times, something we probably should have only done 3 times… “uumm Mike, I don’t think I can fall over any more, I may not get up the next time”)

When closing up the studio, Mike accidentally set of the alarm, a moment when for the first time he looked vulnerable (good to know his human) telling us to run for it we dashed of and separated, letting the police sought it out later. Meeting a nice guy by the studio theatre he offered to escort me to were live nude people were showing that night and getting my accent wrong (“so which one of your parents are from England?”) I spent the next few minutes teaching him how to tell the difference, then promising him I’d come see him in Life of Iris.

The show was great, even if I did spend 1 and a half hours in the cold waiting to get in, (I was a little early) although no one from the dorm showed up I hung out with everyone from drama, then after helping clean the studio from all the candy that had been pegged at us through the performance I walked home and proceeded straight to bed.

(P.S. I found out that Karen’s mum was an animator, she worked on Scooby Doo and Strawberry shortcake!)