Sunday, November 18, 2007

You could fit the whole doll in here (refers to the locker)

The alarm woke us up at 7, and after calling groggily to Al to stay in bed for just 2 more minutes we slowly got up, got dressed and headed out into the cold foggy morning, deciding on breakfast at Century City for something different. After a short walk and a tour around the super super market, we decided on a specialty bread café were we shared a bread basket (5 different types of bread – walnut, fruit and nut, rye, cheese and olive) with different spreads, a fruit salad and for Al a freshly squeezed OJ.

After showing her the rest of the mall (unfortunately everything was still closed) we waited for ½ and hour for a bus to take us up Santa Monica Blvd to Hollywood. Once on and feeling confident we sped down the street, watching the city wake up and taking random happy snaps of our experience. We got of at Fairfax (assuring the bus driver we knew where we were going) and I lead the way down to 3rd street for a hot drink at the Farmers Market (Al had already had hers from the super market).

We toured the stalls finding a Pinkberry, and after grabbing yoghurt headed to the main pavilion to see them set up for the tree lighting ceremony later that night (huge deal as there would be heaps of performers - even the Chaeta Girls) meanwhile I grabbed a Chai tea from Farmers café.
The drink was delicious, feeling it warm me whole body as we continued around the stalls, taking more photos along the way, we soon came across American Girl and unable to withstand curiosity went in.

Thinking at first it was just a well-accessorised doll line, we realised quickly it was much more creepy. They had everything, a hairdresser (with seats and hairdressers cutting washing and doing up the dolls hair for the girls) a museum with all the periods the dolls were set in (each period had a doll, like “Molly” for example who came with books, dvds and accessories specifically from her time period) a theatre, a hospital (legit, if they can’t fix them on site they “send them to their major Hospital in Wisconsin”) and much much more!

Walking out a little shell-shocked we caught the bus up to Hollywood and got of at the beginning of the walk of Fame. Strolling up the star walk we came to the Chinese Man theatre were we engaged happily with all those dressed up, said thanks but no thanks to the guys selling their hip hop albums and toured the shopping centre for what to do next. We decided on seeing a movie, so grabbing another Chai from this cool “beverage joint” we looked through the shops and settled in the Main Chinese theatre at 1:30 to watch Fred Clause.

It was a great movie, even if the lady behind us fell asleep and started snoring really loudly (I poked her a few times to try and wake her up…extremely funny) and the theatre was beautiful (even put Cremorne theatre to shame). Once over, it was bathroom break then back into the mall for lunch, passing Willy Wonka who upon being asked were his Candy was (some obnoxious idiot) replied perfectly “in the candy store” (We didn’t stop laughing for about 20 minutes)

Lunch/dinner was at Shabu Shabu, the same place I went to when I first arrived 2 months ago. After waiting outside enjoying the free concert on ground floor, we got comfortable and ordered a platter each consisting of an edamame bowl, rice, meat platter (beef, chicken and prawns) and a vegi platter (assorted veggies, noodles and tofu). Rolling out feeling full but satisfied we parted on the steps of the subway and I made me way home drawing on the train to Union station and taking a nap on Amtrak.

Sanda came to pick me up from the station after I couldn’t find another form of transport…no buses, and a couple I found going back to UCI wouldn’t offer me a lift…we stopped by Golden Spoon on the way and I shouted her a serve, then finding Traders closed (we wanted to do some shopping) we headed back to see the end of the thanksgiving feast and karaoke, then came upstairs for bed.

Photos will be added from today shortly

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