Saturday, November 24, 2007

I've been staring at a toilet for 4 hours!

Today turned out to be fairly uneventful. I began with toast (three pieces as I needed to finish the loaf...I think they were stale) some seriously frozen yogurt and fruit. Finishing the morning in my room in my pj's doing work and listening to music I got pekish around miday and after some thanksgiving leftovers headed to the uni centre for yogurt, a chat with the guy from Alakazam and a long sit in Cha drinking an extra large taro milk tea ("and because its lesley we...upsize it"...I love them in there).

After gulping down sweet butter toast (a phat chunk of bread loaded with this honey butter and toasted under a grill) I drew them christmas decorations for their customers to colour in, finished my drama reading, collected my print job from Fed Ex and wondered home. At home I spent the afternoon on the computer doing more work as well as some drawing for Art (bellow) that little baby took me a few hours, straight to a dinner of more leftovers, jelly and other things I found lying around the fridge.

More work later and a private screening of Raise your Voice (man its quite around here) I danced around to daft hands (I hope you watched it) then it was blog time, shower time and bed time...

Hopefully I'll have more interesting stuff for you tomorrow : )

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