Thursday, November 29, 2007

(after laughing hysterically) he just got it!

Today I had one of the most awesome days!! it began in a rush as I fell asleep after turning my alarm of at 6 and woke again at 20 to 8. Jumping out of bed and catching the corner (got a bruise) I fell into my clothes and raced downstairs for some cereal - I just grabbed the box and took some embarrassingly large handfuls out, then grabbing fruit and study material run over to the barn to spend 5 minutes cramming for the test.

The test wasn't too bad (another "did you understand it" one) so after recalling what I remembered we handed in our papers and began our warm ups. Things were kept at a nice easy pace spending almost the whole class looking at others monologues and critiquing them. I walked back to the gym with Trisha and hung around outside for a while talking about glasses and eye tests, then after a round at the weights and machine area I went for a run around campus, enjoying the sunny yet lightly chilly day.

I gobbled down a huge wedge of olive bread on my return, then jumped in for a shower. Leaving the house with my hair smelling all fruity I arrived at the bus stop realising with a sudden pang that I'd forgotten my wallet. Unfortunately I didn't make it back in time, and as the guy drove the bus past me shaking his head to my pleas I decided to walk to the center, ending up with massive blisters on my feet and having to walk half of the way with holding my thongs. I arrived at Traders for bread then after some yogurt and running of a few copies of my drawings in FedEx I grabbed an OJ cooler to go from Cha (I got an upsize again! I love that place) and headed to art.

Our presentation went great, everyone seemed to like the idea and we smiled (giving each other subtle high fives) when we were deemed to have the most thought out project so far (there were only a few more left, so pretty good). Getting through all the presentations and the bread, wine and choci that someone had brought I ran my next project ideas by Marcus who confused me by liking both.

Video involved watching Time Code, a weird film with four screens showing peoples lives in real time. Then just before class was over I snuck out to give the live nudes my drawings...they were so psyched, I felt like a celebrity : )

Saying good bye to class mates and promising Ulysis I'd get together with him to talk about Melbourne I left for the university centre for a dinner of beef stew at Cha and a hot drink, catching up on some work for a couple of hours. As I watched the time click steady towards 8, I finally decided to head to little theare and after grabbing some mangoes from Traders it wasn't long before I was back on campus and finding my seat.

coincidently I was sitting next to one of the girls from live nudes, so had a great time getting to know her and her friend throughout the night. The whole night was awsome, the play was really fun and whimsical, as well as hysterical. It was especially cool to see so many familiar faces in it, including Benny (drama teacher). After it was over and having thanked as much of the cast as I could (as well as saying hi to the guy that plays McLovin on Super BAD!!!!!) I left with Sarah and her friend for a ride home, discussing their serority life and celebrity encounters the whole way.

Now I'm back and tired but have still found a way to stay up past mid night...I really need more sleep...
Night everyone...or goodmorning!

P.S> watch this is the most hysterical thing joke, you'll thank me!

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