Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A whole new world

What a day! Get comfy friends and prepare to live vicariously through me. It began as always with an alarm, and a tired Sanda turning it of to go back to sleep. I slipped out of bed with a clunk and swayed over to the mirror (seeing my self always gives me a bit of a shock, wakes me up) nah I wanted to see if the pimple on my face had gotten any bigger…unfortunately it had, groaning sadly knowing I’d soon have to name it I continued to get dressed behind the privacy of Sanda’s desk then headed downstairs for cereal and fruit.

Sighing to find the fire alarm downstairs STILL on! I ate quickly then headed to the barn for drama. Before class started Benny took me aside to discuss the things I had put in my journal, assuring him last week was simply a bad one and I’d just needed to vent I apologised for making him feel bad (I don’t even remember what I said) and we continued on with the lesson.

The class was great, we played freeze tag were two people in the middle perform a scene and when someone yells FREEZE they replace one of the pair to start a new action (one of my ideas was cloud spotting). Then we had to take turns placing something in an imaginary room as well as go through our poems. I elected to perform mine first for the class and was made to do it a few times in order to get angrier with each try. I couldn’t do it as I felt getting angry would take me too close to overacting, not to mention the fact that I don’t really have much practice with yelling at people.

Later I enjoyed Drew Carrey on the Price is right as well as watching the assembly of the worlds largest wedding cake at the gym, then throwing down a lunch of garlic bread, sweet bell pepper homos, crab meat and spinach, I showered, dressed and struggled out the door with my art assignment (P.S. why is it that everything always seems to go missing when your in a hurry?)

There was balsamic asparagus at Traders Today, so grabbing a stick and finishing my yoghurt I quickly headed to class nodding to friends along the way. This time (after asking politely) I was able to present my work first (thank god as like I predicted it started to fall apart as it was placed in the wall). After me was one of the other girls, the theme for us this time is “materials” and before we could comment on the red Chinese simple splashed across her large piece of butchers paper she looked us square in the eye and said “yes it is my blood…would you like to know were it came from” to which Mara answered “only if its important to you” obviously it was as she then announced with clear confidence…”its menstrual blood”

Well needless to say we stayed discussing her one for quite a while, the boys of the class slowly edging back with each minute, except Mike who having two sisters found it completely normal. After class (laughing at the last guys presentation including cardboard moustaches) I crossed the lawn to video were we began setting up for take 2 of Hanan’s shoot. Feeling a little tired and worn out I was not in the mood to discover I had come equal last in my test score, and would have to re-take it, especially with Mike smiling at me and saying “well everyone else passed, what’s wrong with you then?” I swear that guy can be such a jerk sometimes.

Class ended early and I headed straight to Cha for drink and more tasters from TJ’s (as well as picking up a bag of Mangoes). Once outside I was stopped by some guys trying to get points for a beer competition (completely insane frat boys, when I told them I didn’t have enough cash on me they replied “well you know what ATM stands for – accessing terminal for Money ~high five~ we love acronyms”) great guys ; ) wasting time I decided to try on some jeans at Guerrilla outfitters (two for one sale) but as nothing fit me (all too small) I headed back to uni to line up for the FREE showing of Super Bad (ooh I forgot to say that as a snack today I tried my first yoghurt pretzel…BEST THING EVA!! They are just the right combination of sweet and salty) Lining up wasn’t too bad as I wrote my self a to do list and convinced Caren to come with me.

The movie was pretty funny, although slightly slow at the beginning. Saying goodbye to Caren and her roommate I made my way to the buses and waited with Reiko, Jan and a guy from 1084 for what seemed like hours. Giving up we decided to walk back, the time speeding by as we spent the whole trip reciting Disney songs and planning a Disney movie marathon tomorrow night (Aladdin and Hercules – I love this house!!)

Now me and my pimple (bob) are of to bed
Until tomorrow


Anthony said...

"Now me and my pimple (bob) are of to bed"

Kind of odd, but I guess I'm used to it all now. ;D

Anthony said...

Ah, Aladin...it was on the other night over here. Such memories