Monday, November 19, 2007

A real thanksgiving : p

Today began first at seven, then again at 8, rising with a heavy head for the remainder of my zinabun and a few prunes. Looking at the time and realising I had to drop of the camera before 10, I quickly collected my things and after checking my emails caught the bus to the cage, making sure to reserve the camera again, this time WITH the fire wire cable.

After spending an hour with Chris discussing the last two weeks and other tid bits that have been on my mind (definitely some pent up exam stress circling round) I left for the university centre for my usual, yoghurt, Traders, Alakazam (where I bought a really stylish pin and chatted to Will about the weirdos he’s met at comic conventions and comic swaps – people actually tried to open his toys, even though they weren’t buying them!) then after a chicken/eggplant sandwich…crusty toasted baguette and warm tender eggplant with juicy chicken…a stop over at Fed Ex to pick up my printing job I spent another ½ hour at Cha sipping on Taro tea and drawing.

Saying goodbye to Amy and replenishing my supply of dried Mango I went to EAP to continue my drawing as well as catch up with my friends there, then grabbing the camera (again!) I headed into Visual Media to watch Blood simple. The movie was all right…a little violent…but I left with high spirits as Sarah invited me to Thanksgiving with her family “I told my mum you were an international student and she said to inviter you along”. So I’ll be having a REAL thanksgiving this holiday! With Turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, candied yams and much more : )

Walking out into darkness I made my way to the buses then just missing one, decided to walk home stoping by the AV office to find out who won the logo competition…”oh good Lesley I’m glad you stoped by…you won!” yes folks sometimes you really do have to be “in it to win it” I’m so excited I get $150 to spend at the book store so I can get that jumper I’ve been thinking about buying ☺

Walking home happy as Larry I almost didn’t notice the pledges dressed as girls out on the lawn about to partake in something rush related. It was black bean soup for dinner as I retold the events of the weekend and my bizarre experience in American Girl. Then washing my bowl and saying goodbye I headed to my room to do some more drawing before it was back down stairs for Heroes at 9! Great Episode…only two to go ☹

Now its time for some more work before bed,
Until tomorrow

Oh to everyone that reads my blog, I’d love to say thank you by doing something for you, please send a photo of you that you like, You’ll find out why soon ☺

(I'll put the photos up of my drawings tomorrow)


Anthony said...

See? From a bad day to a pretty dang fine one!

Anthony said...

Oh btw, for your slang board


Lel said...

true, and thanks for the slang...sunnies I had but Tinnie is a good one : )