Sunday, November 4, 2007

Here I come Zinabun!

Wazuuuuuuuuuup?? Wow, don’t know were that came from. Its me, your loyal US, fluey, really hot (as in temperature), kinda tired correspondent. Now before you say, “tired…didn’t you go to bed early last night?” I will answer you with a yes, I did, I went to BED at 9 but didn’t fall asleep till 4!! It was horrible, I lay in bed hot and annoyed trying every trick in the book, but nothing worked, running out of saliva to swallow at around midnight I lay there looking at the ceiling thinking longingly of my zinabun waiting for me for breakfast watching the minutes tick by.

Finally morning arrived, and feeling incredibly lousy I slowly made my way downstairs for breakfast…agghhh, first good thing of the day, enjoying the quite (everyone had gone to bed at 5am) I ate my steaming cinnamon covered spiral of doughy bread sipping my fresh OJ and chewing on dried fruit (honey dates are so good fyi) whilst watching Jurassic park three.

After breakfast it was back up to the room to finish my readings from the book then take the ones I had printed yesterday to cha to highlight over a hot tea. I chose honey green milk tea with pearls after spending the first 10 minutes lying inside waiting for them to finish opening up. The tea was really soothing and came with the cutest spoon I’ve ever seen (look bellow). Spending an hour or so reading (and finding out we had to turn out clocks back an hour) I made my way through the uni centre for some yoghurt, warm taster bread and a squiz in the chemist to see if they had flu medicine.

Walking over the bridge to find the bookstore closed, I headed to Albertson’s for some cardboard and an energy drink (cardboard was on sale, only 50cents, Bargain!). Oh yeah I forgot to mention, Albertson’s has this cool system were you can check out your own items, scan them and everything its so fun!

Back in the dorm I had a light lunch, as I felt a little queasy and buckled down to my art assignment, after 3 hours of cutting, arranging, gluing and sticking my masterpiece was complete! Just in time to head to 1084 to help my International house group start cooking the feast. The theme was French cuisine; so on the menu was four types of quiche (Lorraine, broccoli and ham, spinach and goats cheese and zucchini and tuna) then for dessert, Crepes (with your choice of topping). I made the quiche Lorraine and some crepes (I was so proud they came out round).

Heading back with Sam I grabbed some Jelly said hi to the new girl and headed to my room, now it’s of to bed for another early night.

Fingers crossed I feel better tomorrow : )

My hygiene masterpiece : )

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Anthony said...

Whoa, that hygiene thing is awesome! It's made out of cotton tips and stuff, isn't it?

"really hot (as in temperature)"

I thought otherwise! (How seedy do I sound, eh?)

Anyhoo, hope you're feeling better tomorrow.