Thursday, November 29, 2007

shop till ya drop

Today was really great I began at the reasonable time of 9, and pulling on a jumper (its starting to get really cold) I wondered downstairs for toast and fruit. After breaki I tried hard to concentrate on doing some work, however only manages to write a list of all the work I need to get done…I’ll tackle it later ☺

I did manage to do some editing work though, and once satisfied I did a quick jog and headed into uni for lunch. I decided on my usual eggplant and chicken sandwich with some yoghurt for desert, then after a good chat with Will’s fiancĂ© at Alakazam I tucked my free 400 page magazine under my arm and settled comfortably in my favourite place at Cha for my usually Taro tea and some drawing time.

Loosing track of time I checked my watch with a start to discover I only had a few minutes before class, so running back over Watson bridge I tore through the book store for the jumper I wanted (I tried on heaps getting worried that my head was too big to fit through the top) deciding I’d come back later for a more thorough browse I payed for my jumper and ran to class.

In class I tried to concentrate but the urge to draw became too much so whilst doodling away on my notes I listened to the discussion on Memento then left thanking Sarah again for my birthday card.

I spent the next hour or so browsing the bookstore, and once I’d found a few ways to spend the voucher I left with a large bag full of new goodies (red computer case, glow in the dark keyboard cover and a case of rubbers I can put in my pacers…it was great I felt like Harry Potter when he first found out he was a millionaire and wanted to buy a gold plated cauldron, or when I was a kid and had two dollars to spend at the canteen).

Back at the house after a bus ride catching up with Jan and Lauren I had some dinner, eating on the couch discussing evolution and education with Meredith and some others. After almost finishing my drawings for live nudes I went down to the AV office for the student association meeting. After a boring hour discussing resident issues, and the newsletter, it was back to the house for more drawing (finally finished) then at 11 I placed my thank you notes on everyone’s doors and went downstairs to watch Ricky Gervais with Sam and Elodie.

Now its back upstairs for a little more work and bed…oh man, I forgot I had a test tomorrow, wish me luck!

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