Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just one of those days...

Today the world woke up and said, “you know what, Lesley’s had it easy, I’m going to make everything go wrong for her today” and they did. It started early, as I missed out on a Zinabbon last weekend I thought I’d grab one before the rush, well I was waaaaay before the rush, waiting and hour for her to show up (in the meantime I had an OJ and chai tea) bummed out the Cha wasn’t open I walked home running late to meet Andy and freaking out that my card didn’t work (I didn’t have any money for the train).

When I arrived I woke up Sam (after 10 minutes of banging on his door) to ask for the money he owed me so I could buy my ticket, then grabbing Andy from his room, we raced to the station with only 15 minutes till it arrived. Getting lost once we finally made it with 2 mins to spare, however as I got onto the platform it pulled in. Pelting up 50 stairs I screamed out to the conductor to hold the train, looking at me as I sprinted down the other side of the bridge I arrived panting to watch her look at me, get on the train and close the doors! I couldn’t believe it, I was standing right there, unable to get on!

Seriously upset I made my way back over the bridge to the ticket office were I was informed I’d have to wait two hours for the next train as it was a weekend, having no choice I sighed and handed over my money, then spent the next hour trying to get in contact with Alex to let her know I’d be late. I managed to leave a note with the hotel, then drew as I waited for the train to show.

It was late (offcourse) so I finally arrived at Union station at 11. Asking for advice I was told to catch the purple line and go through a few bus transfers to get to the Marriott. Four buses later and a $10 cab ride that had a guy convincing me America was the ONLY place to live (not the right day buddy), I arrived at the Marriott were I was told Alex hadn’t arrived and I wouldn’t be able to check in without a credit card.

I waited, and after talking to dad and finding out Alex wouldn’t be there till 4, handed in my bag and went for a walk around Century City, to have salad a pretzel and pink berry frozen yoghurt for lunch then spending the rest of the afternoon in the lobby watching Titanic and a Walk to Remember.

As it began to grow dark outside and the lounge filled with people I checked the time and was shocked to discover it was almost 8pm, worried about Alex but unable to reach her, I walked across the road for some dinner and was relieved to find she had checked in when I arrived back. Falling into each others arms we each vented about our horrible days, and after a rundown on her New York activities on the porch outside we spent some time in the lounge as Al ate her hamburger then sank into the beds in the room, catching up further and deciding on the next days plans.

I enjoyed me shoeless shower, then fell asleep giggling and watching Spanglish, sinking deep within the mattress and goose down pillows, setting my alarm for 7.


Anthony said...

Awww, poor Lel! :<
What can I say, it happens...goose down pillows are a nice way to end it all though.

Lel said...

indeed ; p