Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hello there friends and relatives, new and old readers, girls and boys, I trust those of you back home are happy its Friday and those of you with me here are happy tomorrow is Friday ☺

Today began early thanks to an 8am roll call for Drama and knowing I had to make it all the way across campus I got up at 6 in anticipation. Unfortunately I was a little too organised and having finished breaki (my new cereal tastes a lot like what I assume cardboard tastes like, kinda looks like it too) realised I still had an hour so decided to go for a run. It was a nice morning for a jog, and allowed my to explore more campus, I can’t believe I’ve only been over to the engineering side of campus once, its so nice!

Arriving early to class, a bottle of water in tow, I lazily chatted with some of the others then grouping everyone Benny led us around Claire Trevor pointing out studios and offices of importance. Giving us the option to go after the tour, those who hung around (“his favourites”) played a game were he would pick an object and you had to present it as having a different function to what it really had.

Trisha and I went last, we were given a bin and had to slowly reveal to the audience that we were sisters, well half sisters…I sealed the deal with…“wait a minute does your dad have a moustache…and is really tall?...I KNEW that wasn’t her brother!!”
Laughing we all said goodbye and went our separate ways, arriving back at he dorm shortly after (stopped by the gym to do some weights).

Cutting my self a massive wedge of olive bread I toasted it and lathered it in butter and crushed garlic, whilst munching away on turkey dipped in homos and huge garlic olives on the side (my breath seriously reeked). After lunch and a shower I collected my things (including my camera and tripod) and headed into uni for an extra large serving of yoghurt. Then setting myself up in Cha I ordered a hot Taro milk tea with pearls and sipping carefully (I burnt my tongue) filmed a few people in the store and around the courtyard.

Then filming one place after the other as I walked to class, I stopped by Daynah’s office to be told I wouldn’t be penalised for not handing in my storyboard yesterday, and made it to class with 5 minutes to spare. I spent the whole of art talking to Elizabeth about our projects, favourite gifts as a child and allergies, then finally deciding on a vague idea, promised to email each other over the weekend and have sketches by Tuesday.

Video was really fun; spending all our time in the computer labs (after debating passionately about my exam mark) working on final cut pro and drawing pictures from Deviant art. To end I talked for a while with David and Ulysis about the future of cinema and the progress of animation then grabbed dinner from the student centre to enjoy over Hero Bear.

As it creeped toward 7 I grabbed snacks a chai late from Starbucks and headed to the Nixon theatre to see Ya’Ell in Eleemosynary, it was a great play about the lives of three women (grandmother, mother and child) Ya’Ell played the grandmother, I can’t believe she was able to remember that many lines!

Congratulating the cast and saying goodbye to my new friend I turned to brave the cold to the bus were I waited listening to my ipod. I finally arrived home and headed straight to my room to waist time before bed, getting excited when David came in to give me money (I didn’t even know he owed me).
Until tomorrow


Anthony said...

I'm still trying to figure out how to say the name of that play...

Lel said...

tis a tricky one : )