Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Super Dooper!!

Today was spent in a fairly leisurely way, waking to see the clock strike just past 8 I plonked downstairs in my pjs and uggs for toast and fruit, then watching the end of Dharma and Greg (such a blast from the past) headed back to the room to do some study. Following the list I made myself yesterday whilst waiting in line for Super Bad, I pushed through most things (granted some were, check reading for next week – I just love crossing the boxes) and after making lunch just at around midday (same as yesterday) I got dressed and just made the bus in time to head to campus.

I got of near housing to pay for this month, but finding the cashier of to lunch, I resolved to do it another day. At University centre, I grabbed yoghurt then headed to Cha for a “super doper” cooler to go with my readings (orange cooler with pearls, cooling jelly and sour mango pieces – the girl made it extra large by accident, and feeling bad I drank the whole thing…I’ve never been so full…or cold…in my entire life).

Feeling like I’d achieved something I grabbed some yoghurt pretzels from Zot and spent the rest of the afternoon in EAP drawing and surfing the net. Lecture time was at 3, and it was all about sound, something I could appreciate (next week we’re screening once more with feeling!! (buffy) agghhh so excited) then after discussing various alternate sound examples the professor could use (more modern ones) I waved goodbye to Daynah and waited for the bus with a girl I met in the second week when I watched rendition.

Once back at the dorm we parted ways and I got changed and headed to the gym with Sam, bringing along my animation survival book to study. Getting caught up reading I ended up going pretty long on the treadmill and arrived back with just enough time to cook up my turkey that had been sitting in the fridge for a few days as well as a chicken and vegetable spicy burrito mix.

Running late, I poured my meal into a bowl and grabbing a fork headed of to the AV office with Evelyn for our fortnightly student rep meeting. We were judging the AV logo contest (I won with 8 votes – there were 17 entries to choose from) but it still needs to go to the officers as they get the final say. Then after a few more topics had been covered and I’d made sure Meredith new to come see me after her patrol (for medicine). We headed back to watch the rest of Aladdin with everyone…I forgot how much I love that film!

Now I’ll probably do a few more things from my list and hit the sack

P.S. I just found out I didn’t get into Animation Mentor...oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be this time…I wont stop trying though: P
- In the meantime I wish everyone luck with their endeavours!

here are some of my latest sketches (the little boy is inspired by the boy form Hero bear)

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