Wednesday, November 28, 2007


“Its my party I can cry if I want to cry if I want to….”

Not that I want to, there really needs to be a happier song made up about having a birthday. Any way, today was great! It began early with mixed cereal and a taste of EVERY SINGLE type of fruit I had in my pantry (no holding back today) then feeling full and content it was of to the gym for a few stretches then into class for drama. Drama was really great, we played this awesome game called Samurai were you have to react to the leaders use of their imaginary blade, jump, ducking and springing from side to side. I was pretty crap at it by I did win once by default “and its Lesley..cos its her birthday” so I had a go with the sword making swooshing noises as I brought it down on my victims (nothing like a bit of violence on your birthday). I also had a great laughing fit when Kathy slid and hit the wall (she didn’t hurt herself) as we were running around as part of Karen’s monologue. To end they all sang me a rounding chorus of Happy Birthday complete with a touch of Opera and other theatrical inflections, then after a run and another delve into the pantry for snack it was shower and a bus trip into the centre. Resisting my temptation to go to golden spoon (saving myself for tonight) I stopped about 5 times for hugs and happy birthdays then it was into Cha for green tea chicken salad with sticky sweet syrup drizzled all over it and of course a hot taro.

Checking the time and realising I was gonna run late to meet Elizabeth, I collected my things and commenting on one of the guys cool hats powered into uni to get lost trying to find the “art labs”. I found Elizabeth after a good chat with the family and we set to work scanning my drawings for out presentation on power point.

Running late for class we snuck in at 10 past one and ended up just enjoying the others speeches as they had decided to hold computer presentations till next lesson. After class I bumped into the lead girl on live nudes and asked her about which guy played each tnmt, then it was into class to find out Ulysis had pushed the deadline on our videos to include another weekend (is that a good birthday present of what!)

Class involved helping Bret out with his shoot then getting out early as most had already left when we wrapped up. Back into Cha for dinner I sat for a while catching up on work and drawing till I needed to be back on campus for the Simpson’s movie.
As I was walking in I bumped into my Cambera bound friend for some more birthday wishes and a promise to catch up later this week. Waiting in the line was spent with some new friends (they were standing next to me) Stephanie and Marline. The movie was pretty good, especially as I went in with low expectations, the great thing was that it knew it was a cartoon, and could therefore get away with a lot.

I caught the bus back with the girls and parted when we arrived at the arc. I had just enough time to right back to some of the awesome birthday messages I've recieved, delighting as well in the presents I found on my desk and the messages taped to my door!! at 10:30 most of the dorm met downstairs for yogurt land, it was great I had the largest size they had, cookies and cream, vanilla, Taro, mango, strawberry, with all sorts of fruit on I sat there enjoying my meal, blushing to the sounds of the loudest happy birthday song I've ever heard, I couldn't have been happier!! To those of you reading that saw me today thank you so much for making it one of the best birthdays I've ever had!

When we got home I spent about an hour talking to Meredith, Elodie and Anna, then at 1am it was time for bed

This was my present from Anna and Reiko (socks and little anteater)!!


Anthony said...

Well well, the big 21! Glad to hear that you had a great day that only someone as special as you deserves!

Remember, you're only as old you want to be. Stay young at heart and life will always be fun!

Lel said...

thanks in that case I'm 10, yoohoo!