Thursday, November 1, 2007

Are you sure I'm not a flower?

Today seemed to loom before me as I prepared for Drama, the prospect of two exams, two presentations, a poem reading and a meeting with me teacher deemed a feat all to large to accomplish in one day, however spurred on by breakfast in my new bowl (thanks again Reiko) I briskly walked through the chilly Thursday morning towards the barn and my awaiting quiz.

The quiz wasn’t as hard as I expected, considering we were warned due to the skipping of last weeks. Only 8 questions later and a slightly sore head I turned in my exam with my fingers crossed and turned my mind to other things.

Next was the poem reading, something I dreaded as I was unsure how to approach the character (I thought it was a flower, but I was told later its and actual person…with petals (whatever)). On my first attempt I only remembered the first two lines, nervousness expanding the lump in my throat and causing my voice to come out shaky and unrecognisable as my own.

However once we had relaxed and had time to visualise the piece I was determined to try again, this time I made it all the way through, even if my performance was a little weird, like most I put on that slightly fake accent you fall into when reading poetry…or Shakespeare, then trying my best to stop it came out half English half Australian, a new accent of englasian…maybe I’ll start a trend.

After Drama I stayed back with Luke and Karen to record them doing some actions for posing and animation references, then ran back to the dorm for lunch and the rest of my things. Saying goodbye and good luck to Sanda as I raced out the door, I swallowed down my chicken and lettuce sandwich (yes, my homos has finally gone off) and caught the bus straight to yoghurt land, trying their brand new flavours, traditional coffee and one that tasted like Bavarian cake. Deciding on strawberry and vanilla I ignored my brain freeze whilst eating it and saying hi to Megan (the girl that let me sleep on her couch the first week) I continued into uni for my meeting with Mara, squeezing in some video study were I could.

The meeting went well, Mara gave me a few tips on how to get started in figure drawing as well as setting myself I few goals and giving me the name of a good book that will guide me through the quarter.

My presentation of Sarah Sze went without a hitch in art, to which I spent the rest of the class relaxing and conspicuously drawing classmates as they struggled to stay awake through presentation upon presentation! Finishing my drama journal in the few moments before video, I gave up cramming for the test and took my place with everyone else to begin.

Luckily it was a multiple choice/ true or false exam, however some of the sentences really didn’t make sense, and of course having to check over it three times I was the last to hand it in amidst many sniggers. We moved on to our midterm presentations, showing everyone the video I had roughly cut together the night before, as well as my various sketched and flash tests…no one was really supportive, but shrugging it of, I was saved my Ulysis who made out like I was the only one who had actually done what he’d asked for the grade (fingers crossed).

Straight after video, Mike helped me fix my external hard drive (I think we’ve finally got it working) feeling like an idiot as I peered over him munching on my fruit and nut snack and trying to be helpful when I could…mostly that involved working the mouse for him.

Hitching up my bag as I said thanks and goodbye I picked up my new costume (I had to exchange the Bow Peep one) and headed straight to the gym to let of some steam, mike really gets under my skin sometimes.

Dinner later was chicken and split pea soup, with jelly and a strawberry iceypole for dessert, discussing plans to go to Santa Barbara with Anna and Elodie next weekend. Then it was back to the room for some last minute homework and an early…or earlier bed, I have another exam tomorrow

Until then


Anthony said...

Isn't the feeling after getting it over and done with just totally awesome? Despite any feelings you might have on our well you may or may not have gone, it's still brilliant to be relieved of stuff like that.

Anthony said...

on how well*

I should learn to say things properly. :X