Saturday, November 24, 2007

Woops, almost forgot a title...that'll do

Well faithful blogers, I've come to the close of another day, writing this blog trying not to look at the keyboard to practice my touch typing, I think I'm going to look for most though...there, just did.
So its Saturday, or market, sit on your ass, do absolutely nothing day as I've lovingly come to call it. As thats the majority of what I do, I woke up at the nice late time of 9:03 (for those playing at home) and tottled (not a word you hear everyday) downstairs for a light breaki of cereal and fruit (and a spoonfull of yogurt...its literally that hard to get out of the container its sooo frozen). Then getting dressed and doing some stretches, I don't think I've gone to the gym in like 3 days I feel so lazy!

I walked briskly to the markets were I spent the next hour wondering around buying zinabons (last one phew!) OJ and other goodies, then after a large serving of FREE yogurt from golden spoon (thanks to my loyalty card) I spent another hour in Cha enjoying a beef stew with corn and salad as well as a hot taro tea. I tried reading all my reading, but was severely sidetracked throughout due to its insanely boring content and really difficult vocabulary...I even asked the girls beside me what "epistemological" meant...they had no idea. Giving up with four pages to go, I left after one last look at the decorations people had coloured in, they looked great on the wall and it was so cool to think people had actually taken time to colour in my designs!

Popping in to see Will and spending an extended amount of time in the book store I collected all my groceries in a bag and headed home, bumping into a guy from the dorm along the way to find out all about his thanksgiving. Once at home It was of to my room to spend a frustrating amount of time on imovie (it kept shutting down so I lost heaps of work) then the rest of the afternoon drawing and eating. Oh I also made a cool poster for my birthday, hopefully people can come : )

To all you readers, you still haven't sent me photos of yourselves...either your too lazy or there's no one
reading, in that case never mind...
until tomorrow ; p


Anthony said...

"I woke up at the nice late time of 9:03" <- Hehehehehe

Needless to say, that isn't late for me at all, but compared to the times you've had to get up in the past (I've no idea how you do it), it must've been nice to doze in, eh?

Lel said...

yeah, waaay better than 5am...its gonna be soo hard to start doing that again!

Anthony said...

Ah, just ease into it. Get up at 8 one day, then 7 the next and so on and it'll be peachy.