Monday, November 12, 2007

everyone needs a lazy day

Today was a little slow in relative to the weekend, It began late as I had stayed up till 1 this morning watching movies (Bridge to Terebithia – saddest movie eva, and Tarzan, fell asleep and woke up at 3, relieved I hadn’t knocked the computer of the bed). Getting up slowly for breakfast I made toast, tyring my new butter and went back to the room to plan my day.

I spent the morning in the room catching up on work, then after a slice of olive bread and homos headed into the uni centre to do my readings. It was a surprisingly hot day, I found as I began to sweat in my jeans and jacket. Relieved to get to the air conditioned stores, I headed straight to Traders for bread, then after yoghurt and a chat with the owner about my family weekend, I picked up Hero Bear from Will at Alakazam (it finally arrived!!) and photocopied my passport to send to the voting office back home (I can’t believe I still have to vote).

I spent the next hour or so in Cha enjoying a Taro cooler and grilled chicken with salad and corn. When I had finished the Drama chapter and lovingly turned all the pages in my new book, I said goodbye to Amy and the others, grabbed two cans of soup from TJ’s and made my way back to the dorm.

I arrived a little tired and was relieved to spend the rest of the afternoon drawing in my room letting the cool breeze from the late afternoon wash over me whilst watching yet more movies online. At around three I started to feel tired and drifted of to sleep for a couple of hours, then grabbing a snack I headed downstairs at 9 to watch Heroes.

I’m now in the study room doing some stretches, and watching Chipmunks adventure (again!). I also practiced juggling, I was surprised I still know how to do it…kinda.
School again tomorrow, and a big fair for international week, until then


Anthony said...

Oh wow, those sketches are brilliant! The poses are very strong and striking as well, nice and bold...

Nicely done.

Yvette said...

The drawings are really really great Lesley. You must now have a suitcase full of them. Well done loved seeing your style improve day by day.
Have a great day.

Lel said...

Thanks guys!

Tanks about the poses Anthony, I'm definately working on getting lots of life into them

and Vettie, I am definately getting a large pile, although I'm more concerned about my suitcase of books ; p

Anthony said...

What you need to do is send your books back home ahead of your departure. Just mail a few back every week and you won't need to worry about it! :P