Thursday, November 22, 2007

Is that still a requirement?

aggghhh...that my friends is the sound of being blissfully full, as well as snuggling into a really warm bed (Sanda lent me one of her blankets so now I'm all toasty and ready to write) I began the day with breaki at around 8, saying goodbye to Sanda and wishing her a happy Thanksgiving as she made her way to her dads (she'll go to her mums tomorrow). I had a light breaki in order to prepare myself for dinner, so after toast and a decent serving of golden spoon, I went for a jog into the uni centre for a hot chai tea at Deadrichs cafe. Then once back, showered and chocolates under arm I waited at the bus stop for Sarah to pick me up. We drove to Tustin in her pick up truck, discussing the days plans, which house we'd be visiting as well as who I'd meet when I got there.

Once we arrived at her grandmothers I was immediately welcomed into the family as I met those that were there, was lightly educated on the tree through photos from last thanksgiving and got ready to play softball. We walked to the park with Molly and once there practiced throwing (Sarah gave me some hints) and batting (Sarah's dad showed me how to bat like the pros) then it was play ball, I spent most of the time on second and managed to get someone out "I hope you were all watching that, cos thats gonna be the only time I do that"

After playing for about an hour or so Sarah and I rode home in the model car with her grandpa (the car was made in 1924) and while she continued on home to help her mum I spent the afternoon with her half uncles, brothers and friends jamming, juggling and discussing uni and music. At around 4 we held hands for a prayer and started dinner I loaded my plate with turkey, celery/ cranberry jelly, sweet potatoes, candied sweet potato (had brown sugar, butter and pecans) gravy, olives and more. I went back for thirds, as well as sneaking more turkey while helping to clean the kitchen (someone had to clean the plate). As the amount of women grew I was squeezed out of washing duty and went to help John (Sarah's brother) with his film, my job was to pull the glass of the table with the fishing line tied to it.

I spent the rest of the night mingling, talking about cameras with Dan, Animation with her dad and grandpa, music with Molly, film with John, music with Wyatt, uni with his girlfriend Susanna and various other convos going on in the house I also spent a little time educating them on Australian customs "you don't sound Ozzi, are you sure your from Australia"..."I think so" I found an ally in a family friend from england, as we tried to explain the difference between jelly, jell-o and jam . After dessert and a song or two on the piano we wound up the conversations and slowly trickled out. Hugging everyone goodbye and promising to come back before I leave ("It was a good idea to bring her") Sarah drove me home discussing her book for most of the way (sounds really interesting) then saying goodbye and juggling my many containers of left overs I walked into the house for a midnight snack...couldn't resist, then a blog entry and now bed.
Happy thanksgiving!

PS, One of the guys said he was behind an Englishman at customs when he came to Australia and after checking his passport and papers the officer asked him whether he had a criminal record, the man replied "Is that still a requirement?"

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