Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm 16 years old, I'm not a child..teehee

Yoo-hoo! Its Wednesday, half way through the week, a day of small educational obligation (one class) and more importantly a day to sleep in, well I would have if I’d actually remembered to turn of my alarm the night before, I woke at 6 groaning loudly then went back to sleep for an hour or so more.

Stumbling downstairs later that morning I had my breaki and before walking to the University centre finished some work, going through what I needed to get through today. Once at the shops I set about my errands, picking up some printing from FedEx, grabbing yoghurt, getting out money and almost suffering a stroke when I heard how much it would cost to send a tiny little envelope back home…$50!!! I actually chocked on my saliva (which was really embarrassing as I kept coughing for about 10 minutes). I spent the next hour recovering in Cha over wonton soup and Iced Taro tea with pearls.

Then, on the advice of a customer at Fed Ex, found the post office hidden behind the army recruitment office and mailed it there…90c! Crazy fed Ex people! I also sent my artwork to Michelle, feeling better and ticking everything off my list, I headed into uni, slowing through the stalls and picking up some snacks.

Waiting until class started I spent my time at EAP drawing and chatting with a girl nervous about going to Australia next year for first semester…she’s going to Canberra…poor girl, (I’m meeting her again on Friday, so if you have any suggestions about what she could do there let me know). Then picking up a camera and tripod from the cage I bought tickets for Life with Iris next week and made my self comfortable in the lecture hall, kicking myself silently for forgetting my storyboard to attach to my scene analysis and freaking out that I hadn’t laid it out correctly…man!

Class finished early (bonus was we saw a few clips from once more with feeling – buffy), and after polishing of a drawing I’d been working on through class I gathered my things and made my way unsteadily to the bus stop, weighted down by my new accessories. I met Nami on the bus who helped me take everything to my room, in exchange I showed her all my comics and gave her train man to borrow.

Trying to be quite as Sanda was taking a nap, I got changed and headed to the gym, however upon arriving decided I’d prefer the night air and took a tour around campus, right up into university hills, staring happily at the twinkling city lights stretching of into the distance hearing the soft echo of children playing in the parks and smelling cut grass and swimming pools.

Making it back after an hour or so, I made dinner (fish and vegies) then went to my room to do some drawing, coming back down at 8 to watch the Little Mermaid with everyone (again not my idea…so crazy). Saying goodnight, I was met in the room with Eddie Murphy stand up and some work to do, so better get cracking
Till tomorrow!

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