Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Children beware your in for a scare!

Hello victims, I will tell you a tale, a tale sooo gruesome, so horrid, it will give you nightmares for weeks, turn the lights of and grab some popcorn as its time for


Mua ha mua ha muahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It started on a cold morning, the wind squeezing through the gap in the window pane, ooohhhhhhhh, actually more like OOOHHHHHHH yeah, it howled as it licked over my face calling me to get up, get dressed and do some work. Breakfast was flakes of human skin, with small pellets of toad poo and dried tongues (otherwise known as special k, sultanas and strawberries). My noggin prepared and ready I creeped into my room dreading the mountain of work awaiting me, a mountain so large it threatened my very existence!

But I knew I had a job to do, and it all started with a list. For the next few hours the list stared at me, mocking me with its presence, tainting me with its length as the minutes ticked by, tick tock tick tock…at least that’s what it would have sounded like it I had an analogue clock…first up was writing my blog, searching my brain frantically for the events of last night, slightly drained but determined to push on I went through my poem again, screaming its passages to me as I frantically tried to follow along all to aware that I must memorise it before tomorrow

My life’s, my life’s, my life’s blossom ?? aggghhh the words, they’re too lame they fight to get out of my head, but I manage to keep them, strapping scotch tape around my head to stop them dribbling out my ears, then Hamlet…oh the pain, thou shant even describe the horrid turmoil of thy having to learn Hamlet!!

But I must move on, becoming weaker now, the remnants of breakfast being churned away as I attempt to keep going. Another flower on flash, and I cry as the shape tweens contort into tweens that don’t remotely resemble petals, tired and hungry I crawl downstairs through the dark passage way and into the kitchen braving the freezer as it holds fast to my chicken, blowing its icy wind all over me. I slammed the door shut and before anyone could find me breathed down my sandwich so fast it didn’t even taste like the things I found in the garbage!

Back to the room, its entity sucking the energy I had just acquired and still the minutes tick away, on hour to go, but I still have to start and finish the entire presentation we were assigned yesterday, 30 minutes to go, but I haven’t found all my information, 15 minutes to go, its only a draft, 5 minutes to go…aggghhhh, 1 minute to go….FINISHED! Punching my fist in the air gleefully I grab my computer and hard drive which of course doesn’t work (children, heres a lesson, don’t order anything of the net…especially if it costs $100…end of lesson) and running out the door through the zombies ambling towards uni and managing to flag down a bus going my way.

I tasted yoghurt egg nog today, discovering there are times when one can be too experamentative, I needed fuel my strawberry and coconut yoghurt wasn’t enough so I bargained at Cha for an orange crush with tapioca and sour mango pieces, promising them I would later rid them of their bee problem tomorrow, After the movie came out! Putting a deposit down for a little bow peep costume, a clever disguise for my later mission, I continued through the mist to Visual media, were the most terrible creature faced me…BOREDOM…it almost had me, but I made it through, and waited in secret for Mike at the art school, interrogating the guy at the front desk about my test tomorrow…he knew he said…

Running late I was almost defeated by Mike as he abused me on my choice of hard drive, the fact that I wouldn’t be studying that afternoon and any other insecurity he saw surrounding me…I felt the lump in my throat increase with every step, but just when I thought he had me SUPER JESSIE to the rescue, whisking me away he accompanied me to the bus stop were I continued on with my costume, camera and computer alone.

Once back at the haunted house, skipping carefully through the pumpkins snapping at my toes, I raced upstairs to get dressed for trick or treating…well as previously planned by the person that wanted to ruin my day they had already left, and my costume was too small. However Vamos’s never say die, especially when vamos means go (and toll collector but that doesn’t fit in my story) so putting something together and taping up the broken staff…dodgy piece of...I banded together with Sanda and together we hiked across ghost campus to the vampire village, a place spoke of to have thousands of free lollies.

It was dark, and the wind continued to howl, suddenly we were attacked by a bunch of…fuk mi and look it was fuk u, breathing a sigh of relief we had found the other bounty hunters, safe at last we hiked on collecting our spoils like 4 year olds blushing embarrassingly as our TA’s said thank you rather like they were saying sorry to the people we stopped by (“they’re from the international village, this is their first Halloween, you don’t mind do you?”).

Giving up at last we headed back for a bountiful party, brought to us by our leaders Meredith and Madelyn (not Madeline…make that mistake and get your head chopped of…I’ve seen it happen). Then it was back to face more study for my quize and midterm tomorrow (not to mention two presentations and my poem reading)

Wish me luck my faithful readers
And a very Happy Halloween to you all

Good night
Don’t let the monsters that live under your bed bite!

Knott's SSCCCCAAAARRRRRYYYY farm muahahahha!!

Sorry about the delay folks, arriving home at 2 this morning pretty much all I could think about was hitting the sack, but here it is the tale of Knott’s SCARY farm, oooooohhhhh.

It started like any other morning, getting up early for drama and heading to the barn with trepidation as the prospect of a test loomed over me. Lucky for me its still on Thursday, (instead we were handed poems to perform for Thursday – see bellow) so getting through a quick warm up we jumped straight into our first exercise, the question game. Basically you are paired with someone and must ask each other questions, until one of you can’t think of any and its back to the end of the line. Having fun discovering the best questionnaires of the group, we moved on to high status low status, were the objective was to raise your self up whilst bringing your partner down (and visa versa). I thought the first was much easier, although it surprised me how difficult asking questions was (I know many of you are raising your eyebrows) it was the urge of wanting to answer the questions that was difficult to suppress ☺

Gathering on the floor to discuss our trial and error, we proceeded to extend the game in a more skit like capacity, Kelsey and Ya’Ell were up first. It was funny to watch as Ya’Ell upon being ordered to shine Kelsey’s shoes ran out of the classroom and literally brought in Kelsey’s shoes to spit and polish. Next up was Clayton and I, however midway through our Cop and robber routine (I was the interrogating cop, with a manly Australian accent – have no idea were it came from, and he was the guy who’d stolen gum) it turned into a full blown skit, going on until I finally locked home away, unable to believe his bribes of boats, diamonds and women!

Classes were broken up by the gym and lunch then it was back into campus for yoghurt (an extra large serving to get me through the day) and Art. Art was all right, presenting our instructional pieces, making everyone laugh as I described the look on Sanda’s face as she sat watching me rip of photos, throw them in the air, then pick them up again. After being set presentation assignments for Thursday (agghh, I’m gonna be flat out on Wednesday…I hope I get time to trick-or-treat) I moved on to video grabbing some water along the way as the last trails of fire smoke still linger in the air drying out my mouth.

Video began straight way in the studio working on Hanan’s set so filming could take place (we had to make a bed on a table and light it so that keying was possible – taking out the green and making it look like it was flying) leaving in the beginning to get some Knott’s Scary farm tickets for mike, and some snacks of course, I arrived back to see the bed up and took my place within the crew, moving lights, straightening sets and fanning the bed to make it seem like the wind was moving the sheets.

The entire process took 2 hours, to which we quickly swapped to Mike, getting Bret up on the table (I pretended to be his make up artists and personal assistant as I waited for further instructions) however as the clock struck 10 to 6 I apologised for not being able to stay back and ran to the dorm to get ready to meet the gang at 6:45.

Dinner was rushed as I hurried to be on time, then having to wait for Andy, our convoy finally left just past 7. 7 in Andy’s car and 5 in Eugene’s, welcoming two girls from next door to take up the remaining tickets (people kept cancelling on me at the last minute…at one stage I was out $100…Thanks again Sam!!)

Knott’s was fantastic, keeping everyone together we headed first to Silver bullet, an insane roller coaster which left your feet dangling in the air as you went over and through a total of 7 loops, spirals, and dips, screaming like the girls the whole way. A little wobbly we then headed straight for one of the scary mazes, “The doll factory” Laughing at Anna and Elodie as they ran screaming through almost the entire thing. Not wasting time I lead everyone to another ride (Ghost rider) unfortunately the line took an hour, the only highlight being when Andy started playing clapping games with the girls behind us and there was a bit of beef between a large girl and guy waiting to the side. The ride however was absolutely INSANE, at one stage I felt like my head was going to unscrew itself, Dad you would have Loved it!! The dips were enormous the speed was monumental and the rocking of the cart as it teetered of edged was incredible. Swearing ourselves hoarse we arrived back with a jolt, and picking our mouths and various other appendages of the floor headed to our next maze.

Arriving to discover it was almost midnight we instead ran to the Xcelerator but finding it closed scared ourselves in Killer Clown Kolledge instead. Then leaving Elodie and Anna to calm down and tour the gift store we went to the grudge maze – sooo scary, in the first room we saw the girl creeping down the stairs making that eerie clicking sound (if you have not seen the grudge I suggest you do). Leading everyone out (I don’t know how I ended up having to go through first) to see that everything was winding to a close we decided to gather everyone up and head home.

Worried the entire time why Sanda hadn’t called (she was going to meet us there) I fell asleep in the car, tired and full after stacks of lollies and scares. Then coming back to discover Sanda was not in the room (almost 2) I searched frantically, then unable to keep my eyes open crashed on the bed (don’t worry she’s here now).

Well until tonight

(ps after all that filming in video, Scott (whos only job it was to press record) didn’t do it properly – 2 and a half hours of filming for nothing!...Poor Hanan)

The poem I have to perform:

My life’s blossom might have bloomed on all sides
Save for a bitter wind, which stunted my petals
On one side of me, which you in the village could see
From the dust I raise a voice of protest
My flowering side you never saw!
Ye living ones, Ye are fools indeed
Who do not know the way of th wind
And other unseen forces
That govern the processes of life.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Now do the firehydrant!

Hello hello hello, welcome back, I trust your day was good and your weather fine. Enough of the pleasantries, now back to me. This morning was tough, groaning croakily as I woke at 7 I lay in bed for another hour, relieved I didn’t have to meet Jan till 9. Breakfast was strawberry special K, with sultaneas and various other dried fruits laying around in my pantry, pouring hot water over it I watched closely as the flakes popped and melted then tucked into it while bits still remained crunchy.

Getting dressed in jeans for the first time since being here, I struggled downstairs with my equipment and waiting patiently for Jan to show…and waited, finally at 5 past nine I jumped the stirs two at a time to get to his room, worried he’d left without me, after a few authoritative raps on the door, Jessie opened complete with bed head, peering at me as though he’d never seen me before.

“Is jan still here?” I asked worried, looking over casually Jessie prodded the bed…to my relief he’d slept in, and after 2 minutes he was dressed and ready to take me into uni. Helping me carry the stuff in he quickly proceeded to his discussion class as I made my way slowly through uni wondering how to make the most of my time before visual at 3. Bored I decided to stop by the counsellors office for a chat, and after filling in a few forms I was promised a meeting at 11, so while waiting I toured the stalls of the graduate fair (150) loading myself up with a few more freebies and tons of information about animation courses offered to graduates…too bad Calarts wasn’t there ☹

At 5 to 11 I made me way back to the office to meet with the counsellor, its was really great to have a chat, I think the best thing about counsellors is (from someone who tends to talk a lot) you know that their paid to listen so you don’t feel bad about boring them to death ☺, saying goodbye I felt my tummy start to rumble and kicking myself for not bringing any money I headed back to the dorm for a home made sandwich.

After lunch it was back into uni for yoghurt (they have strawberry again YEAH!) and photocopying my storyboard assignment. Then watching the time I spent the next few hours in the EAP office drawing and chatting with the workers (there’s this one girl that’s really sweet, and I keep forgetting her name cos its sooo long and unusual, I keep praying for people to walk in so she can introduce herself). Grabbing sustenance from Zot and go I did exactly that.

Handing in my assignment was great, feeling its weight lift of me as I handed it to Dahnah, the lecture was also a little shorter, and as she again basically regurgitated the reading (all 60 pages of it) I whipped out my notebook and continued to draw.

Later on I headed to the gym to do some classes, first up was step…I was so hot I literally had beads of sweat running into my eyes, so I kept tripping on the step, then it was abs and thighs, listening to the instructor rally on the red socks and her dream car. She even congratulated the boys for showing up (all two of them) “must be intimidating with all these pretty girls” of course as she’s spoke we literally had all our bums facing them and were flexing them appropriately, meanwhile I’m trying my best not to fart…what don’t tell me it doesn’t happen to you!

Red and tired, I ate diner back at the dorm with Anna, Nami and kyce. Then made plans with everyone to meet at 10 downstairs to discuss plans for nots berry farm, or SCARY farm I should say!

That’s all for now
Until tomorrow

Ps. I can’t believe Ben was kicked out of idol!

my latest drawing

Sunday, October 28, 2007

G'day mate!

Hello again faithful readers, I trust your weekends were enjoyable!

Mine certainly was, today was "do as much as you can" day, waking up early to eat the rest of my zinadoodle (that cinamin roll from yesterday...sooo good) as well as the rest of my freshly squeezed OJ, and some dried peach. Back in the room I got busy, marking things of my list as I went, draft scene analysis, DONE, flash work, DONE, (although still needs work).
waking up Sarah accidently to use her printer, I apologised and headed to Kinkos instead to photo copy some photos for the instructional homwork for art.

Before leaving I made a sandwhich (toasted garlic bread with homos, chicken, lettuce and butter) then welcomed the bright sunny day. Enjoying the fresh air (finally) I browsed the uni centre, grabbing some bread from Traders while I paid for soup cans and mango. It was then Golden spoon time and a drink from cha to congratulate myself on a good job photocopying : ) walking home however I realised my eyes had been too big for my stomach and made it three quarters through the drink before tossing it out (the stinge in me probably would have finished the whole thing) : )

once back in the dorm, a quick lie down helped me digest then it was back to work completing art homework (Sanda thought I had gone crazy when I started ripping up the photos and throwing them in the air like snow on christmas). touching up my flash some more I finally caved and headed downstairs to do some filming for video, managing to rope Jan in to be my model (once he'd finished his ironing that cute he had this little mini board). It was much easier (and faster) than I thought, I didn't even end up using the lights (my poor toe...all for nothing).

Chatting with the guys to prolong going back upstairs I did some more flash then getting fed up went with Sanda to the gym were I showed her my usual circuit (I felt like a personal trainer, so funny). comming back sweaty yet satisfied, I made dinner - veggies and crab sticks (so yummy) then watched transformers with the others, I forgot how much I love the movie, its so geeky and so cool both at the same time.

On my way back up stairs my eye traced over the walls and slang posters as they allways do, however this time something bugged me, finding a spare spot on a poster near my floor I resolved to finally put up some aussie slang (by the way no one sent me anything) I was actually surprised how many I could come up with, cozzy, undies, wog, tracky dacs, and loads of others actually I don't think I put up undies...oh thats a good one I'm gonna write it down now...

Ok I'm back, any way I'm now on the computer thinking of ways to spend the next the next half an hour before bed.

have a good start to the week (or if your home, a good second start)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my story board - sorry about the poor quality

Fringe, behaive!

Agggh Saturday, lovely Saturday, its my favourite day of the week! Weekend, late start, have the whole weekend ahead to think about assignments and no lasting stress form uni to bring you down (like on Fridays) Yep nothing could go wrong on Saturday...except……rain!

Luckily I made it to the markets before it started to rain heavily (and I just straightened my fringe and everything) hiding under each stalls white tarp canopy, I was happy I had an excuse to get close to the stalls (and the tasters) with out committing to buy anything. None of the fruit really stood out today so I bought a loaf of garlic bread (it has 20 cloves of garlic in it) and this sticky cinnamon twist bread, soft white dough wrapped in a huge spiral smothered in sticky cinnamon and suger…I took a bit thinking I’d save the rest for later and almost ate the whole thing!

I also got some OJ from the happy guy at the last stall (he loved my socks, what could I do) and almost bought some more homos (I also tried some really nice pumpkin cake), tis the season I guess : ) Getting full I headed into Char and said hi to the girls there (they always recognise me) then taking out my book for Visual Media I sat down (after a long chat about which drink I should get today…and many tastings) and sipped happily on my strawberry milk tea, with green tea extract, tapioca and strawberry jam (so good, but sooo sweet). I finished the reading quickly as I had already made progress on it during the week and ordering some corn to get the sweet taste out of my mouth (as well as ripping of some more garlic bread) I headed into Golden Spoon to use my free card, ordering an extra large serving of fudge brownie, boysenberry, cake batter and cheesecake (YUM).

Making a stop at Alacasam I borrowed a book, (he even said I could keep it a few extra days) and made another stop in Trader Joes for some warm bread. Back home I settled down to do some work, stopping after a few hours for some dinner (soup and garlic bread) then getting restless I convinced Sanda and Jessie to come with me to Albertson’s were we stocked up on food for the week (more jelly yay!) I also found these individually wrapped fish bags so I got one of each to try, as well as a packet of crab sticks…I don’t know why but I really like them!

At home I couldn’t put work of any longer so after devouring some chicken (and hiding the remains right at the back of the fridge – praying no one steals it) I headed up stairs for a bit more work then spent an hour at the gym letting of steam. Getting kicked out early due to the fires I stopped to chat to the group heading to a party then when they left, went back to my room to continue storyboarding, only 10 more scenes to go….~sigh~

Hope you had/have a great weekend


Today seemed to be fairly full on, however in hind site, nothing much happened really, I woke up early, fumbling around in the dark and headed quietly down stairs for some breakfast, this time fitting in three pieces of toast as I felt slightly peckish. Going back upstairs to get dressed, I discussed the days plans with Sanda then headed to the gym.

Everything seemed the same except the lady with an afro so large it seemed to have a mind of its own. Once back in the dorm I showered and collected my things for Visual Media. The discussion was fun watching Dayna go ballistic over the DVD player that never seems to work

“I had something else I wanted to show you guys, but if I try it I may just…go absolutely insane, and kill myself”!

Poor Dayna, after class I ran to the uni centre for lunch knowing that Mike wanted me to meet with him in the studio as soon as I could (“I have to eat mike or I wont function”) after breathing down sushi and yoghurt, I don’t think I even tasted it I was eating so fast, I limped back to campus with indigestion and noticing my phone flashing I listened to its message, groaning, to hear he’d cancelled!

I kept on the path to the studio as I needed to pick up some equipment from the Cage (I’m shooting some of my film this weekend). After amusing the guy behind the desk with my exasperation about having to fill out the sheets again (they keep loosing them) I waited outside for Crystal, who had promised to help me take the things back to my dorm.

Waiting patiently for around ½ and hour, staring fixedly at the bees going about their business, she finally arrived and we drove back to AV. Whilst taking the things into the house, naturally I dropped the lights on my foot (my poor toe is squashed, swollen and bleeding) and was helped up the stairs by Nami (who I ironically helped later with a burn).

Tutoring at Mikes was a little pointless as he quickly ran out of things to show me, but he did give me some neat sites to go to, not to mention a killer book on Maya animation and modelling (online book). We left after 5 hours or so and discussing Bipolar disorders on the way home (I seem to get into the most random conversations) she dropped me back at the dorm were I had dinner and got ready to go out to Shocktober Fest.

I dressed in my stripy socks and purple/black dress, draping blue beads around my neck and anything else I could add. Then at 8 we left for the party, steering a completely wasted Jan towards the fun (although I think he was having enough of his own fun). There was a lot to see at the student centre, even more than the people (look at photos), I even saw Dora the Explorer and took some happy snaps of Optimus Prime. Most girls chose the Slutty ______ (insert any profession there) costume while the boys went for costumes even more outrageous (one guy just wore a towel). Once we’d had a browse and played a couple of carnival games (the line for the haunted house looked a little long) we made our way down to the concert were we stayed for over an hour, bopping our heads and feeling slightly awkward at not knowing any of the songs, or performers, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever felt so white in my whole life.
Getting tired we decided to check out the haunted house, getting startled on the way back by smoke billowing in the near distance (cops told us it was just the steam plant). Getting separated from the other, Natalia and I (from London) caught the bus back to the dorm, chatting to a couple of guys while we waited.

Upon arriving home, I grabbed some food and told Sanda of my night. Well I better hit the sack

Please write back and tell me what you’ve been up to, even if it’s to say “nothing”

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today I woke with a heavy head, shocked as I peered outside at the blood red moon shining through the smokey sky. I was early to Drama going through the test one last time, determined to get it right this time. When Benny arrived we slowly made our way into class, everyone coughing at consecutive intervals and rubbing their eyes.

It was a slow class as Benny announced people wouldn’t show up thanks to the air and allergies. Giving us the option to leave the “free class” if we wanted he sent us on a break after warm ups to which no one returned. We continued the class with just Luke (was in the bathroom) Benny and I. Discussing Australia, fires and other trivia we finally ended the class early, and heading to the gym I caught up on some reading as I walked in the air-conditioning.

Lunch was the last bit of olive bread, with as much homos on it as I could manage (I think its going of) then showering and making myself especially prettyfull I quickly grabbed some yoghurt and started touring the Career fair at the student centre. Man, I’ve never seen so much free stuff in my entire life! it was like trick-or-treating but better! Trying to save time I stopped pretending that I was interested in the jobs and upon being asked what I was looking for I simply replied

“Free stuff, I don’t want to lie to you, free stuff, I’ve never been to a career fair before so I’m having such a great time!”

You should have seen the smiles on their faces, and the free stuff they literally poured into my bag : ) “don’t worry hun I used to do the same thing”. I got back scratches, yo yo’s, piggy banks, squiggly things, pens (soo many pens), heaps of other junk, oh and my personal favourite…a pizza cutter! (See the photo in myphoto album)

Hauling my bag to class (I was kinda late) I arrived apologising and took my place to learn about instructional art. Basically you are given instructions by the artist and they are either carried out by some one or just hung in a gallery as words. Mine was
Dip a bouncy ball in watered down acrylic paint and bounce on a 2m by 2m piece of paper 5 times, repeat with 5 different colours.
We then threw our “instructions” into a box and picked one out at random. Mine should be interesting and as far as homework goes is definitely not a strenuous task.

Finishing early after looking at someone do their homework then and there (“lie on the floor in a public space until you don’t care”) I grabbed a bottle of water and some fruit and nuts and made myself comfy in video. This was also a great class spending the entire time watching behind the scenes of Sin City and Star Wars 3; I was floored by the process involved in producing just ONE scene!

Class was over and Ulysses took me into the studio to search for my key (no luck) then it was back on the bus to the room were I was introduced to Anna and Elodie’s new friend, who spent the whole time educating us on American slang. Making sure we weren’t educated in the Northern Californian way of doing things…

“Don’t say hella, its lame, that’s a north cal thing, there’s a massive thing between sou cals and north cals”

Woops, poor Jessie, Dinner was left overs and chatting with Anna and Elodie about drinking culture in Oz and America. Now I’m in my room admiring my freebies (*sigh*) and thankful I can sleep in tomorrow

Oh Sanda’s back

Until tomorrow : )

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The badness seemed to continue today as the smoke became thicker, covering the sun and what was left of everyone’s happiness. I woke coughing and peered outside into the grey, realising slowly that ash was falling lightly from the sky.

I made breakfast and watched cartoons still bummed about my missing chicken AND missing key, resolving to hunt for it at uni later I went back to the room and made a jump on my assignments, then at 11, I had lunch and headed into uni for a quick visit to the uni centre, wanting to be able to catch the parade (celebrating the opening of the new student centre).

Unfortunately due to the bad air quality it was cancelled so I pulled out some more homework and tucked down in the air-conditioned EAP office to study, making sure I remembered to pick up the Knott’s Scary Farm tickets for everyone (we’re going next Tuesday…so excited) giving them the $311 I grabbed the tickets as well as some fruit and nuts and quickly browsing the new salad bar and pizza/pasta place I made my way to class.

We were studying storyboards today and we got to watch a really cool clip from behind the scenes of Shrek. When class was over I made my way as fast as I could to the bus and room, relieved the door was open as I still hadn’t managed to find my key (there goes $100). The gym was great, as it seemed to be the coolest place on campus and after I enjoyed chicken stir-fry and “jell-o”.

Now I’m sitting in the room making a puddle on the floor I’m sweating so bad, worried about opening the window as it blows soot on my pillow…I think I’ll approach Sanda on going harvies for a fan…

Cross your fingers the fires stop ☺

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Bad Day

Before you read on I know what your thinking, “bad day, don’t be so pesamistic, look on the bright side” right…well firstly I’m entitled to one bad day, and secondly you know those days were all your problems are small and petty yet its their sheer number and culmination that amounts to one crappy “why are you doing this to me god?” (even when you don’t believe in him) day?

Here goes

The day started at 3AM BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEP the shrill piercing wail of the fire alarm cracked through my dream (and eardrums) and I woke with a start…”what time is it”? I called out to the darkness thinking it was Sanda’s alarm clock, realising some idiot had probably set the of fire alarm a stuffed a hanky in my ear and tried to get back to sleep, while Sanda went to investigate. Deluding myself I could get back to sleep I shut my eyes tight and waited in the darkness then groaning loudly I climbed out of bed as Sanda told me we had to evacuate.

Waiting outside in my very skimpy pj’s (I picked tonight to wear my short shorts) some smiling at the excuse to have a break from studying (at 3??) we were finally allowed back in 15 minutes later, so shuffling and yawning I fell back into bed to be woken by a second alarm at 6:30.

Making my way to Drama at 7:30 I was met with another bad exam mark (first bad thing of the day), again it was the fact that I had got the “wrong” word in the sentence…since when is reason so different to purpose??...Trying to forget about it, I carried on with the class performing “yes and” in front of everyone and making body sculptures (I still don’t think I’ve learnt anything). Hitting the gym after class to let of pent up exam frustration “I just think your taking this thing too seriously”… “That’s my job, moron!”

After doing some yoga (code for painful stretching and deep breathing) I went back to the dorm to make a sandwich…My chicken was missing!! (Second bad thing today) not only had they stolen ALL my bbq chicken (almost a whole chook) but they also stole my container, which is the only one I had! Searching frustrated through the kitchen I interrogated Jan and Evelyn but no one had a clue were it went.

Quickly showering I headed back into the smoke to uni for some yoghurt to calm my nerves, then running out of saliva to swallow (its so dry here my skin looks like sandpaper) I headed into “Juice it up” to use my coupon, not being allowed to use it on the one I wanted (figures) I settled on Mango mania (Fraya they actually have Mango Tango). I got the free upsize and headed back to campus feeling like a fatty with a drink larger than my head (see photo).

Next up was art, were I sat through the entire lesson listening to others present their work, knowing we were running out of time. The only highlight was when one of the guys presenting was mentioning his materials (people under 10 should not read further)

“Yeah I used things that meant something to me…soy sauce, hair gel, chopsticks a Twinkie and a little Asian penis”

Yes you read right, startled, those of us who had fell asleep suddenly stared at the guy with rapt attention…wondering what the heck a little Asian penis was, it wasn’t until one of the guys decided he couldn’t hold it in

“So wait, I’m confused, is the…penis like an implement?...or did you have one, like, lying around”

“You could say that”

At one minute to the end of class I was called upon to present (third bad thing of the day) figures that as the only one that actually wanted to present my work I would have to go last and wouldn’t even have time to get critiqued “we’ll put you first next time Lesley”


Next was Video, another lesson in the studio figuring out how to light for green screen work and educating everyone on Australian customs, for example the fact that vegemite can only be enjoyed WITH something else, the miracle of pavlova, Anzac cookies and fast food. By the way the only reason they new about vegemite is from the song “I come from a land down under”

Class finished and I made my way to the student centre for Chinese…so greasy…and some fruit and nuts then I lined up for “Dan in real life” the free movie presented by the student reps, ready to save spaces for the people coming from the dorm I got comfy in the que (I was 2 hours early), finished my Drama journal and read Video notes. Finishing up I made conversation with the people behind me (turns out they wanted to visit Sydney next year) then hurried in with them to save spots.

Waiting like an idiot stretched over 7 seats as people poured in I chatted happily with their group of friends (including Ya’ell from drama) then when the movie started was joined by Ya’ell and Cody (I think that was his name) as no one showed up! (fourth bad thing of the day), well at least I had people to talk to. More names to remember, infact one of the guys had such a long name that when he looked at the horror on my face “…p p p pardon?” he smiled and said “call my Santi”

Meeting so many people is starting to mess with my head, in fact I’ve started to wave at anyone who catches my eye, today I waved at someone thinking, “I don’t know this person but what the hay, they obviously remember me” turns out they were waiving to the person behind me…nice one Lesley.

The movie was in equal measures hysterical and sad (I even cried) and again it was great being in an audience were everyone had the same reactions. It made me miss family though especially my sisters (it had three sisters in it, all roughly our ages…I miss you guys!) after the movie I clumsily made my way to the bathroom…I was busting the entire time…then caught the bus back with some friends, chatting to a new guy David about series of the Chaser

“oh your form Australia, I love you comedy, I love Chaser…they soooo funny, I download all episode”
Getting home I did a quick ring around trying to solve the case of the missing chicken (I’m putting up wanted posters tomorrow) but with no luck turned to venting in the blog instead

Hope your days were better

Hug yourselves for me

Monday, October 22, 2007

Is something Burning??

Waking up coughing I fumbled around in the dark for some water, wondering why my mouth was dry, sipping slowly I put the drink down and went back to sleep. As morning arrived I looked outside the window to see what kind of day it was, and all I saw was cloud. The smoke from the nearby fires have blown over the university causing a thick sticky air and grey sky.

Breakfast was the usual on a slow day (toast) then heading back to my room I spent the rest of the morning drawing and updating my calendar. I’ve included my best drawing bellow. After lunch (Olive bread, humus, chicken and lettuce) I decided to head into uni, walking carefully as news of low air quality (warnings for pregnant women, elderly and people with asthma) spread. Meeting Josh on the way, we caught up on the bus then parted at the flag poles (I went to get yoghurt).

Feeling waaay to early for class, I went to the EAP office to kill time. Talking to them about contacting COFA about the fires (they get a little paranoid), doing some more drawing and eavesdropping on students discussing their travel plans. (EAP is for ingoing and outgoing students).

Saying goodbye to Fay and the others I grabbed some snacks and water and met my class at the back of HIB 100, looking around for Nami (I usually sit down the front with her) but missing her sat down behind the teacher. Class was pretty boring – 3 hour lecture – and around the middle I started feeling the effects of 3:30itis, kicking myself for eating all my snacks so quickly.

At the end, with a new found energy, I accompanied Nami to the bus stop laughing excitedly about how happy the Japanese sound when they talk and planning to buy glasses with eyes on them so we can conspicuously fall asleep in class.

Its was then she got a call from her friend who’s just been evacuated from her dorm, as the fire has spread near her (at least class was cancelled as well). Looking around at people covering their mouths I sighed heavily wishing for the wind to blow this all away (although that wouldn’t be so good for the fires themselves).

Back at the dorm I tucked into some lentil soup, and giving up studying in the room (really humid) I came downstairs to finish my storyboards and watch Heroes with the others. After heroes it was house-meeting time, (we’re going to do pumpkin carving and trick or treating – I also suggested a movie night, which will be had on Sundays, first up “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” – which made me think of you dad).

And now its of to bed

Cross your fingers that the fires don’t reach us

sorry about the crappy quality

My new hair

Today started with a jump, half asleep I peered closely at the clock straining to see whether I had missed my appointment or not…luckily it was only 8 so going back to bed for a few more minutes I proceeded to make my way down to the kitchen for breakfast. Unfortunately I smelt the kitchen before I saw it, and upon further inspection I sigh to see how filthy it was!

After breakfast I decided to clean the kitchen…half an hour later, the place looking much better, I had a chat with Anna and Rieko about having a meeting with everyone to put some more rules in place for keeping things clean, we’re even thinking of “fridge day” were everyone takes out their belongings and we clean the fridge, according to Anna this wasn’t done at the last community home she was in and after a month everyone got sick!

Deciding to squeeze in more work, at 11:00 I met Jan downstairs to go to Newport for my hairdressing appointment…the trip seemed quick, chatting away about the weather (it is crazy windy today) and plans for the week. He dropped me outside, then waving goodbye I cautiously headed inside crossing my fingers that I would be met by someone nice and decent surroundings.

The place was really nice, he even fit me in (I got the wrong day – it was supposed to be tomorrow). While in the chair we chatted to a Lauren the girl booked at the same time, who turned out to work for Disney – she plays Cinderella in theme parks, but she’s hoping to move up to Aurora : )

Saying good-bye after 2 collective hours under driers and showers, I ruffled my new fringe to get rid of the “I’ve just been to the hairdressers” look and headed in the direction of the buses. It was hiding in the shade at the bus stop that I met my next friends, a mother and daughter on their way home after shopping, we chatted for most of the way and they told me how to get back to uni.

It took me three buses, but I made it, tummy grumbling I stumbled into the uni centre ordering an Extra large tup of frozen yoghurt, tasting at traders (don’t worry I bought some stuff from them) and grabbed a book from Alacasam…I’m really getting into Manga.

Then arriving home I was greeted by kind approval of the “do” and I tuckered into a huge wedge of toasted olive bread, smothered in kalamata homos and topped with bbq chicken and lettuce.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to Alex on msn and doing my storyboards before I headed to the gym at 7, then grabbing some jelly and an icy pole I went with Anna, Elodie and Reiko to the international food group meeting (you have to be part of some club in the village) and discussed Quiche and Crepes whilst making posters for the Sunday Supper we’ll be holding on the 4th .

Now I’ve finally finished my storyboards! And managed to catch up with a few people back home, I will now start to go on msn more often…so you will find me there at the following times

- Tuesday to Saturday: 2-4pm (your time)
- Sunday to Mondays: 1-4pm

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I woke up earlier than expected this morning after going to bed at one. Choosing to get started on the day instead of trying to get back to sleep I headed downstairs for breakfast then quietly getting dressed so as not to wake Sanda I headed of to the farmers market to check out the fruit on offer.

My first stop was at Trader Joes, tasting crunchy grain bread with butter and jam, then walking past Cha I grabbed some sweet butter toast and headed into the main market square. As usual the scene was bursting with stalls and families, bustling about collecting the weeks groceries, munching on hot corn, biting into juicy stone fruit and listening to the stall owners calling out their specials.

After wondering around, waving to familiars and sampling everyone’s fruit I decided (after a decent slab to try) on a loaf of olive bread and a bag of really crunchy grapes. Feeling full I headed to the uni bookstore to buy my textbook for visual media, slowing down to check out the big fair celebrating walk for Hodgkin’s disease. The book was $84! And I didn’t even get the 20% discount I thought I had from a book (stingy book people)…I just hope its worth it!

After browsing the clothes rack, I left to go back over the bridge into the centre for yoghurt, a good browse of Alacasam (comic store) and lunch at cha for tea (mango/passionfruit cooler with tapioca and green mango and 8 steamed vegi dumplings) while I read my readings for the week.

Finally finished and really REALLY full I quickly stopped by Traders to pop to the bathroom (they have the nicest one) and one more swipe at the tasting table (the bread just came out of the oven…how could I resist?). The walk back was nice, as it still hadn’t reached the boiling part of the day then arriving home I quickly chatted to Anna and Reiko then went to my room to get a start on my storyboard.

Time flies when your drawing…and talking to your mum : ) the next look at the clock shocked me as it was 5:30, so taking a huge stretch I decided to get changed and head to the gym. Joined by Sam, Elodie and Anna I finished cardio (and my reading…best way to multi task) then moved onto weights and stretching…I’m so proud of how much my flexibility has improved…Alex wait till you see how far I can bend over!

Taking the short walk back with Anna, a chatted to a few people in the lounge room while we waited for Sam to get back and let Eugene into his room for his car keys (he offered to drive me to Albertson’s). On the list was a BBQ chicken, coffee for Anna, a banana for Meredith and some lettuce. I felt like a lot of protein for dinner, so as Elodie and Sam munched away on pizza I devoured half my chicken and made strips from the rest, storing it away for sandwiches during the week.

As I munched away on an icy pole and chewed thoughtfully on the rest of my dried mango pieces I went over my plans for tomorrow and work I could finish tonight.
Now I’ve just installed ScribbleBot ($30) for flash, which will make my video assignment a lot easier!

Night …wish me luck for my haircut tomorrow…

Whadid u say abou my mamma??

Waking up after another bad dream…something about late homework, and being naked…I was so tired I didn’t even hear Sanda say it was ok to open my eyes (she was getting dressed). Breakfast was toast and fruit again whilst watching cartoons and recruiting people to come to “live nude people” with me tonight…so far only one (me). After grabbing my things from the room and skim reading my notes I headed to my discussion class were upon arriving early I sat and chatted to a friend going over our notes and looking at the clip we’re supposed to be analysing for assessment.

Class began with being informed about the lecturer coming in and a chance to show of how much we know, it was a lot like when Miss Trunchebald expected classes in Matilda, the teacher beginning to significantly stutter as soon as Professor Blinn strolled in. Next was a quiz, basically we were shown 10 clips for a minute each, applying our knowledge of cinematography for each.

After class I made my way to the uni centre, bumping into Andy, who joined me for some yoghurt then a walk to Albertson’s to get gummy bears (for his friend) and a top up card (for my phone). The walk was horrible, moving slowly through the rippling heat trying my best to stay in shade, even if it meant hugging poles and jumping from tree to tree. Relieved at finding credit, we quickly made our way back were I finally finished of the last of my chilli *thank god!* and some jelly then fixing my phone received a call from Crystal to head to Mikes for tutoring.

Starting of by knocking on the wrong house door “Crystal don’t you remember what it looks like” (she thought they looked similar even though Mikes house is NOT two stories and has a massive fountain out the front), the rest of tutoring went well, although Mikes a little full of himself, he knows his stuff and taught us everything he knows about After Effects. I can now make an animated movie; it’s much simpler than I thought…although with no twining I will have to get much better at timing through my drawings – Althea you’re my hero : )

After tutoring and a deep and meaningful with Crystal about finding out what she really wanted in life instead of doing what her parents wanted and join the family business she dropped me of outside the dorm and picking up my new external hard drive I tried to do some homework, but ended up door knocking to get more people to come with me tonight…so far still only me…everyone has other things to do…so annoying, the one time I decide to be spontaneous and everyone has something on ☹!

Whilst back in the room after planning to go to dinner at the buffet food court with Jen, Sanda and Sarah I had a great catch up with Dad : ) (highlight of my day) then it was of in Sarah’s car to Middle Earth were I loaded up on everything I could find! They had a Mexican table, two salad bars, sweets, cereals, hot food, sandwich bar, all types of drinks a coffee station…(I’ll have pictures on my album soon – they’ll be in OC) then laughing we attempted to sneak out as much food as we could (I managed two rolls a bagel and two peaches – apparently according to Jessie I have much to learn).

When back it was into the room and more homework before I left for the show (Jessie might be coming yay!) offering everyone brownies from last night.
Then at 10:15 I met Reiko downstairs and we made our way to little theatre, getting a small way there and realising I had forgot my phone, we walked back, deciding to dress in our PJ’s to get better seats, then when Eugene offered to drive, Jessie and Yoojin decided to come to!

Once there we made our way to the front, siting on the steps of the aisle as the small theatre was already bursting with people and applause. I even recognised a fair few people saying hi to them as I tried not to tread on people walking down. The show was FANTASTIC, it was team penguin vs. team Sadseme street (no I didn’t spell that wrong). There were some absolute classic moments the highlight being when the compare came through the audience for some one to interview and seeing Jessie point towards me he asked me to stand in front of everyone.

C: so what’s your name?
Me: Lesley
C: great and what year are you?
Me: aggh second year I think
C: cool and what’s your major
Me: Drama and Studio art (round of applause) – I appropriately curtseyed
C: so are you here with any one?
Me: yep these two (pointing to Jessie and Yoojin) and the girl over there in the green pants (Reiko)
C: agghh great, so Yoojin is it? (“yes”) Yoojin, what word would you use to describe Lesley?
Y: uummm…spicy (applause – me fanning myself and laughing)
C: and Lesley what word to describe Yoojin
Me: Happy (audience- aawwwww)
C: and Lesley what do you like to do besides drama, and stuff
Me: umm, cooking

With that he bounded back on stage and told the group of four to do a musical called Lesley…it was soo funny at one point a little wee came out…especially when wanting to be spicy like me one of the guys offered him self up as a giant chilli “if you rub me all over you, you will be spicy too” and that’s just what he did!

Ending the night with “yo mumma” jokes we walked back, cheeks sore, to Eugene’s car then saying goodnight I came up and went to bed


Thursday, October 18, 2007

I wanna go to Yoghurt land!

Today’s start was really hard; I lay in bed after the alarm trying to pry my eyes open with my fingers and literally had to roll out of bed with a thud to wake myself up (note to self, next time try to avoid the drawers). Breakfast was rushed as I run of to drama to cram in some more study time. When Benny arrived we passed on the Q & A and jumped straight into the exam. This time I found it much easier although I was stumped on the last question “what’s my last name” – come on Benny, I meet 30 people a week, I struggle with first names let alone last…I guessed smith and threw the paper on the pile sighing to see most had put down Wills, bummer.

Class was fairly boring spending time making up stories by each contributing one word – even if the stories were kinda bazaar, you know leprechauns and red rabbits that sing and dance in far away lands. After class I headed to the gym for some light exercise and yoga – I CAN TOUCH MY TOES…teehee so excited!

Walking back to the dorm with Sam I heated up some more chilli – trying to convince him to help me finish it (no luck) and smelling Sanda’s yummy meatloaf, then having a quick shower I went to the uni centre for a huge serving of yoghurt (I wanted to try 4 different flavours) and my next class (art). After lugging my artwork in again I was really annoyed to discover the class had been cancelled (get well Marta) so giving up I hid my project in the classroom (there’s no way I’m lugging it in again) grabbed some snacks and tried my best to do some more reading, embarrassingly I fell asleep at the table, waking up just in time for my next class.

We met in the Studio to start practicing straight away and after being split into groups ours was first up to film. I was on camera duty having fun talking through the headphones and pretending I was a professional, after a short break talking amongst ourselves and making friends with the guy in the “cage” (place you borrow equipment) we got back to filming, swapping our roles.

This time it was our turn in front of the camera; my role (according to the director) was “French maid”. I spent the next half hour pretending to dust cobwebs while he yelled, “frolic, come on Lesley, frolic FROLIC” at one stage I threw down my dust pan yelling for my agent. Over all it was pretty fun even if the guy did consider himself a Stanley Cubric “Stanley Cubric says if my actors don’t hate me by the end of the shoot I haven’t worked them hard enough” to which Hanan replied “yeah, but your no Stanley Cubric” …Meow!

After class I grabbed some Chinese and waited outside HIB 100 to see “Puffy Chair”, thinking no one would show (I’d invited everyone I’d bumped into that day) I bought my ticket and helped myself to the free food, to my surprise I was joined by Andy, and after a discussion about haircuts and ballet we headed in (stuffing food into our bags for later…thus is the life of a uni student). The movie was pretty funny – very Kenny-esque and the makers hung around after for Q and A. I even asked them whether they’d seen Kenny and after convincing them they should they asked whether it was better than theirs, unfortunately I didn’t answer quick enough…awkward

Getting our stickers signed, and saying goodbye to Peter “great questions Lesley” (teacher I met in the first week) we headed back to the bus stop, me trying to keep Andy warm the whole way – the poor guy nearly froze to death, I contemplated giving him my jumper, but as he had pants and I had shorts on I figured I needed more insulation. Waiting for the bus we bumped into a crowd of people heading out to a party then we tried getting a ride of a random guy (he was going the same way)

The bus arrived just in time, and showing him the shortcut (I wanted to beat Lauren back to prove it was shorter) we made it back to the dorm alive. Now I’m in my room watching Captain planet and trying to stay true to my promise to go to bed before midnight from now on.

But Sandas not here to tell me to go to bed so…muahahaha

Tomorrow’s gonna be big

P.S. Andy just informed me that they’re all heading to Yoghurt land! So unfair, the one time I can’t go…so bummed!


Today was a late start…very late, ignoring the alarm a few times and grudgingly getting up to pee, I made my way downstairs at about 9:30 shaking Sanda worried she was missing a class (it was cancelled…woops).

After toast, mmm vegemite, and a chat with Jan and a few others moseying around the kitchen I went back to my room to do some study before I came back down for lunch, on the menu was chilli again…I’m running out of ways to prepare it…I’ve had chilli with vegetables, chilli with salad, chilli with rice, chilli with pasta, chilli with chilli and some chilli on the side…it can be safely said that I’m slightly sick of chilli, but at least I haven’t had to cook for a few days ☺

After lunch I promised everyone I’d see them tonight to go to Hooters and headed out the door to catch the shuttle to uni, almost missing it again! Once at the flagpoles I contemplated heading into the grounds to see what all the balloons were about, but getting my yoghurt craving toddled of to Golden spoon instead, enjoying the sun and spending the next few hours reading for class and looking through Trader Joes for free bread samples (I got a whole piece this time…soft with a crunchy outing, and warm!) and buying some dried mango.

Taking my time to get to class I happened upon Cha and decided to have another browse at their tea menu, when a girl came out (recognising me from the farmers market) and offered me a free sample of Tapioca and mango iced tea…Tapioca is like little squishy black pearls made from sweet potato…very weird…deciding to throw caution to the wind I got their recommended cooler special “love at first sight” A combination of peach and passionfruit tea mixed with crushed ice, pearls and sour green mango pieces on top…YUM!

Then drinking it on the bridge that leads to the humanities area I tried to finish my reading before I had to go in…no such luck.
Class was ok, she expanded on our knowledge of cinematography and went through our storyboard assignments in more detail…which made me realise, she wants less detail than I originally thought.

Walking back to the buses with Nami, we chatted about the gym, full moons and Tapioca then showing her the shortcut home, I said goodbye and went up stairs to change for the gym (snacking on a cup of jelly along the way).

Whilst on the treadmill I bumped into Sam, who I later encouraged after bumping into some rowing friends attempting to practice. I also look much more convincing around the weights area, one girl even started to copy me…I guess if you look serious and your sweaty you get respect.

After a speed shower/hair wash I got dressed up and met the gang downstairs splitting up between 4 cars. Hooters was weird, getting a big welcome as we walked through the door, we were sat at three tables haphazardly pushed together and tried to order – I ended up with a Grilled chicken salad as I just couldn’t stomach anything deep fried…I was one of the lucky ones, I don’t think any one will be going back, except maybe Jan who managed to finish 20 chicken wings. The atmosphere was fun though, I dragged Arman (birthday boy) into played musical chairs and rallied behind Jan who almost won at Bingo (Mike wasn’t doing bad either) then we all laughed as Arman was placed in the centre of hokey pokey with all the hooters girls, blushing as they ended by throwing their bodies in chests out and everything!

After the restaurant and a scary ride home (Marta volunteered to drive as Arman had been drinking) Sanda Andy and I sat around in our room, strumming lazily on his guitar and talking about everything! – Including wombats and Kangaroos, I even tried to get them to say things in an Australian accent, they were lost at Aluminium…

Now listening to them drink next door – the night should get interesting
I write to everyone hoping your all well and having fun

Over and out

P.S> photos will be added tomorrow to my photo album

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fluro lime green!

Waking up before the alarm I lay in bed wondering whether Sanda had remembered to put it on, just as I started to doubt her the electric sound split the silence and laughing I watched Sanda literally jump a meter in the air to turn it of. Turning over and ignoring her watch (she sets her watch just in case she falls back to sleep again) she slept on allowing me to quickly slip out of bed, get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast.

After a hearty meal of weetbix and fruit I made my way through the cold crisp morning haze to the barn, and shaking of my shoes headed inside to prep for the test. Unfortunately all my study was for nothing as he informed us it was postponed to Thursday. Instead we went through last weeks test, luckily I passed…just, I got 6 out of 10, but I should have gotten 8 (he’s a bit nazy-ish when it comes to marking – you know those teachers that look for a particular word) any way I think I’ll be able to get at least one more, so 7 out of 10 isn’t bad.

Then pairing up (I was with Forest) we had to stand back to back and slowly lean on each other for support, unfortunately Forest is double my height with double my weight in muscle! So it was basically me trying to support his weight whilst sliding slowly across the floor in my socks. It then got weirder, we had to rub our backs from side to side “pretend your Balu the bear scratching his back on a tree” I think it’s the closest I’ve ever got with anybody, so naturally I was bright red, my ears ringing and I was bursting into spontaneous fits of silent laughter, which probably made it look worse!

After a massage we had to look at each other straight in the eye and tell each other one word then the other would respond with the first word that came to them and so on, our conversation started to get really weird, especially since we could only understand ever other word each other was saying, then, asked to do it in front of the class, we attempted to stifle our laughter until this

Me; tongue
Him: lick
Me: ice cream
Him: lick
Me: lollypop
Him: lick
Me: (cursing him under my breath)…lick (ha so there)
Him: tongue
Me: mouth

It completely fell apart when I mentioned the word Fluro, “what??” No one here has heard of fluro, its crazy, they actually take the time to say fluorescent! Then cracking up while we had fake interviews (Benny kept saying Yeah! In a really creepy way, and it was at the smallest things like, “so do you know any tongue twisters” “yes” “YEAH!) – When I see you, remind me to imitate it for you, its hysterical!

After spending an hour at the gym trying out a few different machines, and having a silent competition with the guy next to me on the treadmill, I walked back to the dorm for a shower (spying a girl drinking OJ from a glass jar – like ones you put cookies in). Making sure I had everything I did a sweep of the room before I left, then spotting my scarf I put everything down to throw it around my neck and of course walked out forgetting everything!

Of course I only realised this as I ran to the bus (it always seems to come just as I’m rounding the corner and have to run to catch it – yesterday I almost lost my scarf, until I saw the bus driver pointing behind me to go pick it up) sitting down puffing I kicked my self for forgetting my books but figured at least I had my artwork to hand in. once at Uni I grabbed a sandwich and yoghurt, meatloaf and Turkish bread form Trader Joes then headed to the bank to cash a cheque from the uni, bumping into Forest along the way who invited me to the Frat party on Friday – the theme is Pirates!

Making my daily appearance at Zot and go for water and snacks I headed over to Art, were after trying my hardest to be picked by people presenting the class ended before I got my turn (who ever presented would choose the next person – I probably looked like an idiot bobbing my head around to catch their eye and making “pick me” statements with my hands). Scoffing my snacks I walked down to video were after a few minutes we were escorted to the studio to go through procedures again.

Shooting was fun, I felt like a real camera operator as I followed instructions from the sound room through my headphones, I also had to act again and made Ulysis laugh when I commented on how much I loved the way he put emphasis on particular words
“But be careful to back up your work because files on your hard drive can be…cooorUpted” – he reminds me of one of those cool nightclub swingers from old movies, the ones snapping their fingers in the corner of a seedy night club.

Whilst walking past HIB after class I was reminded about the free movie the student centre was screening tonight and decided to see it (it was Rendition, with Reece Witherspoon and Jake Jilenhaul). Informed I should be back at 7, I went and had Chinese at the uni centre, then after browsing Alacasam listening to this little boy completely piss of the owner, I bought a book on anatomy and cloths, grabbed some more yoghurt and headed back to line up.

Whilst in line I started to get lonely, wishing I could call some friends from the dorm to meet me there, I decided instead to make some new friends, so jumping into the conversation of a few girls standing next to me I ended up watching it with them, coincidently finding out they were also part of AV. The movie was great, a little confusing, but it was so great to be in a theatre with 300 people that had the exactly same sense of humour, we laughed together, screamed together, and cried together…ok, maybe it was just me.

There was this one part were we see the little son playing in the yard and with technical issues the screen went black emitting what sounded like gun shots – we all screamed in outrage, thinking the boy had been shot, then laughing realised what had happened!

I caught the bus back with the girls, getting to know Jamie really well (and bumping into Jan and David) then saying goodbye I head into the dorm, telling everyone about my adventure and my artwork as they laughed and waited for Jan to get back to go to the gym as a group.

Now I’m watching the Incredibles before bed
- I found this great site with free videos -

Till tomorrow : )

Monday, October 15, 2007

I’m singin’ in the rain

Sleeping through the night fairly lightly I was startled this morning by the alarm, noticing Sanda jump to, I turned over knowing she would turn it off. Sure enough the sound was muted and I continued to drift back to sleep, just as I felt my limbs become heavy and eyes close peacefully it pierced the air again (dam the sleep function).

Well for the next hour I experienced what prisoners do when they are being tortured through sleep depravation, she put it on sleep 5 times!! When she finally left the room I thought the nightmare was over, so sighing heavily and trying to ignore the sun now shining exactly between my nose and forehead I concentrated on getting some sleep…after all the light from Sanda’s side had kept me up till 1am (I’m thinking of investing in a face mask…I found one in the desk, but I don’t think I should use it). Then again just as I sunk into the pillow BEEP BEEP BEEP, screaming at it to shut up and hoping Sanda wouldn’t walk in the room (cos at this stage I would have punched someone) I got up, waked its off button and throwing on my jumper and uggs stomped downstairs to breakfast.

Putting on one of the Avatar videos I got yesterday I excitedly made some toast (haven’t had it in a while) and after grabbing some dried fruit I walked back up stairs to finish some homework. After getting lost in time drawing I got dressed to make an appearance at the gym before class.

The day was overcast, so after showering and a handful of grapes I made sure I dressed in something warm and made way to the uni centre for sushi, yoghurt and a browse in the comic book store. Checking the time with someone I headed back to uni to finish my chores, on the list was

- Bathroom…an easy task
- Picking up my proper student card! (yay, I finally get to spend zot bucks without people asking for the manager to inquire how to enter the card into the computer!)
- Getting water and snacks for the screening in class
- And trekking it ALL THE WAY across campus to get my booklets for Video
I decided to cut across the park, shorter but slightly more bush waking involved

Running back I made my way into the lecture getting comfy and pulling out my snacks I got ready to watch Singin in the rain, SO GREAT! I love that movie; afterwards I literally bounded up the aisle trying my hardest to stop clicking my heels (I did it later when no one was looking).

Driving back on the bus I talked to a friend from my discussion class, and after getting bared by my teacher (she did what I do when I just feel like listening to my ipod, you politely end the conversation and smiling turn around shoving the headphones back in…it was kinda funny actually)

Dinner was Chilli – again (almost finished), now I’m just waiting for heroes to start, watching a Judy Garland Biography and thinking about tomorrow – my art work is due as well as another acting exam, lets hope this one goes better than the last

Until then, smile like you mean it : )

Sunday, October 14, 2007

How many bunnies can you see – 11 bunnies looking at me

Today I woke from a nightmare a little rattled so after washing my face I decided against sleeping in further and headed downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast. Getting bored of just weetbix I added some other types to shake it up and after drizzling honey and hot water over it (as well as a sprinkle of sultanas and cherries) I gobbled it up quickly, watched the rest of Zoe 101 (I thought Avatar would come after) and made my way to the uni centre to print of my reading and grab some lunch.

Arriving to find everything closed I walked into FedEx to inquire about printing stuff from the net and was fortunate to discover they were free to print it right away, I just had to send them and email and wait a little while (as long as I don’t expect the same thing every time…I assured them however that I worked in the service industry to and what doing something nice for someone can lead to)

Whilst I waited I grabbed some yoghurt from golden spoon (New York Cheesecake and Fudge brownie) then sitting in the warm sunlight with some brand new highlighters and fresh warm paper straight from the printer I began the 56 page reading for Visual Media. At about 20 pages in, food from the various restaurants filtered over the breeze along with the laughing of children playing around the fountain and tummy grumbling I headed into Cha for Tea for some Wonton Noodle soup.

After lunch and another ½ hour I had finally finished reading so grabbing a can of soup from trader Joes I headed over to Albertson’s for the rest of my groceries (I found little jelly cups and fruit icy poles) I also picked up a few vids from Blockbuster (3 Avatars and Brave little toaster). Arriving home a little tired from carting the groceries I crashed on the couch with some jelly and yoghurt and began to watch Battle Royal with Jan…big mistake, its one of the most violent films I’ve ever seen! I think it may even be worse than Sin City…basically for those of you who have been fortunate enough not to see it, it involves a group of 40 kids placed on an island to kill each other…like Lord of the flies, if the young English boys were Asian…and had machine guns.

After the movie (and a promise that Jan would watch Brave little toaster with me later) I headed to the gym, then walking back in the cool air I spotted a bunny, remembering the 11 I saw last night. Dinner was chilli con carne again (I have a massive batch) as well as an icy pole, and now I may join Anna for the international food meeting going on in one of the houses (we were supposed to sign up for a group…woops)

Catch ya later

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well today was fairly uneventful, I woke up at around 8 and having nothing to do I did a few stretches and after tidying up my room (ok, straightening some paper) I went downstairs for breakfast.

The dorm was eerily quite as most still lay in bed or were trying to find their way back from LA (a few went clubbing in little Tokyo last night). So eating my cereal alone and snaking on some fruit I got dressed in something warm and grabbing my rain coat walked over the University Centre to check out the Farmers market again (free fruit here I come!)

Picking some peaches (this time getting the lady to help me find the ripe ones – the last ones I chose were all hard) I moseyed around bumping into a few familiar faces and convincing the dips guy that I still hadn’t finished the one I bought last time I grabbed some yoghurt, fresh raisin and Cinnamon bread and other free delights.

Tummy full and the ominous rain clouds growing closer I decided to pop into the book store to exchange my external hard drive and buy some paper for my art major work, two pieces cost me $20! After wrapping them in two plastic bags and browsing through the Latin American medicine fair they had around the flag poles I wondered home to begin drawing.

It didn’t take me long to complete the work, as its all about the ‘process’ rather than the final product (it basically involved me flicking water on giant pieces of paper and drawing around them, then wrapping A4 pages around trees and tracing over the creases they made) bumming around for the rest of the afternoon, just watching Avatar, getting a good granny nap, reading and watching Mrs Doubt Fire I decided to head to the gym to talk to Forest and work up an appetite.

When I arrived back to the dorm I met Sarah in the kitchen and asking her what had become of everyone else I scoffed into my Chilli con carne and listened to her talk about work and everyone’s trip to LA.

Now I’m alone again in my room, watching The weekenders and trying to think of a productive way I can spend the next few hours before bed…or I might just go to bed early

Later days : )

Friday, October 12, 2007

Updates to my photo album

There are two new photos albums
- Meeting James and
- My drawings
I have also added photos to "The OC"

All Geek and Proud of It!

I met James Baxter and it was brilliant Brilliant BRILLIANT!!!

I’m getting ahead of myself, the beginning (it seems so long ago). An angry alarm and dark morning found Sanda and I sleepily getting up to head to the train station, we figured we’d leave our selves at least 45 minutes to get there to make room for sleepy mistakes. Eating breakfast and blinking at each other occasionally as the only form of communication we could muster we slipped quietly out of the house at around 7:00, not that early but we went to bed at one, and made the cross country trek to Sanda’s car (she doesn’t want to pay the $200 for a parking permit…fair enough).

After starting the car a couple of times and getting out to wipe the frost of the window we headed to the station making a couple of wrong turns along the way and laughing about the difference in driving in our respective cities, not to mention the mutual dislike for bike riders that take over the road (there was a massive parade of them).

Dropping me outside the doors just as the sun started peeking out over the mountains I briskly headed in to get my round trip tickets and wait on platform 2 for the train, taking photos like I’d never seen a station before and praying all the while the train would be on time. At 7:47 the announcers voice crackled over the stereo and turning down my ipod I was relieved to hear it was on its way, right on schedule!

The train trip was relaxing, sitting quietly reading my drama book I finished the chapter and spent the last few minutes staring out the window and taking photos of myself being a looser (much to the amusement of the man sitting opposite me). As we slowed into Union station I gathered my things and stumbled down the stairs to leap out when the doors slid open and run down to platform 10 to catch the yellow line to Pasadena, figuring I’d work out when I had to get of once on it.

Fortunately I met a really nice man on the train that had just finished his graveyard shift at the post office and called his wife to ask which station I should get of at, meanwhile chatting about the funny things his daughters and Lily had in common (they are all around the same age). Getting of at Memorial station I waved goodbye and with scribbled directions in my hand hitched up my portfolio and climbed the stairs to Raymond st.

Getting lost a couple of times (lucky I came early) and stopping at Famima for a drink, I soaked up the scene at Pasadena (loads of restaurants, a little like Sydney, but nicer) and squealed upon the discovery of James Baxter Animation studios number 32 Mills place! Legs weakening and nerves rising I climbed the stairs with sweaty palms clinging to the railing till my knuckles turned white and with a gulp tiptoed into the reception.

- From now on I will need to be more discreet for privacy purposes, but will try and tell you as much as I can

Once inside I was greeted with a friendly smile by the girls in the inking room and after shakily telling them I was there to meet James (using his name like we were best friends already) I was guided into his office were the master sat doing what he does nest…drawing!

The nest three hours were a sort of blur as I tried to soak up every detail I could, watching him finish his picture for cleanup for a while we chatted about both our lives and discussed what I wanted to get out of the meeting. After his drawing was done we took a tour of the studio were I got to meet all the people integral to this fascinating process, they included some of the animators, the cleanup artisit, the lady incharge of scanning and answering phones, the inkers and Chris, whos an assistant director in charge of putting everything together.

As we looked over my drawings, discussed our favourite artists and looked at some of James’s sketches I could feel my confidence grow and upon being asked to go with them to lunch to see a girl that just got hired by Disney as a Visual Development assistant I eagerly said yes (by this time my nerves had sent me to the bathroom at least three times). Travelling with Chris to Burbank we chatted about my aspirations, the industry’s history, were its going, how hard it is to get a start with people keeping doors closed and my life in general (he’s such a nice guy! I think he may be a bigger geek than me). When we arrived at Pinocchio’s we quickly found the others and headed to the cafeteria style bar to grab our food (Chris even shouted me for the meal!) then chowing down on meatballs and other Italian delights I jumped in the convo as often as I could, discussing Halloween, Easter, the industry and what the other girl was up to (I feel horrible I’ve forgotten her name, I think it was Lauren) She gets to work under GLEN KEEN, agghhh sooo lucky I did an inward freak out when I found out.

After lunch and a bittersweet farewell, (don’t worry I got her email) we headed back to the studio, then collecting my things ( I wish I could have stayed forever) I said goodbye, James asking me to stay in touch…
“I hope you mean that, because you’ll be hearing from me a lot”
“Remember us when your rich and famous”
“Of course, it’ll be my turn to shout lunch”

Then with one last sigh (and another photo of the bathroom) I made my way down stairs back to reality more determined than ever be in the industry and do what I love! I don’t care how many doors are closed on me or how many gates I have to camp outside of, I’m getting in : )

Grabbing a Jamba juice as I floated back to the train station, I was stopped only once to pose for a free profile sketch (also in my photo album) then getting back into Union station I decided on a whim to make the pilgrimage to MOCA (museum of Contemporary Art, for Advanced drawing) which wasn’t bad I even got to see Walt Disney Concert Hall on the way.

After looking at giant soft toys, buildings with walls missing, sections of floor and other strange displays I caught the bus back to the station and after missing my train (I was in the station and didn’t hear them call it out!) I waited for another hour and at 6:30 swapped my ticket and caught the metro and a taxi back to Uni, were after grabbing a bite to eat and an extra large serving of yoghurt I walked to the dorm (the buses had stopped running) dancing the entire way…

I did this while waiting at the station

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little Lanky Lesley Loves to Laugh

Possible exam questions running through my mind I awoke startled at how fast the night slipped by and lay in bed doing some stretches while I planned how I would get around to doing all my errands, laughing as images of last night flashed through my head…before I go on we played the name game after giving Eugene his cake last night…basically you have to say a word that begins with the first letter of your name then do an action, as you go round the circle the names build up:

Marvellous Meredith (did a spin)
Amazing Ara (do a bow)
Armenian Arman (do a kick)
Eager to drink Eugene (drink from an imaginary bottle)
Super Sarah (fist in the air)
Youthful Yoogin (cupped hands around face)
Joyful Jina (piece signs)
Elegant Elodi (foot in front)
Just Jen (shrug)
Naughty Nami (whip action)
Sexy Sam (doctor evil)
Dangerous David (gun) Рit was going to be dirty, but it started to get too risqu̩ at that end
Jelly Jan (rub tummy)
Lanky Lesley (wobble about)
Kiss ass Kyce (punch air)
Jogging Josh (run on spot)
Astonishing Ana (hand over mouth)
Muscle Mariko (muscle)
Relaxed Reiko (sigh)
And...Freddie the fish, no explanation necessary

By the end we all were so exhausted we went to bed.

So after laughing and stretching I slid out of bed to double check the time, my heart fell into my stomach, I had 15 minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast and get to my drama test, looking at Sanda sleepily putting on her coat I asked about the alarm and she said she made it later last night...why???

Scoffing down some fruit and running out the door I just made it in time to see Benny opening the barn doors, and slipping in I quickly ran over my notes one last time.
The exam was a disaster, for some reason I had spent so long memorising all the names in the story (its Russian so there names like Gorgorov, Shchepkin and Stanislavaski) I forgot the actual author so when asked about him I thought he was an obscure character from the book, making stuff up (if I had known it was the author the exam would have been easy) I handed in the paper feeling dejected especially as I realised my mistake, oh well, there’s always next time.

After Drama I raced back home grabbed more food and dashed to the AV office to pick up my parcel (thanks Dad and Yvette) then hiding it in the Community centre as I didn’t have time to take it back to my room I caught the bus into uni to take money out of the wall and then it was back on the bus to the housing office to pay for accommodation (I was late as we got the letter on the 11th saying you had to have paid by the 10th..stupid I know, but at least the fine was only $10) catching my breath before I left it was a short stop to the doctors office were I refuted my cancellation fine of $25, not loads but it’s the principal of the thing, after filling out the sheet with details of my sad story, I threw the paper back at the desk and ran of to grab some lunch before meeting my tutor at 12, lunch was sushi from Trader Joes…not bad for supermarket brand as well as good’ol golden spoon.

The meeting with my tutor went great, we went through the quiz I would have had to take tomorrow; I aced it, shame I won’t be there to take it (the one I did today wont count, I just wanted to assure her I knew my stuff) but feeling better I airily made my way though Zot and go for fruit, nuts and water then bounded of to Art to present my sketches. After feeling bared upon my entrance...”hey guys”…silence…I finally got one of the boys talking, and after spending an hour or so discussing careers, art and University systems in Australia and America it was my turn to show my work. Mara really like them (don’t worry Michelle I’m still sending you a picture) and I plan to do my final piece really big so I’m out of my comfort zone a little.

Scoffing the rest of my snacks I made my way to video were we went through the studio in detail (getting ready for the mid terms) and I embarrassed Ulysese (teacher) by comparing him to my mum…he likes the ambiance of dimmed light, and it reminded me of eating with mum under candlelight…”come on girlies light some candles, its so much nicer, I love the ambiance!” “But mum, I can’t see my dinner”

After class I almost froze to death standing outside talking to Mike about tutoring, he’s going to teach me everything he knows (the guy builds computers…he’s a little freaky) so I agreed on $30 an hour (it will be Crystal and I) and we spent the time talking about animation and its place in our respective lives…he’s a little cocky but he seems to know what his talking about, although I don’t think he thinks I draw well…”oh you draw like all the other Australians”…he’s only met two…me and another guy, obviously we collectively represent the entire continent!

Then shivering like an idiot I half limped half run to the bus, stopping to talk to the video reps on the way and watching the driver make a tight corner by some really nice cars (we were all cheering her on). I picked up my box on the way home, and after black bean soup and mango for dinner (not to mention a talk about food across the world with Yoojin, Jina and Anna – Korean, Chinese and French respectively) I ripped it open to be reunited with my drawings and pencils.

Now its homework time as I listen to some guys romance Anna, Nami and Mariko outside my door (they are in French class with Nami)

And Its of to meet James tomorrow, I’m so excited I just might scream...there I did it, ok I think they heard me…bye!

back: Sam (glasses), Jan, David, Ara, Arman, Kyce, (forget)
Middle: Yoojin (peace sign), Jina, Nami, Jen, Me, Elodie
Front: Rieko, Sarah, Mariko, Anna, Eugene, Josh, Sanda
- Meredeth (our RA) is lying in the front

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

EXTRA EXTRA read all about it!

Hello faithful readers, well done for hanging in thus far, today began as most others do, an alarm, a snooze and a hearty breakfast (my last pieces of toast actually) then sitting around in my ugg boots for the next few hours, checking my emails and reading up on the Purple Rose of Cairo, a Woody Allen film we were made to watch yesterday, I proceeded to the gym before it was of to have lunch at the uni centre.

The weather is also much more bearable, I could actually walk around in the sun without fear of melting onto the pavement and some one scraping me of to the side. Choosing the same lunch as yesterday (with extra eggplant) I tried coconut island golden spoon for a change and was fortunate to taste the warm chapatti bread they had at Trader Joes.

Wasting time at Zot-and –go picking out an assortment of fruit and nuts to last me through my impending lecture, I sat outside in the shade, sipping water and staring at the passers by, wondering who they were and where they were going. The lecture was reasonably boring as we covered lighting Again! Something I’ve had to do in at least three classes, not including the ones here. But at least I knew what they were talking about, and could explain it to Nami.

Before I left I arranged with my discussion tutor when I could see her tomorrow as I’ll miss Fridays class (James Baxter here I come!!) then agreeing with Nami to meet her later to organise something for Eugene’s birthday (sneaky bugger had it yesterday and didn’t tell us) I headed to the Book store to see if they had an external hardrive for a good price as well as a book with some decent fashion ideas (I ended up buying Jane magazine).

As the sun sunk low behind the mountains and the breeze took on a chilling edge I slowed through the markets to look at a cute jacket (unfortunately looked much better on the coat hanger) then arrived at the bus stop just as it was pulling in.

When I arrived home I was greeted by the international class studying in the lounge room, so whipping up a stir-fry I sat down to join in. Unfortunately I came at the end, but Meredith hung around to talk and when I had finished we both made up a huge poster were people can write down their birthdays. As it neared 7, Evelyn and I decided to take of for the Student Council meeting, we are the house reps, and whilst enjoying some fish lollies I found in my pocket…they were still good…we listened to ideas, budgets and protocol then signed up for the Newsletter team.

I think I’m going to have a cooking page, as well as a travel tips page from all the international students, you know, “Here’s the best place to go in MY country...blah blah blah”

At 8pm we were released and discussing past sport activities and bunk beds we strode back to the house . now I’m in the room waiting to see if we’re doing anything for Eugene tonight (personally I hope we go to yoghurt land) but as its nearing 10 I don’t think anything will happen, I guess you’ll find out tomorrow, wish me luck in my drama test!

Over and out

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Another busy day and early morning, I woke for drama at quarter to 7 (my accent is coming out so much I almost spelt that as quarta) I tried honey on my wheetbix (not bad) and ran of to the barn reading my notes as I went. Upon Benny’s arrival we were informed there would be no test…for now…instead we warmed up by pretending we were as big as the universe, something I’ve never considered as a small person, and then spent an hour leading each other around pretending to be blind.

I went first, lead by Trisha, we explored the oval for ½ an hour, touching trees, tripping up stairs and hugging poles (I just wanted to see how big it was ok…) then it was my turn to lead her, I had so much fun. Starting of by pretending to walk over board walks (they were just foam planks on the ground) I took her through a ropes course, over a tightrope, under an imaginary tree (right in the middle of the oval I just started bending over to mess with her, she kept reaching up to see what we were walking under...classic) I also kept making well done signs at her (we couldn’t talk) forgetting she couldn’t see me…come on you’ve all done it, shaking your head on the phone thinking they can see you…

After drama I hit the gym then quickly showered and caught the shuttle to the uni centre were I met a girl at the bus stop that coughed into her hand, then looking at it shrugged and popped what ever came out BACK INTO HER MOUTH! Lunch was a fresh baguette with chicken, eggplant, basil, lettuce and an enormous quantity of garlic butter…not too good when your trying to have a convo with some one and butter is oozing out the sides all over your face and hands.

Golden Spoon for dessert of course and a quick trip into Kinko’s to prepare for my artist presentation took me to class at one. It went great they were all really impressed that I was able to get in touch with Michelle (thanks again!) even the guy that made us all stand up before his presentation and stretch (get those hips rolling like your trying to scrape the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar!)

There was also a really funny moment when Mara (the teacher) asked whether any one had covered a particular artist. One girl pipped up and said “Yeah they did, you know that girl…the short Asian one…she’s really quite” well she definitely is quiet cos no one had noticed she was IN the room…woops

Video came next, and after watching some past students works…some incredibly creepy…we mucked around in the computer labs and finished up discussing the best external hardrive I should buy.

On the way home I hit Trader Joes for some groceries...and my third serve of fresh bread for the day, then having a joke with the check out guy I just made it to the bus were I chatted to a girl I just met in the dorm.

Dinner was stir fried prawns and veggies, and these weird dried apples that are disgustingly addictive…by that I mean they taste revolting, but you can’t stop eating them…even the boys agree. Then watching Sam play poker and discussing languages we finished up, washed up and I put on a load of washing, including one of the boys clothes on my floor…saves his mum having to do it…boys

Well that’s about all for now, until tomorrow

Monday, October 8, 2007

What happened to movies with happy endings?

Its amazing how piercing the sound of an alarm can be when your deep in sleep, it cuts through the air like a knife almost electrocuting you.
That’s how I awoke this morning, jumping into the air like I’d sneezed, I looked around for the cause of the sound then peering at the clock mockingly showing 7am I sighed heavily and rolled over, realising that only Sanda had to be up early this morning.

After a further 15 minutes of light dozing I gave up trying to get back to sleep and headed downstairs for breakfast, making double sure I had my key! After toast and yoghurt and the odd assortment of fruit I sighed heavily at the state of the kitchen (it didn’t take long) feeling sorry for the cleaner that was just about to arrive, I headed upstairs to do some homework (I finally finished my artist presentation…thanks Michelle!)

As the clock edged towards 12 I got dressed and headed to the gym to try out the pump and sculpt class (its my goal to test all the classes out) what a crazy one, I did pretty well at first keeping up with the squats and trying hard not to look at myself in the mirror…I hate those full length ones, who wants to see themselves sweating and turning red! Unfortunately I completely lost it when it came down to exercising on the balls, lost the ball that is…three times, it was so embarrassing on two occasions I completely slipped of and falling with a small scream the ball bounded across the room narrowly missing a girl on the way. Trying again to position myself like everyone else I finally gave up and with a three-year-old demeanour chucked the ball on its little pedistool and continued on the floor, a slight pitying look from the instructor.

After a shower and some more fruit I headed to the Uni centre to get some lunch before class, unfortunately I forgot my handy card so grabbing some fresh (out of the oven) taster bread from Trader Joes I ended up heading back onto campus to use my student card (which still has a fair bit of Zot bucks left). Whilst walking through the grounds feeling as though I would melt from the suns intensity the heat rippling the air before me and pavement glaring underfoot I was surprised to find a big market going on. Kicking myself again for being cashless I casually perused the stores then checking the time headed to Quiznos for a sandwich.

Class wasn’t bad, I found Nami (the girl from my dorm that I’ve been tutoring) and I met Sarah a girl from my discussion class, then flipping through the lecture outline we sat through a few explanations and watched a Woody Allen film, Purple Rose of Cairo, if you like happy endings, don’t see this film! During the break I grabbed a snack, another tub of yoghurt and some mixed fruit and nuts, from the serve yourself bar.

Well having hit my quota on dried fruit, I trudged home with my stomach aching and fell groaning onto the couch, choosing to stay there most of the night, getting up only to make a light dinner and after watching heroes I spent a couple of hours getting deep and meaningful with Jan while he waited for Sam to watch a scary movie (we also watched the chipmunks adventure…for the second time today, we both know all the words!)

Now it’s of to bed, I have a test in drama tomorrow and my presentation in art

Oh P.S. I just found out that the bonfire did end up happening…so peeved!