Saturday, October 27, 2007


Today seemed to be fairly full on, however in hind site, nothing much happened really, I woke up early, fumbling around in the dark and headed quietly down stairs for some breakfast, this time fitting in three pieces of toast as I felt slightly peckish. Going back upstairs to get dressed, I discussed the days plans with Sanda then headed to the gym.

Everything seemed the same except the lady with an afro so large it seemed to have a mind of its own. Once back in the dorm I showered and collected my things for Visual Media. The discussion was fun watching Dayna go ballistic over the DVD player that never seems to work

“I had something else I wanted to show you guys, but if I try it I may just…go absolutely insane, and kill myself”!

Poor Dayna, after class I ran to the uni centre for lunch knowing that Mike wanted me to meet with him in the studio as soon as I could (“I have to eat mike or I wont function”) after breathing down sushi and yoghurt, I don’t think I even tasted it I was eating so fast, I limped back to campus with indigestion and noticing my phone flashing I listened to its message, groaning, to hear he’d cancelled!

I kept on the path to the studio as I needed to pick up some equipment from the Cage (I’m shooting some of my film this weekend). After amusing the guy behind the desk with my exasperation about having to fill out the sheets again (they keep loosing them) I waited outside for Crystal, who had promised to help me take the things back to my dorm.

Waiting patiently for around ½ and hour, staring fixedly at the bees going about their business, she finally arrived and we drove back to AV. Whilst taking the things into the house, naturally I dropped the lights on my foot (my poor toe is squashed, swollen and bleeding) and was helped up the stairs by Nami (who I ironically helped later with a burn).

Tutoring at Mikes was a little pointless as he quickly ran out of things to show me, but he did give me some neat sites to go to, not to mention a killer book on Maya animation and modelling (online book). We left after 5 hours or so and discussing Bipolar disorders on the way home (I seem to get into the most random conversations) she dropped me back at the dorm were I had dinner and got ready to go out to Shocktober Fest.

I dressed in my stripy socks and purple/black dress, draping blue beads around my neck and anything else I could add. Then at 8 we left for the party, steering a completely wasted Jan towards the fun (although I think he was having enough of his own fun). There was a lot to see at the student centre, even more than the people (look at photos), I even saw Dora the Explorer and took some happy snaps of Optimus Prime. Most girls chose the Slutty ______ (insert any profession there) costume while the boys went for costumes even more outrageous (one guy just wore a towel). Once we’d had a browse and played a couple of carnival games (the line for the haunted house looked a little long) we made our way down to the concert were we stayed for over an hour, bopping our heads and feeling slightly awkward at not knowing any of the songs, or performers, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever felt so white in my whole life.
Getting tired we decided to check out the haunted house, getting startled on the way back by smoke billowing in the near distance (cops told us it was just the steam plant). Getting separated from the other, Natalia and I (from London) caught the bus back to the dorm, chatting to a couple of guys while we waited.

Upon arriving home, I grabbed some food and told Sanda of my night. Well I better hit the sack

Please write back and tell me what you’ve been up to, even if it’s to say “nothing”

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