Friday, October 5, 2007

I just don’t think I bend that way

Waking up to the piercing sounds of Sanda’s alarm clock I sank back into the pillow smiling at the fact I didn’t have to be up yet. As the sun crept higher up the wall and I finished planing my morning in my head I arose to head downstairs for toast and Jelly : ) always a great way to start the day!

Going back to the room to get dressed I was dismayed to discover a locked door (Sanda had left and locked it) so still in my pjs I trekked down to head office to get another key, gawked at by gardeners along the way. Once I let myself back in and got changed I finished my notes for class and headed to meet Nami outside HIB, dropping the key back on the way.

Our tutoring session lasted about 40 minutes, and once I was sure she understood everything in the readers (she’s from Korea so there’s not just a knowledge gap but a language one too! I don’t know how she does it…and she’s learning French!) I double checked my classroom number and followed a girl heading the same way (I think I make at least 3 new friends a day)

Discussion class was great, we started with an intro about the lecturer then played film trivia bingo! I can’t wait to start watching movies, I even suggested we watch Iron Giant and she agreed!

Class ended at 10 to 12 and feeling Hungary I went to the Uni Centre to get Pizza, (bbq chicken, eggplant, onion and olives…soo yummy) and some yoghurt then headed back to my room to change for the gym and pick up my papers for the international centre, something I dropped of before my yoga class at 2.

Yoga was painful, mainly self inflicted as I spent the first 20 minutes pinching my self to stop from laughing, you know how I get, one mention of finding your “happy place” and I lost it, at one stage I even snorted, which reminded my of someone farting, of course sending me into another fit of laughter.

Then at one stage we had to bend forward with our legs straight keeping our spines straight as well, watching everyone bend to the floor the teacher pitied me sitting completely upright, thinking I didn’t understand the instructions she came over to help me, I looked at her sadly as she tried pushing me forward and said simply…”I just don’t think I bend that way”

As it was the last day to try out classes before you had to pay I decided to try out a few others, first was a form of Karate, but based purely on self defence, (we spent the whole time stepping back and forth…I’m serious) then I walked next door to hip hop…don’t worry I think I’ll be leaving that to Al and Lil, I have absolutely no co-ordination in that department, I felt like Steve Martin in the Jerk!

Then it was a few minutes on the treadmill and meeting Melissa (the girl I made friends with on the bus on the way over) I made my way back to the dorm for dinner, and more jelly! Chatting to Sarah, Ashley, Jina, and Eugene (also a girl) as I munched away I eventually excused myself and headed upstairs to finish my homework.

Oh and finally a note to myself, always make sure the light is turned on to 15 minutes BEFORE having a shower, or I’ll have another one in the dark! Something you don’t want to do in a public bathroom ; )


Anthony said...

You've made more friends in like a week or so than I've made in my entire life!

Anthony said...

In other news: <- Something your dad might like

AND <- More Wall-E goodness!

Lel said...

I know its a little crazy!

I looked at the Wall-E thing, SO CUTE, I can't
wait to see it..oh you never told me what dvd
came out...

oh I listened to the CD today (sorry I'm so late)
its so good! I love the stuff from toy story and
really love the stuff from Rat, oh and the little
animation is that yours? its excellent very profesh

talk soon

Lel said...

oh wait, you did : )

what are the special features like?

Anthony said...

That thing is mine, yeah. I started redoing it today, wasn't fully happy with the finished thing.

I haven't bought the DVD...figured I'd just wait for you to come back and we'll watch it together or something