Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Knott's SSCCCCAAAARRRRRYYYY farm muahahahha!!

Sorry about the delay folks, arriving home at 2 this morning pretty much all I could think about was hitting the sack, but here it is the tale of Knott’s SCARY farm, oooooohhhhh.

It started like any other morning, getting up early for drama and heading to the barn with trepidation as the prospect of a test loomed over me. Lucky for me its still on Thursday, (instead we were handed poems to perform for Thursday – see bellow) so getting through a quick warm up we jumped straight into our first exercise, the question game. Basically you are paired with someone and must ask each other questions, until one of you can’t think of any and its back to the end of the line. Having fun discovering the best questionnaires of the group, we moved on to high status low status, were the objective was to raise your self up whilst bringing your partner down (and visa versa). I thought the first was much easier, although it surprised me how difficult asking questions was (I know many of you are raising your eyebrows) it was the urge of wanting to answer the questions that was difficult to suppress ☺

Gathering on the floor to discuss our trial and error, we proceeded to extend the game in a more skit like capacity, Kelsey and Ya’Ell were up first. It was funny to watch as Ya’Ell upon being ordered to shine Kelsey’s shoes ran out of the classroom and literally brought in Kelsey’s shoes to spit and polish. Next up was Clayton and I, however midway through our Cop and robber routine (I was the interrogating cop, with a manly Australian accent – have no idea were it came from, and he was the guy who’d stolen gum) it turned into a full blown skit, going on until I finally locked home away, unable to believe his bribes of boats, diamonds and women!

Classes were broken up by the gym and lunch then it was back into campus for yoghurt (an extra large serving to get me through the day) and Art. Art was all right, presenting our instructional pieces, making everyone laugh as I described the look on Sanda’s face as she sat watching me rip of photos, throw them in the air, then pick them up again. After being set presentation assignments for Thursday (agghh, I’m gonna be flat out on Wednesday…I hope I get time to trick-or-treat) I moved on to video grabbing some water along the way as the last trails of fire smoke still linger in the air drying out my mouth.

Video began straight way in the studio working on Hanan’s set so filming could take place (we had to make a bed on a table and light it so that keying was possible – taking out the green and making it look like it was flying) leaving in the beginning to get some Knott’s Scary farm tickets for mike, and some snacks of course, I arrived back to see the bed up and took my place within the crew, moving lights, straightening sets and fanning the bed to make it seem like the wind was moving the sheets.

The entire process took 2 hours, to which we quickly swapped to Mike, getting Bret up on the table (I pretended to be his make up artists and personal assistant as I waited for further instructions) however as the clock struck 10 to 6 I apologised for not being able to stay back and ran to the dorm to get ready to meet the gang at 6:45.

Dinner was rushed as I hurried to be on time, then having to wait for Andy, our convoy finally left just past 7. 7 in Andy’s car and 5 in Eugene’s, welcoming two girls from next door to take up the remaining tickets (people kept cancelling on me at the last minute…at one stage I was out $100…Thanks again Sam!!)

Knott’s was fantastic, keeping everyone together we headed first to Silver bullet, an insane roller coaster which left your feet dangling in the air as you went over and through a total of 7 loops, spirals, and dips, screaming like the girls the whole way. A little wobbly we then headed straight for one of the scary mazes, “The doll factory” Laughing at Anna and Elodie as they ran screaming through almost the entire thing. Not wasting time I lead everyone to another ride (Ghost rider) unfortunately the line took an hour, the only highlight being when Andy started playing clapping games with the girls behind us and there was a bit of beef between a large girl and guy waiting to the side. The ride however was absolutely INSANE, at one stage I felt like my head was going to unscrew itself, Dad you would have Loved it!! The dips were enormous the speed was monumental and the rocking of the cart as it teetered of edged was incredible. Swearing ourselves hoarse we arrived back with a jolt, and picking our mouths and various other appendages of the floor headed to our next maze.

Arriving to discover it was almost midnight we instead ran to the Xcelerator but finding it closed scared ourselves in Killer Clown Kolledge instead. Then leaving Elodie and Anna to calm down and tour the gift store we went to the grudge maze – sooo scary, in the first room we saw the girl creeping down the stairs making that eerie clicking sound (if you have not seen the grudge I suggest you do). Leading everyone out (I don’t know how I ended up having to go through first) to see that everything was winding to a close we decided to gather everyone up and head home.

Worried the entire time why Sanda hadn’t called (she was going to meet us there) I fell asleep in the car, tired and full after stacks of lollies and scares. Then coming back to discover Sanda was not in the room (almost 2) I searched frantically, then unable to keep my eyes open crashed on the bed (don’t worry she’s here now).

Well until tonight

(ps after all that filming in video, Scott (whos only job it was to press record) didn’t do it properly – 2 and a half hours of filming for nothing!...Poor Hanan)

The poem I have to perform:

My life’s blossom might have bloomed on all sides
Save for a bitter wind, which stunted my petals
On one side of me, which you in the village could see
From the dust I raise a voice of protest
My flowering side you never saw!
Ye living ones, Ye are fools indeed
Who do not know the way of th wind
And other unseen forces
That govern the processes of life.

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