Sunday, October 14, 2007

How many bunnies can you see – 11 bunnies looking at me

Today I woke from a nightmare a little rattled so after washing my face I decided against sleeping in further and headed downstairs to the kitchen for some breakfast. Getting bored of just weetbix I added some other types to shake it up and after drizzling honey and hot water over it (as well as a sprinkle of sultanas and cherries) I gobbled it up quickly, watched the rest of Zoe 101 (I thought Avatar would come after) and made my way to the uni centre to print of my reading and grab some lunch.

Arriving to find everything closed I walked into FedEx to inquire about printing stuff from the net and was fortunate to discover they were free to print it right away, I just had to send them and email and wait a little while (as long as I don’t expect the same thing every time…I assured them however that I worked in the service industry to and what doing something nice for someone can lead to)

Whilst I waited I grabbed some yoghurt from golden spoon (New York Cheesecake and Fudge brownie) then sitting in the warm sunlight with some brand new highlighters and fresh warm paper straight from the printer I began the 56 page reading for Visual Media. At about 20 pages in, food from the various restaurants filtered over the breeze along with the laughing of children playing around the fountain and tummy grumbling I headed into Cha for Tea for some Wonton Noodle soup.

After lunch and another ½ hour I had finally finished reading so grabbing a can of soup from trader Joes I headed over to Albertson’s for the rest of my groceries (I found little jelly cups and fruit icy poles) I also picked up a few vids from Blockbuster (3 Avatars and Brave little toaster). Arriving home a little tired from carting the groceries I crashed on the couch with some jelly and yoghurt and began to watch Battle Royal with Jan…big mistake, its one of the most violent films I’ve ever seen! I think it may even be worse than Sin City…basically for those of you who have been fortunate enough not to see it, it involves a group of 40 kids placed on an island to kill each other…like Lord of the flies, if the young English boys were Asian…and had machine guns.

After the movie (and a promise that Jan would watch Brave little toaster with me later) I headed to the gym, then walking back in the cool air I spotted a bunny, remembering the 11 I saw last night. Dinner was chilli con carne again (I have a massive batch) as well as an icy pole, and now I may join Anna for the international food meeting going on in one of the houses (we were supposed to sign up for a group…woops)

Catch ya later


Anthony said...

Hey, Brave Little Toaster! You found it! It'll make a nice change from Battle Royale anyway.

Lel said...

you said it!

Anthony said...

Sure did!