Thursday, October 18, 2007

I wanna go to Yoghurt land!

Today’s start was really hard; I lay in bed after the alarm trying to pry my eyes open with my fingers and literally had to roll out of bed with a thud to wake myself up (note to self, next time try to avoid the drawers). Breakfast was rushed as I run of to drama to cram in some more study time. When Benny arrived we passed on the Q & A and jumped straight into the exam. This time I found it much easier although I was stumped on the last question “what’s my last name” – come on Benny, I meet 30 people a week, I struggle with first names let alone last…I guessed smith and threw the paper on the pile sighing to see most had put down Wills, bummer.

Class was fairly boring spending time making up stories by each contributing one word – even if the stories were kinda bazaar, you know leprechauns and red rabbits that sing and dance in far away lands. After class I headed to the gym for some light exercise and yoga – I CAN TOUCH MY TOES…teehee so excited!

Walking back to the dorm with Sam I heated up some more chilli – trying to convince him to help me finish it (no luck) and smelling Sanda’s yummy meatloaf, then having a quick shower I went to the uni centre for a huge serving of yoghurt (I wanted to try 4 different flavours) and my next class (art). After lugging my artwork in again I was really annoyed to discover the class had been cancelled (get well Marta) so giving up I hid my project in the classroom (there’s no way I’m lugging it in again) grabbed some snacks and tried my best to do some more reading, embarrassingly I fell asleep at the table, waking up just in time for my next class.

We met in the Studio to start practicing straight away and after being split into groups ours was first up to film. I was on camera duty having fun talking through the headphones and pretending I was a professional, after a short break talking amongst ourselves and making friends with the guy in the “cage” (place you borrow equipment) we got back to filming, swapping our roles.

This time it was our turn in front of the camera; my role (according to the director) was “French maid”. I spent the next half hour pretending to dust cobwebs while he yelled, “frolic, come on Lesley, frolic FROLIC” at one stage I threw down my dust pan yelling for my agent. Over all it was pretty fun even if the guy did consider himself a Stanley Cubric “Stanley Cubric says if my actors don’t hate me by the end of the shoot I haven’t worked them hard enough” to which Hanan replied “yeah, but your no Stanley Cubric” …Meow!

After class I grabbed some Chinese and waited outside HIB 100 to see “Puffy Chair”, thinking no one would show (I’d invited everyone I’d bumped into that day) I bought my ticket and helped myself to the free food, to my surprise I was joined by Andy, and after a discussion about haircuts and ballet we headed in (stuffing food into our bags for later…thus is the life of a uni student). The movie was pretty funny – very Kenny-esque and the makers hung around after for Q and A. I even asked them whether they’d seen Kenny and after convincing them they should they asked whether it was better than theirs, unfortunately I didn’t answer quick enough…awkward

Getting our stickers signed, and saying goodbye to Peter “great questions Lesley” (teacher I met in the first week) we headed back to the bus stop, me trying to keep Andy warm the whole way – the poor guy nearly froze to death, I contemplated giving him my jumper, but as he had pants and I had shorts on I figured I needed more insulation. Waiting for the bus we bumped into a crowd of people heading out to a party then we tried getting a ride of a random guy (he was going the same way)

The bus arrived just in time, and showing him the shortcut (I wanted to beat Lauren back to prove it was shorter) we made it back to the dorm alive. Now I’m in my room watching Captain planet and trying to stay true to my promise to go to bed before midnight from now on.

But Sandas not here to tell me to go to bed so…muahahaha

Tomorrow’s gonna be big

P.S. Andy just informed me that they’re all heading to Yoghurt land! So unfair, the one time I can’t go…so bummed!

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