Monday, October 22, 2007

My new hair

Today started with a jump, half asleep I peered closely at the clock straining to see whether I had missed my appointment or not…luckily it was only 8 so going back to bed for a few more minutes I proceeded to make my way down to the kitchen for breakfast. Unfortunately I smelt the kitchen before I saw it, and upon further inspection I sigh to see how filthy it was!

After breakfast I decided to clean the kitchen…half an hour later, the place looking much better, I had a chat with Anna and Rieko about having a meeting with everyone to put some more rules in place for keeping things clean, we’re even thinking of “fridge day” were everyone takes out their belongings and we clean the fridge, according to Anna this wasn’t done at the last community home she was in and after a month everyone got sick!

Deciding to squeeze in more work, at 11:00 I met Jan downstairs to go to Newport for my hairdressing appointment…the trip seemed quick, chatting away about the weather (it is crazy windy today) and plans for the week. He dropped me outside, then waving goodbye I cautiously headed inside crossing my fingers that I would be met by someone nice and decent surroundings.

The place was really nice, he even fit me in (I got the wrong day – it was supposed to be tomorrow). While in the chair we chatted to a Lauren the girl booked at the same time, who turned out to work for Disney – she plays Cinderella in theme parks, but she’s hoping to move up to Aurora : )

Saying good-bye after 2 collective hours under driers and showers, I ruffled my new fringe to get rid of the “I’ve just been to the hairdressers” look and headed in the direction of the buses. It was hiding in the shade at the bus stop that I met my next friends, a mother and daughter on their way home after shopping, we chatted for most of the way and they told me how to get back to uni.

It took me three buses, but I made it, tummy grumbling I stumbled into the uni centre ordering an Extra large tup of frozen yoghurt, tasting at traders (don’t worry I bought some stuff from them) and grabbed a book from Alacasam…I’m really getting into Manga.

Then arriving home I was greeted by kind approval of the “do” and I tuckered into a huge wedge of toasted olive bread, smothered in kalamata homos and topped with bbq chicken and lettuce.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting to Alex on msn and doing my storyboards before I headed to the gym at 7, then grabbing some jelly and an icy pole I went with Anna, Elodie and Reiko to the international food group meeting (you have to be part of some club in the village) and discussed Quiche and Crepes whilst making posters for the Sunday Supper we’ll be holding on the 4th .

Now I’ve finally finished my storyboards! And managed to catch up with a few people back home, I will now start to go on msn more often…so you will find me there at the following times

- Tuesday to Saturday: 2-4pm (your time)
- Sunday to Mondays: 1-4pm


Anthony said...

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

Lel said...

aww thanks! : p