Monday, October 15, 2007

I’m singin’ in the rain

Sleeping through the night fairly lightly I was startled this morning by the alarm, noticing Sanda jump to, I turned over knowing she would turn it off. Sure enough the sound was muted and I continued to drift back to sleep, just as I felt my limbs become heavy and eyes close peacefully it pierced the air again (dam the sleep function).

Well for the next hour I experienced what prisoners do when they are being tortured through sleep depravation, she put it on sleep 5 times!! When she finally left the room I thought the nightmare was over, so sighing heavily and trying to ignore the sun now shining exactly between my nose and forehead I concentrated on getting some sleep…after all the light from Sanda’s side had kept me up till 1am (I’m thinking of investing in a face mask…I found one in the desk, but I don’t think I should use it). Then again just as I sunk into the pillow BEEP BEEP BEEP, screaming at it to shut up and hoping Sanda wouldn’t walk in the room (cos at this stage I would have punched someone) I got up, waked its off button and throwing on my jumper and uggs stomped downstairs to breakfast.

Putting on one of the Avatar videos I got yesterday I excitedly made some toast (haven’t had it in a while) and after grabbing some dried fruit I walked back up stairs to finish some homework. After getting lost in time drawing I got dressed to make an appearance at the gym before class.

The day was overcast, so after showering and a handful of grapes I made sure I dressed in something warm and made way to the uni centre for sushi, yoghurt and a browse in the comic book store. Checking the time with someone I headed back to uni to finish my chores, on the list was

- Bathroom…an easy task
- Picking up my proper student card! (yay, I finally get to spend zot bucks without people asking for the manager to inquire how to enter the card into the computer!)
- Getting water and snacks for the screening in class
- And trekking it ALL THE WAY across campus to get my booklets for Video
I decided to cut across the park, shorter but slightly more bush waking involved

Running back I made my way into the lecture getting comfy and pulling out my snacks I got ready to watch Singin in the rain, SO GREAT! I love that movie; afterwards I literally bounded up the aisle trying my hardest to stop clicking my heels (I did it later when no one was looking).

Driving back on the bus I talked to a friend from my discussion class, and after getting bared by my teacher (she did what I do when I just feel like listening to my ipod, you politely end the conversation and smiling turn around shoving the headphones back in…it was kinda funny actually)

Dinner was Chilli – again (almost finished), now I’m just waiting for heroes to start, watching a Judy Garland Biography and thinking about tomorrow – my art work is due as well as another acting exam, lets hope this one goes better than the last

Until then, smile like you mean it : )


Anthony said...

Heh, I love that film too. Haven't seen it for yonks.

Lel said...

I know its so good, whats your fav song?
Mines "Good mornin" - I had it stuck in my head for the rest of the day : )

Anthony said...

I love the song they do when that guy is doing the crazy stuff on the set...I can't remember the name of the song (I think it's "Make 'em Laugh" or something along those lines). He does some crazy moves!