Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fringe, behaive!

Agggh Saturday, lovely Saturday, its my favourite day of the week! Weekend, late start, have the whole weekend ahead to think about assignments and no lasting stress form uni to bring you down (like on Fridays) Yep nothing could go wrong on Saturday...except……rain!

Luckily I made it to the markets before it started to rain heavily (and I just straightened my fringe and everything) hiding under each stalls white tarp canopy, I was happy I had an excuse to get close to the stalls (and the tasters) with out committing to buy anything. None of the fruit really stood out today so I bought a loaf of garlic bread (it has 20 cloves of garlic in it) and this sticky cinnamon twist bread, soft white dough wrapped in a huge spiral smothered in sticky cinnamon and suger…I took a bit thinking I’d save the rest for later and almost ate the whole thing!

I also got some OJ from the happy guy at the last stall (he loved my socks, what could I do) and almost bought some more homos (I also tried some really nice pumpkin cake), tis the season I guess : ) Getting full I headed into Char and said hi to the girls there (they always recognise me) then taking out my book for Visual Media I sat down (after a long chat about which drink I should get today…and many tastings) and sipped happily on my strawberry milk tea, with green tea extract, tapioca and strawberry jam (so good, but sooo sweet). I finished the reading quickly as I had already made progress on it during the week and ordering some corn to get the sweet taste out of my mouth (as well as ripping of some more garlic bread) I headed into Golden Spoon to use my free card, ordering an extra large serving of fudge brownie, boysenberry, cake batter and cheesecake (YUM).

Making a stop at Alacasam I borrowed a book, (he even said I could keep it a few extra days) and made another stop in Trader Joes for some warm bread. Back home I settled down to do some work, stopping after a few hours for some dinner (soup and garlic bread) then getting restless I convinced Sanda and Jessie to come with me to Albertson’s were we stocked up on food for the week (more jelly yay!) I also found these individually wrapped fish bags so I got one of each to try, as well as a packet of crab sticks…I don’t know why but I really like them!

At home I couldn’t put work of any longer so after devouring some chicken (and hiding the remains right at the back of the fridge – praying no one steals it) I headed up stairs for a bit more work then spent an hour at the gym letting of steam. Getting kicked out early due to the fires I stopped to chat to the group heading to a party then when they left, went back to my room to continue storyboarding, only 10 more scenes to go….~sigh~

Hope you had/have a great weekend

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