Thursday, October 25, 2007


Today I woke with a heavy head, shocked as I peered outside at the blood red moon shining through the smokey sky. I was early to Drama going through the test one last time, determined to get it right this time. When Benny arrived we slowly made our way into class, everyone coughing at consecutive intervals and rubbing their eyes.

It was a slow class as Benny announced people wouldn’t show up thanks to the air and allergies. Giving us the option to leave the “free class” if we wanted he sent us on a break after warm ups to which no one returned. We continued the class with just Luke (was in the bathroom) Benny and I. Discussing Australia, fires and other trivia we finally ended the class early, and heading to the gym I caught up on some reading as I walked in the air-conditioning.

Lunch was the last bit of olive bread, with as much homos on it as I could manage (I think its going of) then showering and making myself especially prettyfull I quickly grabbed some yoghurt and started touring the Career fair at the student centre. Man, I’ve never seen so much free stuff in my entire life! it was like trick-or-treating but better! Trying to save time I stopped pretending that I was interested in the jobs and upon being asked what I was looking for I simply replied

“Free stuff, I don’t want to lie to you, free stuff, I’ve never been to a career fair before so I’m having such a great time!”

You should have seen the smiles on their faces, and the free stuff they literally poured into my bag : ) “don’t worry hun I used to do the same thing”. I got back scratches, yo yo’s, piggy banks, squiggly things, pens (soo many pens), heaps of other junk, oh and my personal favourite…a pizza cutter! (See the photo in myphoto album)

Hauling my bag to class (I was kinda late) I arrived apologising and took my place to learn about instructional art. Basically you are given instructions by the artist and they are either carried out by some one or just hung in a gallery as words. Mine was
Dip a bouncy ball in watered down acrylic paint and bounce on a 2m by 2m piece of paper 5 times, repeat with 5 different colours.
We then threw our “instructions” into a box and picked one out at random. Mine should be interesting and as far as homework goes is definitely not a strenuous task.

Finishing early after looking at someone do their homework then and there (“lie on the floor in a public space until you don’t care”) I grabbed a bottle of water and some fruit and nuts and made myself comfy in video. This was also a great class spending the entire time watching behind the scenes of Sin City and Star Wars 3; I was floored by the process involved in producing just ONE scene!

Class was over and Ulysses took me into the studio to search for my key (no luck) then it was back on the bus to the room were I was introduced to Anna and Elodie’s new friend, who spent the whole time educating us on American slang. Making sure we weren’t educated in the Northern Californian way of doing things…

“Don’t say hella, its lame, that’s a north cal thing, there’s a massive thing between sou cals and north cals”

Woops, poor Jessie, Dinner was left overs and chatting with Anna and Elodie about drinking culture in Oz and America. Now I’m in my room admiring my freebies (*sigh*) and thankful I can sleep in tomorrow

Oh Sanda’s back

Until tomorrow : )

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