Wednesday, October 3, 2007


What a day, waking in the dark to another early morning, I sampled my dried cherries and ‘raisons’ (or sultanas for those playing at home) on my strangely shaped wheetbix and with Ipod in hand; card in bra and key in sock I made my way to practice.

Unfortunately I was told when I arrived that I wouldn’t be able to participate after practice moved to the boats as NCAA can’t approve me, in short someone sat in their office and said “so she’s an EAP student, yeah I don’t know how to put that in the computer…oh well, just tell her she can’t participate” the same thing happened yesterday when I wanted a piece of toast with butter and jam

“so wait, you just want some bread”
Me: yeah toasted, you know in the toaster
Guy: umm we can’t, I mean, I don’t even know what button that is
Me: can’t you just put it under ‘other’
Guy: no we don’t do that, I’m sorry I can’t, there’s nothing…ummm
Me: just put it under bagel…
Guy: oh, oh yeah I guess we could do that

Any way, a little cut up, as every practice the water had been hyped up “once you get and see the sun set over the lake...blah blah” I moved on, finished that session and decided to chose something different when I got back to the dorm (annoyed mostly by the fact I’d already paid the NCAA 75 bucks, lousy…)

On the way out I talked to Elizabeth and overhearing my dilemma was more than happy for me to join her workout group (basically all the people in her dorm) that usually hit the gym once a day, so at least when I head over I know I’ll have someone to chat to.

When I arrived back I quickly changed my physical appointment, something I’ll also get charged for as I had to cancel late, and caught up on some homework, then it was of to uni to finish my green screen homework and of course stop by golden spoon, mmmm I also picked up a fresh baguette roll all warm and smeared butter all over it so it melted through the little holes,

Then whilst walking briskly through main campus chomping into my warm snack I was stopped by a young guy asking me whether I see a stylist or not, naturally my hair was a mess, all ratty and askew and I had butter smeared around my lips, so laughing sharply (my mouth full of bread) I looked at him quizzically assuming he was trying to sell something, it ended up being three free trips to the hairdresser, ok not entirely but I basically get $450 worth of stuff for $100, pretty sweet deal, and as I was planning to go to the hairdressers anyway I quickly snapped him up on the offer.

After finding out that the studio I needed for video was closed, I headed instead to Cyber A café were I started to research my live in artist (part of my drawing class) and figured the best way to find out about someone is to email them…so I did (she already emailed me back!) then hesitating at the drama post boards hearing my drama teachers voice calling in the back of my head I decide to head to the open auditions for Live nude people (basically an improv group on campus)
Breaking the audition in half with a visual media class (on the moving image, my specialty) and a quick computer lab visit to start my homework…due tomorrow) I think I went pretty well, there some really talented people that absolutely floored me with their ability to think on their feet, “Who’s line is it any way” type of talent.

More importantly I met a few people that I made laugh, so that was enough for me, not to mention the overall ego boost with everyone screaming applause even when you stuffed up, my most inventive one was in a game called “worst ____ ever” were for worst religion ever I crawled out on my knees to meet the audience and looking up innocently said…”so wait, we’re on our knees the whole time” for those of you sitting there, it was funny at the time : )

After that I run back to the dorm for our house meeting, making a stir fry before I sat down, unfortunately one of the guys nocked it on the floor, so I only got one bite, quite depressing really, but I made jelly after and shall treat my self to that tomorrow!

Now its time for more homework, I guess the workloads
Heating up

By for now

Oh one last thing I’m designing a house ‘sweater’ or jumper, its for a competition so I will be posting my ideas for feedback

oh and as for the title (my room mate just told me how to work the showers, YAY!)


Anthony said...

Ok, I got waaay too excited when I saw the words "bra" and "Live nude people"...

Only kiddin'!

Is toast something unheard of over there or something? :P Btw, get pics of your funky hairdo when you get it done.

Lel said...

Ha ha, wait when did I say bra...

I guess so, I mean they have it, but it's pretty rare, they prefer cereal here, oh and bagels, I've seen every type of bagel there is, egg, cheese and onion, blueberry, sesame seed, poppyseed, tomatto, wheat, raison, bacon, dark, then theres the rarer ones like pork knuckle and monkey hair

And I'll definately send you a pici, I just hope you like short hair (not a boy cut though)

Anthony said...

Like Natalie Portman style? It'd be cute on you I think.