Monday, October 1, 2007

We takem little butter ball (chipmunk reference)

Waking early to the sound of my alarm clock, I looked outside into the darkness excitement rising in me as I thought about meeting up with the team. Slipping silently onto the floor and grabbing my workout gear I’d laid out the previous night I tiptoed downstairs and fed up on wheetbix and special K, making a mental note to buy sultanas the next time I went shopping.

Once outside, the early morning wind prickling the hairs on the back of my neck, I made my way to campus careful not to get lost so I wouldn’t be late, feeling a sense of familiarity as I drifted into thinking of early shifts at Boost.

Once at Crawford hall, and a quick stop for directions, I met up with the 30 or so other newbies crouched on the floor, wide eyed and ready to begin. Training could be described in one word…Ouch! We learnt how to row properly and the importance of fitness, flexibility and chore strength, then it was 10 lunges and once around the oval (I naturally came last, extremely graceful as I stumbled over the finish line holding my chest as if I was suffering a heart attack)

After finishing early (not wanting to kill us on the first meet) I wondered back to the dorm, making a stop at the bookstore to check out Internet cables and new work out gear. The next few hours were spent relaxing in front of the computer, eating pasta, and watching tv, then it was of to my first Visual media class at 3 (don’t worry I made sure I bought the internet cable, and some more golden spoon of course) oh I also got a wax, not entirely worth knowing, but it was my first here, so thus a momentous occasion : ) …the lady was strange, after every rip she’d peer at the spot purring “perrrfect!”

Class was great, it’s basically like “language of digital media” the class I did my first semester at COFA, (my room mates phone just rang…it’s the theme song to the OC) ok I’m back, so not only do I have extra knowledge on the subject, but our first two projects are storyboarding!! And we get to watch movies in every lecture…good ones, I think one of the ones we’re critiquing is “Singing in the rain”. As I sat and listened (raising my hand at least three times to question her theories, whilst everyone else sat scratching away) I approached her later to ask her my early queries, I think she was impressed as she asked for my name and welcomed me to the class…I don’t think she knows what she’s in for…mua ha ha ha (that was me laughing evily while Sanda’s out of the room)

After finishing early, I headed back to dorm making a pit stop at blockbuster (Alex I found Chipmunks Adventure and am watching it now!!) and Albertson’s for Chilli-con-carne ingredients. Then eating my dinner of hot roast chicken and salad I flicked channels and went to muck around with computer…but I was locked out!

After twice making the trip to the AV office and back, the sounds of thousands of girls chattering on the wind…sounding suspiciously like crickets (they are all having their welcome dinners tonight for the new pledges) I watched the fairy lights on the Sororities flicker away and playfully jumped in between two guys throwing a football, imitating them as if to have a go, I settled back on the couch to watch Heroes (agghhhh, so good)

Knowing that after it would be shower and bed

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