Monday, October 22, 2007

Is something Burning??

Waking up coughing I fumbled around in the dark for some water, wondering why my mouth was dry, sipping slowly I put the drink down and went back to sleep. As morning arrived I looked outside the window to see what kind of day it was, and all I saw was cloud. The smoke from the nearby fires have blown over the university causing a thick sticky air and grey sky.

Breakfast was the usual on a slow day (toast) then heading back to my room I spent the rest of the morning drawing and updating my calendar. I’ve included my best drawing bellow. After lunch (Olive bread, humus, chicken and lettuce) I decided to head into uni, walking carefully as news of low air quality (warnings for pregnant women, elderly and people with asthma) spread. Meeting Josh on the way, we caught up on the bus then parted at the flag poles (I went to get yoghurt).

Feeling waaay to early for class, I went to the EAP office to kill time. Talking to them about contacting COFA about the fires (they get a little paranoid), doing some more drawing and eavesdropping on students discussing their travel plans. (EAP is for ingoing and outgoing students).

Saying goodbye to Fay and the others I grabbed some snacks and water and met my class at the back of HIB 100, looking around for Nami (I usually sit down the front with her) but missing her sat down behind the teacher. Class was pretty boring – 3 hour lecture – and around the middle I started feeling the effects of 3:30itis, kicking myself for eating all my snacks so quickly.

At the end, with a new found energy, I accompanied Nami to the bus stop laughing excitedly about how happy the Japanese sound when they talk and planning to buy glasses with eyes on them so we can conspicuously fall asleep in class.

Its was then she got a call from her friend who’s just been evacuated from her dorm, as the fire has spread near her (at least class was cancelled as well). Looking around at people covering their mouths I sighed heavily wishing for the wind to blow this all away (although that wouldn’t be so good for the fires themselves).

Back at the dorm I tucked into some lentil soup, and giving up studying in the room (really humid) I came downstairs to finish my storyboards and watch Heroes with the others. After heroes it was house-meeting time, (we’re going to do pumpkin carving and trick or treating – I also suggested a movie night, which will be had on Sundays, first up “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” – which made me think of you dad).

And now its of to bed

Cross your fingers that the fires don’t reach us

sorry about the crappy quality


Anthony said...

Wow, heard about the fires on the news, pretty crazy.

Stay safe. :>

Lel said...

I will xoxo