Monday, October 29, 2007

Now do the firehydrant!

Hello hello hello, welcome back, I trust your day was good and your weather fine. Enough of the pleasantries, now back to me. This morning was tough, groaning croakily as I woke at 7 I lay in bed for another hour, relieved I didn’t have to meet Jan till 9. Breakfast was strawberry special K, with sultaneas and various other dried fruits laying around in my pantry, pouring hot water over it I watched closely as the flakes popped and melted then tucked into it while bits still remained crunchy.

Getting dressed in jeans for the first time since being here, I struggled downstairs with my equipment and waiting patiently for Jan to show…and waited, finally at 5 past nine I jumped the stirs two at a time to get to his room, worried he’d left without me, after a few authoritative raps on the door, Jessie opened complete with bed head, peering at me as though he’d never seen me before.

“Is jan still here?” I asked worried, looking over casually Jessie prodded the bed…to my relief he’d slept in, and after 2 minutes he was dressed and ready to take me into uni. Helping me carry the stuff in he quickly proceeded to his discussion class as I made my way slowly through uni wondering how to make the most of my time before visual at 3. Bored I decided to stop by the counsellors office for a chat, and after filling in a few forms I was promised a meeting at 11, so while waiting I toured the stalls of the graduate fair (150) loading myself up with a few more freebies and tons of information about animation courses offered to graduates…too bad Calarts wasn’t there ☹

At 5 to 11 I made me way back to the office to meet with the counsellor, its was really great to have a chat, I think the best thing about counsellors is (from someone who tends to talk a lot) you know that their paid to listen so you don’t feel bad about boring them to death ☺, saying goodbye I felt my tummy start to rumble and kicking myself for not bringing any money I headed back to the dorm for a home made sandwich.

After lunch it was back into uni for yoghurt (they have strawberry again YEAH!) and photocopying my storyboard assignment. Then watching the time I spent the next few hours in the EAP office drawing and chatting with the workers (there’s this one girl that’s really sweet, and I keep forgetting her name cos its sooo long and unusual, I keep praying for people to walk in so she can introduce herself). Grabbing sustenance from Zot and go I did exactly that.

Handing in my assignment was great, feeling its weight lift of me as I handed it to Dahnah, the lecture was also a little shorter, and as she again basically regurgitated the reading (all 60 pages of it) I whipped out my notebook and continued to draw.

Later on I headed to the gym to do some classes, first up was step…I was so hot I literally had beads of sweat running into my eyes, so I kept tripping on the step, then it was abs and thighs, listening to the instructor rally on the red socks and her dream car. She even congratulated the boys for showing up (all two of them) “must be intimidating with all these pretty girls” of course as she’s spoke we literally had all our bums facing them and were flexing them appropriately, meanwhile I’m trying my best not to fart…what don’t tell me it doesn’t happen to you!

Red and tired, I ate diner back at the dorm with Anna, Nami and kyce. Then made plans with everyone to meet at 10 downstairs to discuss plans for nots berry farm, or SCARY farm I should say!

That’s all for now
Until tomorrow

Ps. I can’t believe Ben was kicked out of idol!

my latest drawing

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"Enough of the pleasantries, now back to me."

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