Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Whats your life story?

Before I start, I thought I might mention that I got interviewed yesterday by a guy I met at the Luau (he’s taking my Visual Media class) after taking notes on my education and living history he proceeded to ask me about any significant accomplishments in my life…I don’t know what he expected, but every one I mentioned seemed unworthy to write about:

“You mean, like swim the English channel at age 12?”
“Yeah something big in your life” (by this stage I felt incredibly worthless)
“No…I haven’t done anything ‘nationally recognised’...sorry, but you know I’d like to say that I’ve made heaps of personal accomplishments”
…(long pause)
“Well if you think of anything, email me”

Waking up several times this morning as I waited for the clock to reach 7, I lay in bed thinking about the day ahead, organising each minute in my mind and sighing upon realisation of how much I had to accomplish

After getting dressed and having breakfast, it was a short trip to the barn for my second acting class, participating in games like nod and cross over (you have to make eye contact with some one in the circle and when they nod you can go to take there place, but before you get there they have to find some one else and do the same thing)
Easy enough, but it took us so many times to get it right!
“Its supposed to be an easy game (said our perplexed teacher), don’t worry eventually you’ll be running across the room…..probably not today”
After this it was assassin (I got to be the murdered in one) and liar liar, you stand up introducing yourself, were you were born and three things about you to which ones a lie.

It was then of to the gym to make up for the rowing training I missed, and a stop by the house for lunch and to answer some emails, it was here I came across an email that may change my life…I’m going to meet…JAMES BAXTER, I’m freaking out, (for those of you staring at your screen blinking rapidly and thinking...so?) James Baxter is a famous animator, he was the principal in “Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron” as well as (see image above)

Floating out of the dorm on an absolute high I headed to the bus to take me into campus for my drawing class, grabbing a slice of toast on the way…it was here I ended my high and came crashing down to earth, sinking slightly into hell, they should fin new words for boring as this is what this class fell under, at one point I wanted to throw my head against the wall. We had to read 15 pages (double sided with miniscule writing) of text aloud on art, and for those of you who are familiar with art writing you’ll know its basically a compilation of over complicated, over reaching, repetitive, pretentious CRAP!

Aaaww my head! And she didn’t even answer my questions, I ended up giving up on them and blocking my ears I started reading it to myself. No break it was straight to Video were after showing our work (one guy had a 10 minute video on someone eating lunch and a weird alien thing hanging above them…at one stage I looked at the teacher to discover he’d fallen asleep)

We then filmed ourselves against a green screen for our homework assigment and saying good bye (still surprised that they don’t know what net ball is) I made my way to Uni centre for some golden spoon and a bus ride home to make Chilli-con-carne.

Lets hope tomorrows classes are better


Anthony said...

Oh. My. God.

That would've been another patented Lesley moment, I imagine! So lucky...

Lib said...

Omg i just realised i can leave u comments on here! Awsome. Gosh Lel u r a busy little bee!!! Not nearly as busy here... Iv'e... actually ill write u an email, hahaha to be continued...

Lel said...

Hey guys, my shining commenter examples!!

Man I miss you to,

Ant: yeah, I even did a little happy dance : )

Lib: welcome to comment central, enjoy your stay : )
Oh and I replied to your email, thanks for that!