Sunday, October 7, 2007

The happiest place on Earth

Today was reasonably slow, I awoke to an empty room (Sanda’s visiting her parents again) and slipping sleepily into my uggs (I went to bed at 1) I headed downstairs for breakfast looking casually to see if any one was around, another quiet morning, in fact I’ve come to expect an empty common room till about 11, the time most people decide to get up.

After finishing my toast and deciding to try every different type of fruit I had bought yesterday, I challenge I easy succeeded, I headed back to my room to do some work, knocking on Sarah’s door on the way to see if she was awake yet…no such luck…yoghurt world would have to wait,

Getting antsy after a few hours of reading, drawing (for my assignment) and writing emails I decided to head to the gym to let of some steam and work up an apatite for lunch. Deciding to try some new machines I did the bike, 10 laps around our mini oval (I jogged the whole way, I was so proud of myself, listening to appropriately inspirational music as I did so, lifting my arms in the air in a Rockesq moment as I crossed the line for the 10th time…I even did a few extremely lame air punches in excited victory)

Then it was a while on the treadmill and gawking at the guys lifting weights as I showed of my new skills on the 3pounders…I tried ok.

When I arrived back everyone was up and having breakfast (12pm) so sitting down for left over pizza (I put my homos/eggplant creation on one…so good!) we chatted about our plans and I attempted to recruit a few more people for the trip top yoghurtland…unfortunately most were busy, so after showers it was Sarah and I on the 15 minuet drive to heaven, chatting about sororities and what was so good about them all the way, I think she’s in Delta theta pie…or something like that, I’ve lost count of all the different kinds!

Tonight however is bid night, were after a week of rushing the girls chosen are given their bids, then it’s a few more weeks of tests, assigning “sisters” making letter…which I think are like big keys…and the final induction service.

Once at yoghurtland me eyes nearly popped out of my head, they had at least 15 flavours including vanilla, chocolate, choc mint, tarte, strawberry tarte, New York cheesecake, peach, peanut, strawberry, green tea and more all in a serve yourself buffet!! And that’s not including the 30 or so toppings you could also help yourself to, (I had choc mint, peach, cookies’n’cream, strawberry tarte, strawberry, mango with chopped mango and strawberry on top…I’m getting that happy feeling again just describing it : )

After a major brain freeze and scolding for taking pictures (he wanted me to delete them, oh well…too bad for him) we headed back to the dorm were we ended up hanging outside the kitchen for a few hours talking to Jessie and Agnes (Jessie’s friend) about the difference in Australian, British and American senses of humour, it actually turned into a pretty good debate.

With my mind buzzing I headed to my room for some more homework and after an hours nap…yes my homework is that boring…I was informed the beach bon fire had been cancelled and tummy growling, grabbed some dinner to enjoy through mean girls.

Later I found myself in Jessie’s room printing of my 60 or so pages of reading (oh the agony) and introducing him to Rove, I think he’s hooked…then showing Sam some Australian music and proving to him I indeed stock English music he left me to do my readings,

So now I’m stalling, and as I can’t drag out this day any further I’ll continue work…55 pages to go,

Talk to you tomorrow


A panda walks into a bar and says, “I’ll have a………………………………….drink”
The bartender says, “Why the big pause” and the bear looks at him pointedly and says

I’m a panda you moron!
- Thanks Garrett


Anthony said...

I feel comparitively dull now... :P

Lel said...

Don't say that, this was supposed to be my boring day!

Anthony said...

Which makes my days comparitively crappier. :P

Not all bad though: I bought the Iron Giant today. It's got to be the only animated film that's pretty much brought me to tears

Anthony said...

And now I sound INCREDIBLY lame! On the Internet too, no less...clearly I'm an idiot.