Saturday, October 13, 2007


Well today was fairly uneventful, I woke up at around 8 and having nothing to do I did a few stretches and after tidying up my room (ok, straightening some paper) I went downstairs for breakfast.

The dorm was eerily quite as most still lay in bed or were trying to find their way back from LA (a few went clubbing in little Tokyo last night). So eating my cereal alone and snaking on some fruit I got dressed in something warm and grabbing my rain coat walked over the University Centre to check out the Farmers market again (free fruit here I come!)

Picking some peaches (this time getting the lady to help me find the ripe ones – the last ones I chose were all hard) I moseyed around bumping into a few familiar faces and convincing the dips guy that I still hadn’t finished the one I bought last time I grabbed some yoghurt, fresh raisin and Cinnamon bread and other free delights.

Tummy full and the ominous rain clouds growing closer I decided to pop into the book store to exchange my external hard drive and buy some paper for my art major work, two pieces cost me $20! After wrapping them in two plastic bags and browsing through the Latin American medicine fair they had around the flag poles I wondered home to begin drawing.

It didn’t take me long to complete the work, as its all about the ‘process’ rather than the final product (it basically involved me flicking water on giant pieces of paper and drawing around them, then wrapping A4 pages around trees and tracing over the creases they made) bumming around for the rest of the afternoon, just watching Avatar, getting a good granny nap, reading and watching Mrs Doubt Fire I decided to head to the gym to talk to Forest and work up an appetite.

When I arrived back to the dorm I met Sarah in the kitchen and asking her what had become of everyone else I scoffed into my Chilli con carne and listened to her talk about work and everyone’s trip to LA.

Now I’m alone again in my room, watching The weekenders and trying to think of a productive way I can spend the next few hours before bed…or I might just go to bed early

Later days : )

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