Saturday, October 20, 2007


I woke up earlier than expected this morning after going to bed at one. Choosing to get started on the day instead of trying to get back to sleep I headed downstairs for breakfast then quietly getting dressed so as not to wake Sanda I headed of to the farmers market to check out the fruit on offer.

My first stop was at Trader Joes, tasting crunchy grain bread with butter and jam, then walking past Cha I grabbed some sweet butter toast and headed into the main market square. As usual the scene was bursting with stalls and families, bustling about collecting the weeks groceries, munching on hot corn, biting into juicy stone fruit and listening to the stall owners calling out their specials.

After wondering around, waving to familiars and sampling everyone’s fruit I decided (after a decent slab to try) on a loaf of olive bread and a bag of really crunchy grapes. Feeling full I headed to the uni bookstore to buy my textbook for visual media, slowing down to check out the big fair celebrating walk for Hodgkin’s disease. The book was $84! And I didn’t even get the 20% discount I thought I had from a book (stingy book people)…I just hope its worth it!

After browsing the clothes rack, I left to go back over the bridge into the centre for yoghurt, a good browse of Alacasam (comic store) and lunch at cha for tea (mango/passionfruit cooler with tapioca and green mango and 8 steamed vegi dumplings) while I read my readings for the week.

Finally finished and really REALLY full I quickly stopped by Traders to pop to the bathroom (they have the nicest one) and one more swipe at the tasting table (the bread just came out of the oven…how could I resist?). The walk back was nice, as it still hadn’t reached the boiling part of the day then arriving home I quickly chatted to Anna and Reiko then went to my room to get a start on my storyboard.

Time flies when your drawing…and talking to your mum : ) the next look at the clock shocked me as it was 5:30, so taking a huge stretch I decided to get changed and head to the gym. Joined by Sam, Elodie and Anna I finished cardio (and my reading…best way to multi task) then moved onto weights and stretching…I’m so proud of how much my flexibility has improved…Alex wait till you see how far I can bend over!

Taking the short walk back with Anna, a chatted to a few people in the lounge room while we waited for Sam to get back and let Eugene into his room for his car keys (he offered to drive me to Albertson’s). On the list was a BBQ chicken, coffee for Anna, a banana for Meredith and some lettuce. I felt like a lot of protein for dinner, so as Elodie and Sam munched away on pizza I devoured half my chicken and made strips from the rest, storing it away for sandwiches during the week.

As I munched away on an icy pole and chewed thoughtfully on the rest of my dried mango pieces I went over my plans for tomorrow and work I could finish tonight.
Now I’ve just installed ScribbleBot ($30) for flash, which will make my video assignment a lot easier!

Night …wish me luck for my haircut tomorrow…


Yvette said...

O M G I have just finished reading the whole few weeks. Thats great Lesley. I can just about follow your every move. Its taken me 3 day over the last week to read it all.
I am now going to attempt the photos and hope it doesn't take me this long.
It lots of fun reading.
Stay safe and keep well.
And now I can follow your adventure daily.
Luv Yvette

Lel said...

wow, dedication!! thanks for reading, its nice to know people are still enjoying it, the photos shouldn't take that long, however I do need to update them, I've got a few on the camera still,
Dad updated me on the house, sounds like its all comming along really great, its nice to know things will slow down a bit for you now, I just hope you don't have too much to catch up on at work : )
Talk to you soon,