Monday, October 8, 2007

What happened to movies with happy endings?

Its amazing how piercing the sound of an alarm can be when your deep in sleep, it cuts through the air like a knife almost electrocuting you.
That’s how I awoke this morning, jumping into the air like I’d sneezed, I looked around for the cause of the sound then peering at the clock mockingly showing 7am I sighed heavily and rolled over, realising that only Sanda had to be up early this morning.

After a further 15 minutes of light dozing I gave up trying to get back to sleep and headed downstairs for breakfast, making double sure I had my key! After toast and yoghurt and the odd assortment of fruit I sighed heavily at the state of the kitchen (it didn’t take long) feeling sorry for the cleaner that was just about to arrive, I headed upstairs to do some homework (I finally finished my artist presentation…thanks Michelle!)

As the clock edged towards 12 I got dressed and headed to the gym to try out the pump and sculpt class (its my goal to test all the classes out) what a crazy one, I did pretty well at first keeping up with the squats and trying hard not to look at myself in the mirror…I hate those full length ones, who wants to see themselves sweating and turning red! Unfortunately I completely lost it when it came down to exercising on the balls, lost the ball that is…three times, it was so embarrassing on two occasions I completely slipped of and falling with a small scream the ball bounded across the room narrowly missing a girl on the way. Trying again to position myself like everyone else I finally gave up and with a three-year-old demeanour chucked the ball on its little pedistool and continued on the floor, a slight pitying look from the instructor.

After a shower and some more fruit I headed to the Uni centre to get some lunch before class, unfortunately I forgot my handy card so grabbing some fresh (out of the oven) taster bread from Trader Joes I ended up heading back onto campus to use my student card (which still has a fair bit of Zot bucks left). Whilst walking through the grounds feeling as though I would melt from the suns intensity the heat rippling the air before me and pavement glaring underfoot I was surprised to find a big market going on. Kicking myself again for being cashless I casually perused the stores then checking the time headed to Quiznos for a sandwich.

Class wasn’t bad, I found Nami (the girl from my dorm that I’ve been tutoring) and I met Sarah a girl from my discussion class, then flipping through the lecture outline we sat through a few explanations and watched a Woody Allen film, Purple Rose of Cairo, if you like happy endings, don’t see this film! During the break I grabbed a snack, another tub of yoghurt and some mixed fruit and nuts, from the serve yourself bar.

Well having hit my quota on dried fruit, I trudged home with my stomach aching and fell groaning onto the couch, choosing to stay there most of the night, getting up only to make a light dinner and after watching heroes I spent a couple of hours getting deep and meaningful with Jan while he waited for Sam to watch a scary movie (we also watched the chipmunks adventure…for the second time today, we both know all the words!)

Now it’s of to bed, I have a test in drama tomorrow and my presentation in art

Oh P.S. I just found out that the bonfire did end up happening…so peeved!

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Anthony said...

Aww, too bad about the bonfire party...I'm sure you'll get another chance