Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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Hello faithful readers, well done for hanging in thus far, today began as most others do, an alarm, a snooze and a hearty breakfast (my last pieces of toast actually) then sitting around in my ugg boots for the next few hours, checking my emails and reading up on the Purple Rose of Cairo, a Woody Allen film we were made to watch yesterday, I proceeded to the gym before it was of to have lunch at the uni centre.

The weather is also much more bearable, I could actually walk around in the sun without fear of melting onto the pavement and some one scraping me of to the side. Choosing the same lunch as yesterday (with extra eggplant) I tried coconut island golden spoon for a change and was fortunate to taste the warm chapatti bread they had at Trader Joes.

Wasting time at Zot-and –go picking out an assortment of fruit and nuts to last me through my impending lecture, I sat outside in the shade, sipping water and staring at the passers by, wondering who they were and where they were going. The lecture was reasonably boring as we covered lighting Again! Something I’ve had to do in at least three classes, not including the ones here. But at least I knew what they were talking about, and could explain it to Nami.

Before I left I arranged with my discussion tutor when I could see her tomorrow as I’ll miss Fridays class (James Baxter here I come!!) then agreeing with Nami to meet her later to organise something for Eugene’s birthday (sneaky bugger had it yesterday and didn’t tell us) I headed to the Book store to see if they had an external hardrive for a good price as well as a book with some decent fashion ideas (I ended up buying Jane magazine).

As the sun sunk low behind the mountains and the breeze took on a chilling edge I slowed through the markets to look at a cute jacket (unfortunately looked much better on the coat hanger) then arrived at the bus stop just as it was pulling in.

When I arrived home I was greeted by the international class studying in the lounge room, so whipping up a stir-fry I sat down to join in. Unfortunately I came at the end, but Meredith hung around to talk and when I had finished we both made up a huge poster were people can write down their birthdays. As it neared 7, Evelyn and I decided to take of for the Student Council meeting, we are the house reps, and whilst enjoying some fish lollies I found in my pocket…they were still good…we listened to ideas, budgets and protocol then signed up for the Newsletter team.

I think I’m going to have a cooking page, as well as a travel tips page from all the international students, you know, “Here’s the best place to go in MY country...blah blah blah”

At 8pm we were released and discussing past sport activities and bunk beds we strode back to the house . now I’m in the room waiting to see if we’re doing anything for Eugene tonight (personally I hope we go to yoghurt land) but as its nearing 10 I don’t think anything will happen, I guess you’ll find out tomorrow, wish me luck in my drama test!

Over and out


yonchi said...

Hi Spesh
Good luck with the Drama Test.
Will be thinking of you tomorrow - say g'day to Gene for me:)

Anthony said...


G'luck for tomorrow...or today.

Lel said...

Thanks Dad, will do ; p

and thanks Ant, nice word!