Wednesday, October 24, 2007


The badness seemed to continue today as the smoke became thicker, covering the sun and what was left of everyone’s happiness. I woke coughing and peered outside into the grey, realising slowly that ash was falling lightly from the sky.

I made breakfast and watched cartoons still bummed about my missing chicken AND missing key, resolving to hunt for it at uni later I went back to the room and made a jump on my assignments, then at 11, I had lunch and headed into uni for a quick visit to the uni centre, wanting to be able to catch the parade (celebrating the opening of the new student centre).

Unfortunately due to the bad air quality it was cancelled so I pulled out some more homework and tucked down in the air-conditioned EAP office to study, making sure I remembered to pick up the Knott’s Scary Farm tickets for everyone (we’re going next Tuesday…so excited) giving them the $311 I grabbed the tickets as well as some fruit and nuts and quickly browsing the new salad bar and pizza/pasta place I made my way to class.

We were studying storyboards today and we got to watch a really cool clip from behind the scenes of Shrek. When class was over I made my way as fast as I could to the bus and room, relieved the door was open as I still hadn’t managed to find my key (there goes $100). The gym was great, as it seemed to be the coolest place on campus and after I enjoyed chicken stir-fry and “jell-o”.

Now I’m sitting in the room making a puddle on the floor I’m sweating so bad, worried about opening the window as it blows soot on my pillow…I think I’ll approach Sanda on going harvies for a fan…

Cross your fingers the fires stop ☺

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