Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Bad Day

Before you read on I know what your thinking, “bad day, don’t be so pesamistic, look on the bright side” right…well firstly I’m entitled to one bad day, and secondly you know those days were all your problems are small and petty yet its their sheer number and culmination that amounts to one crappy “why are you doing this to me god?” (even when you don’t believe in him) day?

Here goes

The day started at 3AM BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEEEEEEEP the shrill piercing wail of the fire alarm cracked through my dream (and eardrums) and I woke with a start…”what time is it”? I called out to the darkness thinking it was Sanda’s alarm clock, realising some idiot had probably set the of fire alarm a stuffed a hanky in my ear and tried to get back to sleep, while Sanda went to investigate. Deluding myself I could get back to sleep I shut my eyes tight and waited in the darkness then groaning loudly I climbed out of bed as Sanda told me we had to evacuate.

Waiting outside in my very skimpy pj’s (I picked tonight to wear my short shorts) some smiling at the excuse to have a break from studying (at 3??) we were finally allowed back in 15 minutes later, so shuffling and yawning I fell back into bed to be woken by a second alarm at 6:30.

Making my way to Drama at 7:30 I was met with another bad exam mark (first bad thing of the day), again it was the fact that I had got the “wrong” word in the sentence…since when is reason so different to purpose??...Trying to forget about it, I carried on with the class performing “yes and” in front of everyone and making body sculptures (I still don’t think I’ve learnt anything). Hitting the gym after class to let of pent up exam frustration “I just think your taking this thing too seriously”… “That’s my job, moron!”

After doing some yoga (code for painful stretching and deep breathing) I went back to the dorm to make a sandwich…My chicken was missing!! (Second bad thing today) not only had they stolen ALL my bbq chicken (almost a whole chook) but they also stole my container, which is the only one I had! Searching frustrated through the kitchen I interrogated Jan and Evelyn but no one had a clue were it went.

Quickly showering I headed back into the smoke to uni for some yoghurt to calm my nerves, then running out of saliva to swallow (its so dry here my skin looks like sandpaper) I headed into “Juice it up” to use my coupon, not being allowed to use it on the one I wanted (figures) I settled on Mango mania (Fraya they actually have Mango Tango). I got the free upsize and headed back to campus feeling like a fatty with a drink larger than my head (see photo).

Next up was art, were I sat through the entire lesson listening to others present their work, knowing we were running out of time. The only highlight was when one of the guys presenting was mentioning his materials (people under 10 should not read further)

“Yeah I used things that meant something to me…soy sauce, hair gel, chopsticks a Twinkie and a little Asian penis”

Yes you read right, startled, those of us who had fell asleep suddenly stared at the guy with rapt attention…wondering what the heck a little Asian penis was, it wasn’t until one of the guys decided he couldn’t hold it in

“So wait, I’m confused, is the…penis like an implement?...or did you have one, like, lying around”

“You could say that”

At one minute to the end of class I was called upon to present (third bad thing of the day) figures that as the only one that actually wanted to present my work I would have to go last and wouldn’t even have time to get critiqued “we’ll put you first next time Lesley”


Next was Video, another lesson in the studio figuring out how to light for green screen work and educating everyone on Australian customs, for example the fact that vegemite can only be enjoyed WITH something else, the miracle of pavlova, Anzac cookies and fast food. By the way the only reason they new about vegemite is from the song “I come from a land down under”

Class finished and I made my way to the student centre for Chinese…so greasy…and some fruit and nuts then I lined up for “Dan in real life” the free movie presented by the student reps, ready to save spaces for the people coming from the dorm I got comfy in the que (I was 2 hours early), finished my Drama journal and read Video notes. Finishing up I made conversation with the people behind me (turns out they wanted to visit Sydney next year) then hurried in with them to save spots.

Waiting like an idiot stretched over 7 seats as people poured in I chatted happily with their group of friends (including Ya’ell from drama) then when the movie started was joined by Ya’ell and Cody (I think that was his name) as no one showed up! (fourth bad thing of the day), well at least I had people to talk to. More names to remember, infact one of the guys had such a long name that when he looked at the horror on my face “…p p p pardon?” he smiled and said “call my Santi”

Meeting so many people is starting to mess with my head, in fact I’ve started to wave at anyone who catches my eye, today I waved at someone thinking, “I don’t know this person but what the hay, they obviously remember me” turns out they were waiving to the person behind me…nice one Lesley.

The movie was in equal measures hysterical and sad (I even cried) and again it was great being in an audience were everyone had the same reactions. It made me miss family though especially my sisters (it had three sisters in it, all roughly our ages…I miss you guys!) after the movie I clumsily made my way to the bathroom…I was busting the entire time…then caught the bus back with some friends, chatting to a new guy David about series of the Chaser

“oh your form Australia, I love you comedy, I love Chaser…they soooo funny, I download all episode”
Getting home I did a quick ring around trying to solve the case of the missing chicken (I’m putting up wanted posters tomorrow) but with no luck turned to venting in the blog instead

Hope your days were better

Hug yourselves for me

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