Sunday, October 7, 2007

Give a little whistle

Its 11:30pm and after 2 hours of drawing I just realised I hadn’t written in my blog, here goes…

Waking early with purpose I quickly got up to stretch, have breakfast (with jelly : ) and head to the arc to try out boot camp for 9am. Waiting in awkward silence, staring blankly at the clock I finally tried to strike up a conversation with the other five girls by asking if any one had ever done a class like this before, shaking their heads nervously one girl smiled and reassured us it was fun, and a good workout.

Walking in briskly 10 minutes late the teacher quickly got us up to help set up equipment and hop on the bikes for our first set, music pumping, it was 5 or so minutes on the bike (I was the only one that couldn’t stand, I felt so unfit) then 6 laps around the indoor mini track and inside for a plethora of physical activity, skipping, jumping, stepping, bouncing balls, lifting weights and throwing a heavy ball whilst balancing on a weird squishy half sphere.

Feeling well awake as I walked back to the dorm I let myself cool down, then quickly showering headed to Uni centre to look at the farmers market, what a feast! Sampling tea from “cha” on the way in (and out) I perused the stores all filled with taste testing, fruit, bread, dips, I had to stop myself from drooling. After finishing of some hot corn, bread with homos, and A LOT of yoghurt…I wanted to try 4 different flavours at once, I bought a book from Alakazam (comic store, the owners really nice and loves buffy and firefly!) and headed home book, dips, and fruit in tow.

Once home I stumbled in to discover the others just getting up and getting ready to head to South coast plaza, deciding instead to hang back with Jessie and finish some more work, we gave each other a few hours, then headed to Albertson’s to stock up on more groceries, exploring Australia vs. America the whole time. I must also remember to avoid the manager next time I’m there as I think I insulted him when I complained about the taste of their sausages and eat a grape to disguise the taste (he was of course behind me the whole time…figures)

Once back we chatted for a little longer, then I set to cleaning the kitchen while he went upstairs (I didn’t want to cook in everyone else’s mess, and as the cleaning lady doesn’t come on weekends things looked especially dirty!) proud of my sparkly kitchen I made everyone in the house come and see (ok there was only two people) and as I finished of the rest of my jelly I set to work making dinner and cooking some eggplant to mix with the homos I had bought that morning (it tasted really good, as the homos has kalamata olives in it)

When everyone had arrived back and excitedly showed of their new clothes (I think the boys were more excited than the girls) we spent the next two hours crowded around Elodies laptop looking at You tube videos (I showed them yours Althea, they were very impressed) and listening to how much Sam loves his favourite soccer player…he even has the doll…or action figure, its very cute…and a little weird, sorry Sam : )

Getting tired and feeling the yearn to draw I went upstairs and have been in the same spot since, drawing away whilst listening to episodes of Avatar and interviews with Brad Bird and the nine old men.

I leave you now with the fruits of my labour..enjoy!

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Anthony said...

Mmmm, very nice!

I got a friend of mine to watch the Iron Giant: he loved it. ;)