Thursday, October 11, 2007

Little Lanky Lesley Loves to Laugh

Possible exam questions running through my mind I awoke startled at how fast the night slipped by and lay in bed doing some stretches while I planned how I would get around to doing all my errands, laughing as images of last night flashed through my head…before I go on we played the name game after giving Eugene his cake last night…basically you have to say a word that begins with the first letter of your name then do an action, as you go round the circle the names build up:

Marvellous Meredith (did a spin)
Amazing Ara (do a bow)
Armenian Arman (do a kick)
Eager to drink Eugene (drink from an imaginary bottle)
Super Sarah (fist in the air)
Youthful Yoogin (cupped hands around face)
Joyful Jina (piece signs)
Elegant Elodi (foot in front)
Just Jen (shrug)
Naughty Nami (whip action)
Sexy Sam (doctor evil)
Dangerous David (gun) Рit was going to be dirty, but it started to get too risqu̩ at that end
Jelly Jan (rub tummy)
Lanky Lesley (wobble about)
Kiss ass Kyce (punch air)
Jogging Josh (run on spot)
Astonishing Ana (hand over mouth)
Muscle Mariko (muscle)
Relaxed Reiko (sigh)
And...Freddie the fish, no explanation necessary

By the end we all were so exhausted we went to bed.

So after laughing and stretching I slid out of bed to double check the time, my heart fell into my stomach, I had 15 minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast and get to my drama test, looking at Sanda sleepily putting on her coat I asked about the alarm and she said she made it later last night...why???

Scoffing down some fruit and running out the door I just made it in time to see Benny opening the barn doors, and slipping in I quickly ran over my notes one last time.
The exam was a disaster, for some reason I had spent so long memorising all the names in the story (its Russian so there names like Gorgorov, Shchepkin and Stanislavaski) I forgot the actual author so when asked about him I thought he was an obscure character from the book, making stuff up (if I had known it was the author the exam would have been easy) I handed in the paper feeling dejected especially as I realised my mistake, oh well, there’s always next time.

After Drama I raced back home grabbed more food and dashed to the AV office to pick up my parcel (thanks Dad and Yvette) then hiding it in the Community centre as I didn’t have time to take it back to my room I caught the bus into uni to take money out of the wall and then it was back on the bus to the housing office to pay for accommodation (I was late as we got the letter on the 11th saying you had to have paid by the 10th..stupid I know, but at least the fine was only $10) catching my breath before I left it was a short stop to the doctors office were I refuted my cancellation fine of $25, not loads but it’s the principal of the thing, after filling out the sheet with details of my sad story, I threw the paper back at the desk and ran of to grab some lunch before meeting my tutor at 12, lunch was sushi from Trader Joes…not bad for supermarket brand as well as good’ol golden spoon.

The meeting with my tutor went great, we went through the quiz I would have had to take tomorrow; I aced it, shame I won’t be there to take it (the one I did today wont count, I just wanted to assure her I knew my stuff) but feeling better I airily made my way though Zot and go for fruit, nuts and water then bounded of to Art to present my sketches. After feeling bared upon my entrance...”hey guys”…silence…I finally got one of the boys talking, and after spending an hour or so discussing careers, art and University systems in Australia and America it was my turn to show my work. Mara really like them (don’t worry Michelle I’m still sending you a picture) and I plan to do my final piece really big so I’m out of my comfort zone a little.

Scoffing the rest of my snacks I made my way to video were we went through the studio in detail (getting ready for the mid terms) and I embarrassed Ulysese (teacher) by comparing him to my mum…he likes the ambiance of dimmed light, and it reminded me of eating with mum under candlelight…”come on girlies light some candles, its so much nicer, I love the ambiance!” “But mum, I can’t see my dinner”

After class I almost froze to death standing outside talking to Mike about tutoring, he’s going to teach me everything he knows (the guy builds computers…he’s a little freaky) so I agreed on $30 an hour (it will be Crystal and I) and we spent the time talking about animation and its place in our respective lives…he’s a little cocky but he seems to know what his talking about, although I don’t think he thinks I draw well…”oh you draw like all the other Australians”…he’s only met two…me and another guy, obviously we collectively represent the entire continent!

Then shivering like an idiot I half limped half run to the bus, stopping to talk to the video reps on the way and watching the driver make a tight corner by some really nice cars (we were all cheering her on). I picked up my box on the way home, and after black bean soup and mango for dinner (not to mention a talk about food across the world with Yoojin, Jina and Anna – Korean, Chinese and French respectively) I ripped it open to be reunited with my drawings and pencils.

Now its homework time as I listen to some guys romance Anna, Nami and Mariko outside my door (they are in French class with Nami)

And Its of to meet James tomorrow, I’m so excited I just might scream...there I did it, ok I think they heard me…bye!

back: Sam (glasses), Jan, David, Ara, Arman, Kyce, (forget)
Middle: Yoojin (peace sign), Jina, Nami, Jen, Me, Elodie
Front: Rieko, Sarah, Mariko, Anna, Eugene, Josh, Sanda
- Meredeth (our RA) is lying in the front

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