Thursday, October 4, 2007

Either I’m incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky

Drama this morning began the usually way, quick brecci, short walk and a chat with Garret and Y’elle, scarring Y’elle and I as Garret tried to convince us we had a test. Upon the arrival of the rest of the class we were showed in, Beni taking it easy on us as its our first week, starting the lesson with a nice chat and a massage session…I love drama…

We also fit in another game of nod and come over, A dart game, were the basic principal is as follows

Person A: throws dart “swoosh”
Person B: gets dart in them “Ouch!
Pulls it out “pop” (the sound you make when you lick your lips, place them together and pull them apart sucking in air as you go)
I shall give you time to try it now….feel better?
Then they must throw it to someone else..

It was really great for getting your creative juices flowing, I got a big laugh at one point when I merely stepped aside as someone threw it at me and looked at them shaking my head. We then had to tell a joke (I told the tampon one, if you haven’t heard it I’ll tell it to you when I come home) and reflected on our feelings about doing so, one guy told two extremely graphic sexual stories, with actions, I’ll keep the full description for my adults only late night blog, I will tell you that I felt violated after and we ALL wanted a shower!

After drama it was time for my hunt and catching the bus back to campus with Garret and Y’elle I started in the Art department (I lost my hairdressing card…I know, don’t email and tell me what an idiot I am) well by sheer miracle I found it nested in between two magazines in a stand outside in the grounds, so happy I almost cried! I then ran to the computer labs to finish my green screen homework, which also pulled together by some miracle (I had one of the guys in my class standing on a giant not a metaphor for something else)

After this, a sub from quizznos, (turkey, lettuce, onion, olives and smookin sauce) and a few more sittings of people I know (I’m starting to recognise so many people on campus now, especially because of yesterdays auditions) I headed to Art, finding out upon arrival that our artists presentations were due, “I thought it was next week!” aggghhhh, for those of you that really know me, and how much I obsess with school work, will understand why at this time I suddenly got shooting pains up my right side, sitting down quickly I closed my eyes thinking rapidly about ANYTHING I had learnt about my artist in the last day (yes we only had one day to do it, and here I was thinking I was going to rock as I actually managed to contact mine and send her questions she was going to answer by the weekend). As the class wore on I initiated my plan

Lesley’s mission: try as many ways as you can to disrupt, prolong and stagger other peoples presentations so that we run out of time before you have to go on

Mission conclusion: SUCCESSFUL

I asked as many questions as I could (maybe this is what I’ve been training for my whole life, this exact moment) I had questions coming out of my questions, relationships with random stories of insanely obscure artists coming out of my $%^&* hole, it was the most elaborate attempt at stalling ever attempted in history, and it worked, I couldn’t believe it!

Not risking hanging around I quickly headed to video were after showing of our homework, we looked at past works from previous students and looked around the studio again to shoot some more footage to muck around with on the weekend.

It was straight after that I headed to meet with Bert, one of the guys that was supposed to teach me in the Anime and Manga course that got cancelled (I emailed and complained about how disappointed I was that I wouldn’t be working with them and I haven’t stopped talking to them since : )

After our chat, with loads of ideas swimming around my head, (thanks Bert!) I grabbed golden spoon, and made my way back to campus multitasking by writing in my journal as I went (oh today’s flavours, Boysenberry and Fudge brownie!! YUM)
As I neared my house the pounding of hip hop filled the air and I arrived to discover a huge party, so throwing my things in my room I pulled on a jacket, grabbed a hamburger and joined the fun, I even taught the guys how to dance ; ) GO THE PENGUIN DANCE

Meeting Sam’s friends from England (Sanj and oh man I forgot her name) and finally meeting my housemate Jessie (he loves Heroes too) I stayed for an hour or so then as the smell of meat drifted away across campus left them to finish my homework for the night.

Now, the music still pounding outside and the occasional burst of laughter cracking through the night I write to you all, wishing you were here and having just as much fun!

Until tomorrow

Oh, I know I don’t leave much room for questioning but I do like to hear about what your up to , so please comment or drop me an email I reply 99.9% of the time and it really makes my day to hear from you, even if it’s a quick...”I’m good…bored…adopted” lol


Anthony said...

"Lesley’s mission: try as many ways as you can to disrupt, prolong and stagger other peoples presentations so that we run out of time before you have to go on"


For the record, I have done this before and it works BEAUTIFULLY. Saved my ass many a time, so congratulations Lel!

You sure that banana isn't a metaphor for something? These blog entries seem to be getting raunchier!

Btw, Heroes aired last night...BRILLIANT

Anthony said...

Oh and "Either I’m incredibly lucky or incredibly unlucky"

Would that be from a certain rat flavoured animated film, or is it just me? ;)

Speaking of animated films, guess what just got released on DVD...

Lel said...

My mission, yeah there was an air of genious to it (lol) at least now I can present something worthwhile

Yes I'm sure about the banana, it was a buch (and the only decent photo I could find on the web that didn't have copyright signs all over it!

As for heroes, I kow its brilliant Brilliant BRILLIANT!
I can't wait for next monday

Was that quote from Rat, I don't even remember, it just kind of popped into my head, I just wanted to describe the parralells I was in that day : )

and what was released on DVD, it wasn't Meet the Robinsons was it??

Anthony said...

Yeah, Chef Skinner says it to Linguini at one point (something similar anyway).

I've seen Ratatouille about a bajillion times now...

And yes, it was. ;)

I hope you checked that Wall-E thing I posted in one of your comments a while cute