Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Another busy day and early morning, I woke for drama at quarter to 7 (my accent is coming out so much I almost spelt that as quarta) I tried honey on my wheetbix (not bad) and ran of to the barn reading my notes as I went. Upon Benny’s arrival we were informed there would be no test…for now…instead we warmed up by pretending we were as big as the universe, something I’ve never considered as a small person, and then spent an hour leading each other around pretending to be blind.

I went first, lead by Trisha, we explored the oval for ½ an hour, touching trees, tripping up stairs and hugging poles (I just wanted to see how big it was ok…) then it was my turn to lead her, I had so much fun. Starting of by pretending to walk over board walks (they were just foam planks on the ground) I took her through a ropes course, over a tightrope, under an imaginary tree (right in the middle of the oval I just started bending over to mess with her, she kept reaching up to see what we were walking under...classic) I also kept making well done signs at her (we couldn’t talk) forgetting she couldn’t see me…come on you’ve all done it, shaking your head on the phone thinking they can see you…

After drama I hit the gym then quickly showered and caught the shuttle to the uni centre were I met a girl at the bus stop that coughed into her hand, then looking at it shrugged and popped what ever came out BACK INTO HER MOUTH! Lunch was a fresh baguette with chicken, eggplant, basil, lettuce and an enormous quantity of garlic butter…not too good when your trying to have a convo with some one and butter is oozing out the sides all over your face and hands.

Golden Spoon for dessert of course and a quick trip into Kinko’s to prepare for my artist presentation took me to class at one. It went great they were all really impressed that I was able to get in touch with Michelle (thanks again!) even the guy that made us all stand up before his presentation and stretch (get those hips rolling like your trying to scrape the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar!)

There was also a really funny moment when Mara (the teacher) asked whether any one had covered a particular artist. One girl pipped up and said “Yeah they did, you know that girl…the short Asian one…she’s really quite” well she definitely is quiet cos no one had noticed she was IN the room…woops

Video came next, and after watching some past students works…some incredibly creepy…we mucked around in the computer labs and finished up discussing the best external hardrive I should buy.

On the way home I hit Trader Joes for some groceries...and my third serve of fresh bread for the day, then having a joke with the check out guy I just made it to the bus were I chatted to a girl I just met in the dorm.

Dinner was stir fried prawns and veggies, and these weird dried apples that are disgustingly addictive…by that I mean they taste revolting, but you can’t stop eating them…even the boys agree. Then watching Sam play poker and discussing languages we finished up, washed up and I put on a load of washing, including one of the boys clothes on my floor…saves his mum having to do it…boys

Well that’s about all for now, until tomorrow

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Lib said...

I can hear ur voice in my head as im reading the blogs!!! Its like you're here in the room with me... lol :) p.s I'm bidding on a boat for summer... ill email it to u, tell me wot u think. xoxo