Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fluro lime green!

Waking up before the alarm I lay in bed wondering whether Sanda had remembered to put it on, just as I started to doubt her the electric sound split the silence and laughing I watched Sanda literally jump a meter in the air to turn it of. Turning over and ignoring her watch (she sets her watch just in case she falls back to sleep again) she slept on allowing me to quickly slip out of bed, get dressed and go downstairs for breakfast.

After a hearty meal of weetbix and fruit I made my way through the cold crisp morning haze to the barn, and shaking of my shoes headed inside to prep for the test. Unfortunately all my study was for nothing as he informed us it was postponed to Thursday. Instead we went through last weeks test, luckily I passed…just, I got 6 out of 10, but I should have gotten 8 (he’s a bit nazy-ish when it comes to marking – you know those teachers that look for a particular word) any way I think I’ll be able to get at least one more, so 7 out of 10 isn’t bad.

Then pairing up (I was with Forest) we had to stand back to back and slowly lean on each other for support, unfortunately Forest is double my height with double my weight in muscle! So it was basically me trying to support his weight whilst sliding slowly across the floor in my socks. It then got weirder, we had to rub our backs from side to side “pretend your Balu the bear scratching his back on a tree” I think it’s the closest I’ve ever got with anybody, so naturally I was bright red, my ears ringing and I was bursting into spontaneous fits of silent laughter, which probably made it look worse!

After a massage we had to look at each other straight in the eye and tell each other one word then the other would respond with the first word that came to them and so on, our conversation started to get really weird, especially since we could only understand ever other word each other was saying, then, asked to do it in front of the class, we attempted to stifle our laughter until this

Me; tongue
Him: lick
Me: ice cream
Him: lick
Me: lollypop
Him: lick
Me: (cursing him under my breath)…lick (ha so there)
Him: tongue
Me: mouth

It completely fell apart when I mentioned the word Fluro, “what??” No one here has heard of fluro, its crazy, they actually take the time to say fluorescent! Then cracking up while we had fake interviews (Benny kept saying Yeah! In a really creepy way, and it was at the smallest things like, “so do you know any tongue twisters” “yes” “YEAH!) – When I see you, remind me to imitate it for you, its hysterical!

After spending an hour at the gym trying out a few different machines, and having a silent competition with the guy next to me on the treadmill, I walked back to the dorm for a shower (spying a girl drinking OJ from a glass jar – like ones you put cookies in). Making sure I had everything I did a sweep of the room before I left, then spotting my scarf I put everything down to throw it around my neck and of course walked out forgetting everything!

Of course I only realised this as I ran to the bus (it always seems to come just as I’m rounding the corner and have to run to catch it – yesterday I almost lost my scarf, until I saw the bus driver pointing behind me to go pick it up) sitting down puffing I kicked my self for forgetting my books but figured at least I had my artwork to hand in. once at Uni I grabbed a sandwich and yoghurt, meatloaf and Turkish bread form Trader Joes then headed to the bank to cash a cheque from the uni, bumping into Forest along the way who invited me to the Frat party on Friday – the theme is Pirates!

Making my daily appearance at Zot and go for water and snacks I headed over to Art, were after trying my hardest to be picked by people presenting the class ended before I got my turn (who ever presented would choose the next person – I probably looked like an idiot bobbing my head around to catch their eye and making “pick me” statements with my hands). Scoffing my snacks I walked down to video were after a few minutes we were escorted to the studio to go through procedures again.

Shooting was fun, I felt like a real camera operator as I followed instructions from the sound room through my headphones, I also had to act again and made Ulysis laugh when I commented on how much I loved the way he put emphasis on particular words
“But be careful to back up your work because files on your hard drive can be…cooorUpted” – he reminds me of one of those cool nightclub swingers from old movies, the ones snapping their fingers in the corner of a seedy night club.

Whilst walking past HIB after class I was reminded about the free movie the student centre was screening tonight and decided to see it (it was Rendition, with Reece Witherspoon and Jake Jilenhaul). Informed I should be back at 7, I went and had Chinese at the uni centre, then after browsing Alacasam listening to this little boy completely piss of the owner, I bought a book on anatomy and cloths, grabbed some more yoghurt and headed back to line up.

Whilst in line I started to get lonely, wishing I could call some friends from the dorm to meet me there, I decided instead to make some new friends, so jumping into the conversation of a few girls standing next to me I ended up watching it with them, coincidently finding out they were also part of AV. The movie was great, a little confusing, but it was so great to be in a theatre with 300 people that had the exactly same sense of humour, we laughed together, screamed together, and cried together…ok, maybe it was just me.

There was this one part were we see the little son playing in the yard and with technical issues the screen went black emitting what sounded like gun shots – we all screamed in outrage, thinking the boy had been shot, then laughing realised what had happened!

I caught the bus back with the girls, getting to know Jamie really well (and bumping into Jan and David) then saying goodbye I head into the dorm, telling everyone about my adventure and my artwork as they laughed and waited for Jan to get back to go to the gym as a group.

Now I’m watching the Incredibles before bed
- I found this great site with free videos -

Till tomorrow : )


ally said...

WOW... incredible...... it's like you've written in here almost every day. That's some dedication. And where the hell do you get the time? =P

*sigh* see... THIS is how you're meant to spend your years in tertiary education. ><;; Wish I did the same! But I'm glad to see you're having fun. =)

Lel said...

Thanks Althea

Glad your reading it...I keep wondering how big my audience is, especially when I only get replies from my dad and my boyfriend : )

its definately got me motivated to get more into the uni scene back home, however it does help to live on campus - you feel so much more a part of the action

what have you been up to?
How Poisen rain goin?