Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whadid u say abou my mamma??

Waking up after another bad dream…something about late homework, and being naked…I was so tired I didn’t even hear Sanda say it was ok to open my eyes (she was getting dressed). Breakfast was toast and fruit again whilst watching cartoons and recruiting people to come to “live nude people” with me tonight…so far only one (me). After grabbing my things from the room and skim reading my notes I headed to my discussion class were upon arriving early I sat and chatted to a friend going over our notes and looking at the clip we’re supposed to be analysing for assessment.

Class began with being informed about the lecturer coming in and a chance to show of how much we know, it was a lot like when Miss Trunchebald expected classes in Matilda, the teacher beginning to significantly stutter as soon as Professor Blinn strolled in. Next was a quiz, basically we were shown 10 clips for a minute each, applying our knowledge of cinematography for each.

After class I made my way to the uni centre, bumping into Andy, who joined me for some yoghurt then a walk to Albertson’s to get gummy bears (for his friend) and a top up card (for my phone). The walk was horrible, moving slowly through the rippling heat trying my best to stay in shade, even if it meant hugging poles and jumping from tree to tree. Relieved at finding credit, we quickly made our way back were I finally finished of the last of my chilli *thank god!* and some jelly then fixing my phone received a call from Crystal to head to Mikes for tutoring.

Starting of by knocking on the wrong house door “Crystal don’t you remember what it looks like” (she thought they looked similar even though Mikes house is NOT two stories and has a massive fountain out the front), the rest of tutoring went well, although Mikes a little full of himself, he knows his stuff and taught us everything he knows about After Effects. I can now make an animated movie; it’s much simpler than I thought…although with no twining I will have to get much better at timing through my drawings – Althea you’re my hero : )

After tutoring and a deep and meaningful with Crystal about finding out what she really wanted in life instead of doing what her parents wanted and join the family business she dropped me of outside the dorm and picking up my new external hard drive I tried to do some homework, but ended up door knocking to get more people to come with me tonight…so far still only me…everyone has other things to do…so annoying, the one time I decide to be spontaneous and everyone has something on ☹!

Whilst back in the room after planning to go to dinner at the buffet food court with Jen, Sanda and Sarah I had a great catch up with Dad : ) (highlight of my day) then it was of in Sarah’s car to Middle Earth were I loaded up on everything I could find! They had a Mexican table, two salad bars, sweets, cereals, hot food, sandwich bar, all types of drinks a coffee station…(I’ll have pictures on my album soon – they’ll be in OC) then laughing we attempted to sneak out as much food as we could (I managed two rolls a bagel and two peaches – apparently according to Jessie I have much to learn).

When back it was into the room and more homework before I left for the show (Jessie might be coming yay!) offering everyone brownies from last night.
Then at 10:15 I met Reiko downstairs and we made our way to little theatre, getting a small way there and realising I had forgot my phone, we walked back, deciding to dress in our PJ’s to get better seats, then when Eugene offered to drive, Jessie and Yoojin decided to come to!

Once there we made our way to the front, siting on the steps of the aisle as the small theatre was already bursting with people and applause. I even recognised a fair few people saying hi to them as I tried not to tread on people walking down. The show was FANTASTIC, it was team penguin vs. team Sadseme street (no I didn’t spell that wrong). There were some absolute classic moments the highlight being when the compare came through the audience for some one to interview and seeing Jessie point towards me he asked me to stand in front of everyone.

C: so what’s your name?
Me: Lesley
C: great and what year are you?
Me: aggh second year I think
C: cool and what’s your major
Me: Drama and Studio art (round of applause) – I appropriately curtseyed
C: so are you here with any one?
Me: yep these two (pointing to Jessie and Yoojin) and the girl over there in the green pants (Reiko)
C: agghh great, so Yoojin is it? (“yes”) Yoojin, what word would you use to describe Lesley?
Y: uummm…spicy (applause – me fanning myself and laughing)
C: and Lesley what word to describe Yoojin
Me: Happy (audience- aawwwww)
C: and Lesley what do you like to do besides drama, and stuff
Me: umm, cooking

With that he bounded back on stage and told the group of four to do a musical called Lesley…it was soo funny at one point a little wee came out…especially when wanting to be spicy like me one of the guys offered him self up as a giant chilli “if you rub me all over you, you will be spicy too” and that’s just what he did!

Ending the night with “yo mumma” jokes we walked back, cheeks sore, to Eugene’s car then saying goodnight I came up and went to bed


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