Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today was a late start…very late, ignoring the alarm a few times and grudgingly getting up to pee, I made my way downstairs at about 9:30 shaking Sanda worried she was missing a class (it was cancelled…woops).

After toast, mmm vegemite, and a chat with Jan and a few others moseying around the kitchen I went back to my room to do some study before I came back down for lunch, on the menu was chilli again…I’m running out of ways to prepare it…I’ve had chilli with vegetables, chilli with salad, chilli with rice, chilli with pasta, chilli with chilli and some chilli on the side…it can be safely said that I’m slightly sick of chilli, but at least I haven’t had to cook for a few days ☺

After lunch I promised everyone I’d see them tonight to go to Hooters and headed out the door to catch the shuttle to uni, almost missing it again! Once at the flagpoles I contemplated heading into the grounds to see what all the balloons were about, but getting my yoghurt craving toddled of to Golden spoon instead, enjoying the sun and spending the next few hours reading for class and looking through Trader Joes for free bread samples (I got a whole piece this time…soft with a crunchy outing, and warm!) and buying some dried mango.

Taking my time to get to class I happened upon Cha and decided to have another browse at their tea menu, when a girl came out (recognising me from the farmers market) and offered me a free sample of Tapioca and mango iced tea…Tapioca is like little squishy black pearls made from sweet potato…very weird…deciding to throw caution to the wind I got their recommended cooler special “love at first sight” A combination of peach and passionfruit tea mixed with crushed ice, pearls and sour green mango pieces on top…YUM!

Then drinking it on the bridge that leads to the humanities area I tried to finish my reading before I had to go in…no such luck.
Class was ok, she expanded on our knowledge of cinematography and went through our storyboard assignments in more detail…which made me realise, she wants less detail than I originally thought.

Walking back to the buses with Nami, we chatted about the gym, full moons and Tapioca then showing her the shortcut home, I said goodbye and went up stairs to change for the gym (snacking on a cup of jelly along the way).

Whilst on the treadmill I bumped into Sam, who I later encouraged after bumping into some rowing friends attempting to practice. I also look much more convincing around the weights area, one girl even started to copy me…I guess if you look serious and your sweaty you get respect.

After a speed shower/hair wash I got dressed up and met the gang downstairs splitting up between 4 cars. Hooters was weird, getting a big welcome as we walked through the door, we were sat at three tables haphazardly pushed together and tried to order – I ended up with a Grilled chicken salad as I just couldn’t stomach anything deep fried…I was one of the lucky ones, I don’t think any one will be going back, except maybe Jan who managed to finish 20 chicken wings. The atmosphere was fun though, I dragged Arman (birthday boy) into played musical chairs and rallied behind Jan who almost won at Bingo (Mike wasn’t doing bad either) then we all laughed as Arman was placed in the centre of hokey pokey with all the hooters girls, blushing as they ended by throwing their bodies in chests out and everything!

After the restaurant and a scary ride home (Marta volunteered to drive as Arman had been drinking) Sanda Andy and I sat around in our room, strumming lazily on his guitar and talking about everything! – Including wombats and Kangaroos, I even tried to get them to say things in an Australian accent, they were lost at Aluminium…

Now listening to them drink next door – the night should get interesting
I write to everyone hoping your all well and having fun

Over and out

P.S> photos will be added tomorrow to my photo album


ally said...

Tapioca..... isn't that the black pearls you get in Easyway drinks?

Do they really welcome you at hooters? busts and all... XD My boyfriend used to always go with his friends. I said I wanted to go once... then he retorted, "It's not a place you'd take girlfriends or family." I snorted in reply. Then on one occasion he got food poisoning from the fish and chips. I scoffed with glee.

The hons project is going OK... had to cut a scene out cuz we're running out of time. =( But I'm gonna keep working on it over the summer then submit it to film festivals next year. ^^. I've put some stuff on my blog... (

Lel said...

Yeah - they are so wierd eh,

as for hooters it seemed very family orientated with all the games and everything - quite bizzare really, and as for food poisoning, I'm not surprised - one of the girls I was with (Marta) said that she's been to it three times and every time she got diarehea!

hence why I ordered a salad

I'm glad about the honors project - I'll definately check out your blog! and as for Film festivals WOW so impressed : )