Sunday, October 28, 2007

G'day mate!

Hello again faithful readers, I trust your weekends were enjoyable!

Mine certainly was, today was "do as much as you can" day, waking up early to eat the rest of my zinadoodle (that cinamin roll from yesterday...sooo good) as well as the rest of my freshly squeezed OJ, and some dried peach. Back in the room I got busy, marking things of my list as I went, draft scene analysis, DONE, flash work, DONE, (although still needs work).
waking up Sarah accidently to use her printer, I apologised and headed to Kinkos instead to photo copy some photos for the instructional homwork for art.

Before leaving I made a sandwhich (toasted garlic bread with homos, chicken, lettuce and butter) then welcomed the bright sunny day. Enjoying the fresh air (finally) I browsed the uni centre, grabbing some bread from Traders while I paid for soup cans and mango. It was then Golden spoon time and a drink from cha to congratulate myself on a good job photocopying : ) walking home however I realised my eyes had been too big for my stomach and made it three quarters through the drink before tossing it out (the stinge in me probably would have finished the whole thing) : )

once back in the dorm, a quick lie down helped me digest then it was back to work completing art homework (Sanda thought I had gone crazy when I started ripping up the photos and throwing them in the air like snow on christmas). touching up my flash some more I finally caved and headed downstairs to do some filming for video, managing to rope Jan in to be my model (once he'd finished his ironing that cute he had this little mini board). It was much easier (and faster) than I thought, I didn't even end up using the lights (my poor toe...all for nothing).

Chatting with the guys to prolong going back upstairs I did some more flash then getting fed up went with Sanda to the gym were I showed her my usual circuit (I felt like a personal trainer, so funny). comming back sweaty yet satisfied, I made dinner - veggies and crab sticks (so yummy) then watched transformers with the others, I forgot how much I love the movie, its so geeky and so cool both at the same time.

On my way back up stairs my eye traced over the walls and slang posters as they allways do, however this time something bugged me, finding a spare spot on a poster near my floor I resolved to finally put up some aussie slang (by the way no one sent me anything) I was actually surprised how many I could come up with, cozzy, undies, wog, tracky dacs, and loads of others actually I don't think I put up undies...oh thats a good one I'm gonna write it down now...

Ok I'm back, any way I'm now on the computer thinking of ways to spend the next the next half an hour before bed.

have a good start to the week (or if your home, a good second start)


Yvette said...

Hi Lel
Caught up again to your adventure this time only 4 days worth.
Love the story book can't wait till we see it live.
Nearly finished the house, we have the gardeners in at the moment. Hopefully it will all be over by end of Nov.
Now you know when something goes missing why I flip!! I felt your pain with the Chook missing.
Did you ever find your key?
Keep smiling regardless. Speak soon. Luv Yvette

Lel said...

Hey Vettie, nah I didn't find my key, so annoying, thats $70 down the drain : ( but at I've learnt my lesson, I'll be putting it on a chain AROUND my neck UNDER my shirt IN my bra and it will never EVER leave there, not even when I have a shower...ok maybe then, but it will remain in eyesight at ALL time ; p

Thats so cool, about the house, I can't wait to see it when I come back : )

Thanks for staying at it (reading that is)
have a great week : )