Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Could people be quieter I want to hear the grass grow (golf commentator)

Good morning good evening and goodnight, how are you all? I have almost come to the end of a reasonably productive day. It began early for drama, my fuel consisting of crumbled up wheetbix, honey and fruit. We began with a relaxing warm up that saw me team up with Benny, talking everyone through the movements I lay on the ground as he accessed different pressure points in my body pressing on them one at a time (collar bone, head, palms, elbows feet etc…) then as he had to continue leading the exercise I read my book waiting for the others to finish.

We spent the rest of class going through our poems, and although my voice is still a little hoarse (and manly) I feel I did better this time around, as I’ve been plasticising accessing my anger. After class I decided to go for a jog to the bridge and back. Kicking myself as I went for not putting on sun cream as I felt the sun heat my skin like a roasted turkey…I almost looked like one too, jogging there and walking back I stopped by University centre for yoghurt and groceries (cereal and some envelopes to send a letter and my artwork to Michelle Stewart). Grabbing an Orange cooler from Cha I headed to the buses to take me back to the dorm were I had a sandwich before jumping in the shower.

I washed and straightened my hair, then caught the bus back into uni, having just enough time to tour through the International fair before I needed to be at art. In class we finished of the artwork presentations (it was so boring I caught one guy lighting his jumper on fire with a cigarette lighter) then jumped into the new theme (sight work) I chose Elizabeth as a team member and we agreed to have sketches ready to present to each other next class before saying goodbye. With the news that Video had been cancelled I merely made my way to the cage to pick up a camera for filming, unfortunately I ran into David (our sub teacher) who said he was taking over from Ulysis.

We headed into the studio were Crystal, Bret and I took our make up tests, we were only allowed to get one wrong, and as the test was the same, naturally I did exactly the same as before, except I changed a right answer for a wrong one and vice versa. However going through the correct answers I pointed out where Ulysis had made a mistake, so I could have got full marks…I’ll be talking to him about it on Thursday!

We then did some re-filming for my film and left early, completely dark outside even though it was just after 5. I bumped into a guy I had met early in the quarter and after discussing weird jobs (like sewer cleaner) I caught the bus back to the dorm for an early dinner of prawns and broccoli, with stacks of Hoisin sauce on it…mmmmm

Making sure the others warn me if we end up doing something for Jessie’s b-day tonight I’m now in my room doing homework and laughing my self stupid listening to Robin Williams stand up…I suggest you check it out on You tube, especially part 8.
Night ☺


Anthony said...

"although my voice is still a little hoarse (and manly)"

Uhh...kind of weird. I just had a mental image of you talking like an Aussie truck driver. :X

Lel said...

sorta...but it keeps breaking as well so its a combination or a 13 year old and a 50 year old

Anthony said...

And here was me thinking that my mental image COULD NOT GET WEIRDER!