Monday, November 5, 2007

Why do you have a book with naked people in it?

Greetings friends and family, and random people that have strolled onto this site by chance. I awoke today feeling much better, even if my sleep was pretty bad, and after a hardy breakfast of toast and fruit I got dressed and made my way into uni for my appointment with Chris (who turned out to be a girl). After a nice chat and a few good stress relieving breathing techniques under my arm (they really are stress relieving as I laugh so much doing them it’s a good release). Agreeing to come back in a couple of weeks I made my way to the uni centre for lunch at Cha and took time out to design the logo for AV (the contest winner gets $50, not to mention the notoriety).

Coming up with something I was happy with I said goodbye to Amy (who let me try all the different types of jelly they offer) and stopped by golden spoon for an extra large serving of yoghurt as I could use my FREE card (malt vanilla, strawberry and traditional vanilla). After grabbing bread and mangos from Traders (“what are you going to do without traders when you go back home?”) I made a stop by Alakazam then buying some medicine from the chemist, had a chat to mum on my way back over the bridge to uni.

I spent the next few hours in the EAP office, drawing from pictures on Deviant Art and preparing my self for the upcoming lecture. During the lecture we watched “The Umbrella’s of Cherbourg”, one of the most boring movies I’ve ever seen. The film is French and consists of ONLY singing, don’t get me wrong I love a good musical, but after ½ an hour it starts to get tedious especially when things like “I have mail for you mam, have a nice day” is belted out by the postman every morning!

Straight after the lecture I quickly made my way to meet the uncultivated rabbits for their open mic night (poetry readings), apologising for coming late I waved to Jessie and found a seat next to Sam, who seemed to be having second thoughts about showing up, having said that Poetry’s not really for everyone : )

It ended after 10 minutes or so (I was 40 minutes late) and after congratulating performers and saying goodbye to Jessie I grabbed dinner from the student food hall and ate on the way to the library were I thought I’d grab some books for anatomy reference. Outside I bumped into Nami, heading back to the dorm, offering her support with the scene analysis assignment coming up I gave her some tips to gt started then headed in out of the cold.

It was inside that I bumped into a guy from art class, wishing him luck on his assignment, a quick check of the time told me I’d have to come back later and I ran to meet with Insight Magazine about doing some cartoon work for them. They loved my sketches, and plan to send me some guidelines for political cartoons next week!

Hitting the library again on the way back to the busses I grabbed a great book on “Anatomy for the artist” and talking to one of the guys from the dorm I flipped through the pages waiting for the bus to take me to the gym.

After the gym it was time for HEROES Yaay!! So good, I did the biggest girly scream at the reveal in the end (don’t worry I wont spoil it for you fans…but it was awesome!) then after a dorm meeting, and the approval of my jumper designs for out house, it was of to bed.


Anthony said...

Feeling better is always a good thing, no matter how little sleep you get...getting no sleep and feeling worse is a horrible thing!

Anthony said...

Speaking of probably know this better than me, but the Writers Guild of America is currently on strike, which means Heroes is finishing its season after the eleventh episode. They re-wrote the ending so that it ends as a finale.

Kinda sucks.

Also, there was a Heroes spinoff show (Heroes: Origins) that's also been canceled as a result of either the strike, or Season Two's dip in ratings (apparently critics and fans don't like it as much as Season 1, I don't know what's wrong with them).

Lel said...

What, I didn't know this in the end of Heroes..NNNOOOOOOOOOO

Anthony said...

Well, its the end of a few shows for a while. Apparently there's gonna be a lot more reality programming in America soon.

The last strike they had was in 1988 which went for 22 weeks. :X